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  1. What about the tub? Replaced by showers or still tub?
  2. When you mean suite upgrades, does that include Vista Suites on deck 4 as well? I forgot where I read it but the bath tubs were replaced by showers? Also flat screen TVs installed. Is this correct? If anyone has pictures of the new refurbished vista suites it would be greatly appreciated if you can share.
  3. We have 22 cruises with Celebrity under our belt. I always book once the itinerary opens up and have found the last 3 to 4 years the prices are over inflated for the value. Example: booked a 15 day Hawaii for this Oct LA return back in Dec 2017. The price then was $4700 Cdn p/p and today’s price is $6700 Cdn p/p. At $4700 it is pricey enough let alone $6700, really? I looked at Princess at their 15 Hawaii voyage and it was $1000 Cdn p/p less. I will probably be cancelling, Hawaii should be a land holiday which we have been many times. I also think Celebrity’s itinerary has become stale. No new ports of interest. I cancelled Celebrity B2B South America itinerary last year to book Princess SA itinerary from FLL to LAX this February - March which we just return 3 weeks ago. Now, I am looking at HAL Koningsdam for this Oct. After that, I will be looking at Viking. It might be a while before we return back to Celebrity. It’s a shame, it was such a wonderful product!
  4. Was your refund in USD or converted back to CDN? Was it a few hundreds or a few thousand $s?
  5. Why is your refund of your OBC not in USD to begin with? I understand you purchased the OBC in Cdn at the exchange rate of 1.25. I have asked Princess and was told that any unused refundable OBC will be sent back in USD by check. Is that not the case now?
  6. I have both a US credit card and a US account. Because I book my cruise and pre-purchase OBC in Canadian dollars, Princess is telling me the refund of any unused OBC will be converted back to Canadian dollars which I will be loosing a lot of $s by converting it back and forth. I just want them to sent me back in cheque in USD.
  7. Bump Any other fellow Canadians have experienced this?
  8. I was just on a call to Princess to purchase OBC. We are Canadians and the conversion rate when we booked our upcoming cruise is a lot better than the 1.38 it is today. So when I asked the question if the unused OBC when sent back to me in a form of a cheque if it will be in US dollars or will it be converted back to Canadian dollars, they told me it will be converted. Any truth in that?
  9. It’s not Sea Bass on the menu. It’s seared Basa which is a Vietnamese catfish.
  10. What is the wine “etiquette” in bringing the wine that you have already paid corkage fee to the MDR, specialty restaurant or even to any bars? Do you just carry the bottle from place to place or do you put it in a wine carrier?
  11. Thanks for all your replies. Guess that’s what I need to do.
  12. How about a Waterpik flosser? Can I plug that in too?
  13. We will be on the Royal going around the horn from BA to LA and wondering how slow or fast the connection will be. Need to buy minutes because I need to connect with home. Trying to figure which package/how many minutes I will need.
  14. Thanks for this info. A few questions, when you cash out at the casino do they charge you a % for cashing it out? I know that Celebrity charges a 5% fee (don’t know if that is still the case or if the fees are higher now). And what is the maximum $ amount you can cash out or can you do that a few times during the cruise.
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