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  1. Ok cruise lines have taken a hit over the last 18 months, I'd have thought they would attempt to recoup these losses over say, a 3 year period ... Another reason for the price hike may be the 125% bonus on previous bookings via a FCC. I was gutted when my TA emailed me the news of our August J112 Iceland/Norway Arcadia cancellation from Southampton. A bargain 23 nights at £3299pp balcony = £143 pp per night. The closest P&O can offer next year is J212 it's £2799pp for balcony but it's only 14 nights (missing 6 Norway ports) but the cost is £198 pp per night, an incr
  2. We're hoping to go on QE on 14th June out of Southampton. You are correct they are no longer taking bookings for this trip. I've just logged in to see if they've added updates to Mycruise/Login and there's a note:- "please be aware that we will be significantly reducing the number of guests on our first voyages following the pause in operations to better enable a smooth return to sailing. We have reduced the number of available staterooms and suites on these voyages accordingly." The biggest hurdle for cruise lines for 2021 sailings, will be whether they can get hold of vaccines for
  3. Yep, I'm sure companies like TUI who have a large investment in ships, aircraft and hotels, won't be sitting on their hands. There's got to be a gray market out there, looking for customers. Agreed, the following link shows India to be well geared up for producing the stuff. India also supplies loads of crew to the cruise industry, although this may be of little benefit to Gov as most lines flag in tax-free havens 🙂 https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/1/11/india-prepares-for-covid-vaccine-roll-out-from-saturday
  4. Most crew members are from the Philippines. The Philippine Government is crucial to vaccine roll-out. They buy it, distribute it and decide which workers have priority. If I read the following correctly - they hope to vaccinate the top 5 groups of workers by end of July. Obviously ship's crew are not in the top 5 key workers :- https://www.rappler.com/newsbreak/iq/timeline-philippines-2021-covid-19-vaccination-plan Unless RCCL have their own private stash of vac, I can't see return of cruising till '22.
  5. Ah thanks TOB and Showingdiva, it seems that Mixed Dining is a great idea. Bound to make for a very friendly atmosphere. A chance to share the day's onshore experiences. On the other hand, if you didn't gel, you could always have a word with the maitre d ?
  6. We haven't been on Cunard before. What is meant by mixed dining please?
  7. Last year we had booked Explorer 2 Iceland/Norway in August. First casualty was Flybe and the credit card came to the rescue. Like you we opted for Loganair and the price was reasonable, £110 return Exeter to Newcastle, direct flight for ! hour 15 mins. Exeter parking £45 for 2 weeks. When Loganair cancelled, they refunded pretty quick, no quibble. I will use them again.
  8. Most crew members hail from the Philippines or India. Looking at vaccination schedules it's unlikely that all Philippine crew members will be jabbed in 2021 :- https://www.rappler.com/newsbreak/iq/timeline-philippines-2021-covid-19-vaccination-plan India in contrast, believes it can complete schedule by July 2021 :- https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/1/11/india-prepares-for-covid-vaccine-roll-out-from-saturday With new global players producing new vaccines, I wonder if any of these will be available to cruise lines at a price? They will also ha
  9. I haven't done this journey but I would def try National Rail Enquiries' search engine. March 2022 is too far ahead to get a quote but it will give an idea of cost, journey times and changes at Lancaster and Wolves. I picked 2 random Sundays, leaving Glasgow at 09:34 and arr at Southampton 16:42. The return trip also takes about 7 hours leaving Southampton at say, 14:20. £184 return. Here's the link :- https://ojp.nationalrail.co.uk/service/planjourney/search# Another option worth considering is National Express coaches. They're closed down at the moment due to Covid but thei
  10. MarineTraffic ap has Jewel of the Seas docked in Southampton UK, maybe taking on fuel ? I see her first proposed sail is from Copenhagen to St Pete's in June 2021. Anthem of the Seas is a bit further West along the coast, she's at anchor about 6 miles off Bournemouth UK. I see her first scheduled sailing is from Southampton, then Spain, back to Southampton again in June 2021. I guess both ships will keep a skeleton crew on board for a couple of months, just doing essential maintenance.
  11. Before Xmas we booked QE for 10 nights out of Southampton from 14th June. Got my first jab at Plymouth Argyle football ground last Friday. The big marquee they used had a space heater which took the nip out of the air. Got an email from Cunard to say that final balance not required until 30 days before departure. A very generous gesture or maybe they're getting load'sa cancellations 🙂
  12. Ah, a word of caution with Alpha. Although I ticked "add cruise cover extension" to get a quote, I couldn't find any reference to cruises in the Summary of Cover. The reason is because Alpha won't provide cover because the FCO is advising against ALL cruise ship travel. Therefore, there's no point in my paying final balance on any cruise or purchasing cruise cover, until the FCO gives the 'thumbs up' There's another fly in the ointment with Alpha. They won't pay out if you are booked on a package holiday, because a package holiday is covered by the 'Package
  13. I didn't say that it's a self-service buffet. I believe they don't want passengers to touch/share ladles and scoops. It's passenger choice, not staff choice. I guess you ask for "one sausage, one egg, two bacon, hold the hash browns" and the staff will serve it to you. The buffet will continue but not in self-service format, in my humble opinion.
  14. Yep just happy to blow away the cobwebs and thrash the buffet. As you say Portugal may be problematic but I'd settle for another visit to say, Barcelona or Gibraltar.
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