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  1. I don't know when the boat sails but picking Saturday 11th Sept (2nd day of the Boat Show) and went to Expedia. Chose Sort By "Price" and got 12 places under £75. If you look at the Swan Inn, scored 4 points out of 5 and priced at £60 for the room.
  2. I've looked through all the health and insurance info on our Marella booking confirmation for our caribbean cruise this December and can't see any advice regarding what happens to the remaining passengers on the flight. Obviously the unfortunate passenger who tests positive won't be allowed on board but what about the other 150 passengers who test negative? I know rules and protocols can change at a moments notice but has TUI/Marella made any announcements on this subject? For peace of mind, good insurance cover will be handy but TUI's "trusted travel insurer AXA" won't cover the c
  3. Thanks for the tip Zap. The above cancelled P&O Iceland trip has left a bit of a hole this August that we'd like to fill, perhaps with a Staycation cruise. We haven't tried RC before, so this could be an opportunity. I see they (Anthem of the Seas) are doing 8 nts, 4 stops, on 15th Aug at £148 pppn balcony and 7 nts, 2 stops, on 25th July at £135 pppn also for a balcony. This isn't bad value and we may be tempted by the 4 stopper.
  4. Sounds like you're having a wail of a time. Is that your harpoon arm?🙃
  5. Yes you have to look out for deals and do the maths. I use the price per person per night for a balcony, as a benchmark. We had a great deal with P&O for this August, 23 nights out of Southampton, visiting Iceland and also Norway (as far North as the Arctic circle), 14 ports plus 3 cruise-bys at a cost of £143 pppn for balcony. In '22 their Iceland/Norway cruise is 15 days with 8 ports and 3 cruise-bys. The balcony cost is £226 pppn. Not a good deal INHO. Perhaps things will return to normal - post Covid?
  6. My next-door neighbours (both healthcare workers late 20's) she also had severe fatigue from 2nd jab. He got extreme flu-like symptoms from 1st jab. Both recovered after a couple of days. Another neighbour (mid 30's) caught Cov-19 last September on the QE. She only had minor symptoms. Out of 1000 crew on the carrier, she was one of only 10 that got it. I guess the navy did a good job in containing it.
  7. Fortunately Yale has unlocked the secret to this conundrum :- https://ygdp.yale.edu/phenomena/you-do-you#:~:text=The phrase means something like,Colson Whitehead's 2015 Op-Ed
  8. I had my first Astra Zeneca jab at Plymouth Argyle football ground on Friday 5th Feb. I awoke the following morning at 7am to a feeling of nausea. It soon disappeared and I slept thru' to 8am. Yesterday I had my 2nd jab at Plymouth. I woke up at about 3am this morning with a severe runny nose. Not exactly flu symptoms but a Paracetamol did the trick and I was soon back to sleep. Ok so no large adverse reactions, is this the norm or did anyone have a bad one? Regards Paul.
  9. Ah right, i was looked at the January one by mistake :- https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/find-a-cruise/T2P14B/U208.html
  10. The latest info on vaccines and paperwork arrived today :- https://www.skyscanner.net/news/covid-vaccine-certificate
  11. I see you'll be transiting the whole canal with HAL, that should be nice. When we were there on Discovery 2, we had to board a local boat and go through just 2 of the 6 locks and return. A full transit is on our bucket list.
  12. We did some back-to-backs on Discovery 2 in Dec 2017, returning to Montego Bay at the end of each week. Highly enjoyable, the highlight for me was feeding the stingrays in Grand Cayman. When in Havana, avoid those yellow tuk-tucks. Ours broke down and we had to walk in blistering heat 😅
  13. Dundeelass I agree with Jaydee6969, the info you are quoting is old pre-covid stuff. Send this link to your TA and get them to look at Q18 ref back to backs :- https://www.pocruises.com/travel-health-advisories/frequently-asked-questions
  14. Thanks for re-posting B's MSC video. Their hygiene and Covid protocols are thorough and very re-assuring. We're looking at the Virtuosa cruise on 3rd July, calling at Greenock, Belfast and Liverpool. It's only 4 hours to get to Southampton by train or car. If we go, it'll be our first with MSC and our first in a ship of this size.
  15. In the unlikely event of P&Os computer not recognising BTB cruises, there is one other course of action possible and that is to contact P&O themselves. Probably more reliable than a TA.
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