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  1. So this is silly, but I just like to know what to expect. On the other cruise lines we've done, you go into the building, get up to the counter, they go through your papers, take your picture, give you your card, and send you off to the ship. We've gotten into San Juan very early each morning of our previous cruises, so we went to the port and were close to the front of the line to get inside each time. I finished my check in last night for our upcoming cruise. The email I got after said that we can only come during our assigned time and that our cards will be by our room door. So what else do we do for embarkation? Also, do they turn you away if you get there earlier than your time? We are staying overnight the night before and we have to check out by noon.
  2. I haven't read all the comments on this thread, but I wanted to thank you. I didn't even think to check out the excursions for a sale. In four previous cruises, I have never done a ship's excursion. On our first cruise, we booked a private excursion that included transportation, horseback riding, ziplining, and a traditional Dominican lunch. While we were there, the ship's excursion came. They ziplined and went back. And they paid more than us. That is why I've never had a desire to book a ship's excursions. BUT we have so much OBC for our upcoming cruise, that we decided to book excursions with the ship instead of on our own and I have to say, I'm very excited with the ones we chose - on sale, thanks to you, OP. 🙂
  3. We are flying into San Juan a day before our cruise. I have wanted to do a bio bay tour for years and this is our chance! I have tried to find a rainforest/bio bay combo tour, but they all leave a little too early in the morning for us (our flight gets in at about 9:45 a.m.). So since that's out, what's our next best bet? I would really love to do the bio bay in Vieques, as I've heard it's the best and brightest, but it seems like quite a hassle to get there and then we'd have to stay overnight on the island. I'm not opposed to it, it just seems like it's a lot of extra work. I read somewhere that some car rental companies don't let you take their cars on the ferry, so then you have to taxi or something on the island anyway. Plus... I'm not sure my husband could do an hour on the ferry. He's okay on the cruise ships, but the smaller vessels get to him. Are there other, easier ways to do this? I guess I'm just looking for general input on both Vieques (is it worth it) or Fajardo (which I'm sure is still beautiful), and especially the best way to get there. I'm a little nervous about the driving there b/c we've been in San Juan several times and the driving is.... not what we are used to. Also, are the road signs in Spanish?
  4. What Pier does the Celebrity Summit dock at? Our other three San Juan cruises have left from Pan American, but those were Royal and NCL. I'm just not sure about Celebrity and I'm trying to plan.
  5. Thank you everyone! I think we will likely stick to the classic, but we can play it by ear. I like fruity slushy drinks and Moscato, hubby likes beer. I think we'll be happy either way 🙂
  6. On the Celebrity website, my reservation is there and I can see the OBC we have, but where does it show our beverage package and free tips?
  7. Although you've probably already gone, I agree - El Morro.
  8. Good morning! We haven't done Celebrity before and with their current offers, it seems like the best deal for us. I was just curious... how much are the drinks on board usually? If you get the free drink package as a perk, is it possible to upgrade to the Premium package - and is it worth it to do that? We've never done a drink package on our cruises, but since it's a good perk, I thought I'd ask a few questions. Thanks!
  9. piggiepuff

    Xplor Park

    We went to Xplor back in 2011 on our honeymoon. It was a fun place. It was a little less expensive and not as big as Xcaret, that's why we chose it. It was not overly crowded or anything and we had fun on the ziplines.
  10. I've done it 3x.... it looks fairly close to the beach, but I feel like it might be farther than it looks. The Boatyard has a free turtle snorkel boat, it's included in your entrance fee (which is cheap).
  11. I know you've already made a reservation, but I'll throw in my two cents anyway. We have been to the Boatyard 3x - once with kids and twice without. We've had a blast each time. I was never disturbed by any children and honestly, I feel like it was mostly adults there anyway. The water toys are fun, the turtle/shipwreck snorkel (free!) was awesome, and they have good drinks. The beach there is my favorite in the world, so soft. 🙂 Can't beat it for the price 🙂
  12. In Curacao, we did a resort for a day at Renaissance Resort & Casino, which is right there in the mall just off the ship. It was cheap. Their beach is actually on the second story and it's a pool area made to look like a beach. It was actually really cool. They had a regular non-salt-water pool, too. If you Google it, you can see some pics. It was not very busy, so we had the water to ourselves most of the time.
  13. We've done Cosol Tours twice and I definitely recommend it. You see SO much of the island, a little beach time, waterfall, the volcano/baths, local food, and free drinks (soda, water, beer, and rum punch). It was really the best deal for the price - I believe it was $75 when we went and it was probably 6 hours.
  14. I've seen a lot of messages about the 1/17 Breakaway, but has anybody already gotten upgrades for the 1/17 Dawn sailing? It's showing as sold out in all categories except inside when I checked this morning.
  15. We are going to be there in less than two weeks. I set it up with the company and I have to do my own transportation. She said the taxi is about $16 round trip, but before they drop us off, we'll need to make sure they will come back for us.
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