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  1. We are on the Breeze for April 2020. FTTF opened up several months ago, actually a lot of folks said it was late getting released. Anyways, I checked several times a day for about a month and gave up, it was always sold out. But this past Wednesday evening around 8pm, it was showing available so I managed to grab it.
  2. You never know. Most attackers don’t expect a fight, and they get thrown off their plan if you don’t act like a normal victim. Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight though. Better off complying.... live to fight another day, etc. As far as getting the steak knife off the ship... grab it from the buffet before you leave the ship. You don’t get searched on the way out. And you shouldn’t get busted bringing it back on board either... after all, if they trust you cutting your steak in the dining room, why wouldn’t you be allowed to bring it on board? “I took it off in case I bought some fresh fruit to eat in port” is a good excuse. Or if you’re worried, find a trash can in port and throw it away before boarding the ship. No one is any wiser.
  3. I’m not so much worried about having my pocket knife on the ship as I am having it when I’m in port somewhere. I’d rather have something better, but I can survive with a knife. Pro tip: learn some basic hand to hand self defense, as well as offense. If you feel like learning a little more, learn some knife fighting techniques INCLUDING disarming techniques. Am I advocating losing your life in a foreign land when you could just give the robber your money? No. But this will serve you and your family well at home also. I’m partial to Krav Maga. But situational awareness and common sense are the most important, at home and abroad. Also pro tip: If you don’t want to risk having your prized pocket knife confiscated even though the policy allows it, leave it at home... and before you leave the ship for whatever port you’re in, take a steak knife off the ship for your trip into port. Also also pro tip: if you’re carrying a knife (pocket knife, steak knife, pen knife, anything bladed) into a foreign land, familiarize yourself with the local laws and ordinances so you don’t end up getting in trouble for having a weapon where you shouldn’t have one. I’m not a lawyer and I’m not giving legal advice, and I’m not directing anyone to carry a knife on their person where it is not allowed. What I AM, though, is prepared for my well being and that of my family. I know a thing or two... because I’ve seen a thing or two. Or twelve.
  4. Turn that mirror on yourself, bruh. Calling someone else’s preference to dine in peace on a cruise they paid good money for “rude” is in fact rude. I don’t want to dine with strangers either. It’s not because I’m rude. It’s a personal preference for how I choose to spend my vacation. As the other poster said, my wife and I have extremely busy work lives, and every bit of time together we can get needs to be quality time. Apart from that, I don’t care to divulge my personal life to people I don’t know. I don’t discuss my job with people I don’t know, for example. I can see how that would be considered rude, and on vacation, I really don’t want to be bothered with what other people think, because I paid for MY vacation, not yours.
  5. Welcome back home Sid! Thanks for taking us on vacation with you again. Loved every minute of it! Time to wash our dirty laundry now!
  6. Tortola is just beautiful. I hope to go one day. I get images of pirates and large ships with tattered sails when I look at those photos you posted leaving port. You have spoiled us, Sid. And I hope you have been able to truly have some “me” time between this amazing review and your generosity with “C.” You’re a good, kind man and I hope you know that. The world could certainly use more Sid’s!
  7. Checking in finally after another rough day of work. Very excited for your San Juan pics/write up as this is one of the stops on our cruise on the Breeze in April and we don’t have anything planned. Thanks again for bringing us along Sid!
  8. After a rough day at work, I was excited to come home and pretend I was on this cruise through your posts. I’m beyond excited to see that you busted out THE shirt, if only for a brief appearance. Keep up the great work Sid!
  9. I read this in Jeremy Clarkson’s voice for some reason. Seems like something he’d say. Hope it was good and didn’t spoil your meal!
  10. I wasn’t sure exactly what that was on the top left, but now that I go back and look, it should have been obvious. I think duct tape is definitely worthy of going in the safe, but I AM a redneck... so... yeah.
  11. Phone camera technology has come a looooong way, and it’s impressive the quality you can get these days. But not a one of them have been able to do anything halfway good with the zoom. I’m not a photographer. Or a phone designer. And I don’t really know why I’m even talking about this.
  12. I’m sure I won’t be the only one to admit that you’d have to get awfully close to me to see what’s in my hand 😂😂😂😂
  13. And you hate to see her go... but you love to see her walk away!
  14. Ahhh, makes sense. I was thinking shower station kinda like you see at the beach and public pools. Not a private shower lol. Sid, completely off topic... my wife’s job may be moving us very near ATL in the short future. We should know something for sure in the next couple months. May need some tips on decent places to live on the eastern outskirts of the city. I’ve already got some decent restaurants to eat at thanks to the ATL thread lol
  15. Maybe the alcohol helps! Better have another drink. You know.... for science.
  16. Pinballing between your cruise and Sid’s. I think I’m gonna get drunk just seeing all the booze you two are posting! Safe travels, have fun, and thanks for bringing us along!
  17. 11th page, finally checking in! Can’t wait for all the shenanigans! And Sid, you’re a better man than me. I have an ex baby mama also, and there is NO FREAKIN WAY I’d ruin my cruise by having her tag along. I wouldn’t care the reason, it wouldn’t happen. Period. I’m getting the willies just thinking about it. BUT... you’re a good man! Thanks for inviting us all along once again!
  18. We have an AMEX Everyday card we never use that has the 10k points offer, and an AMEX Bonvoy Brilliant card with the $100 rebate. Just used both to pay off our cruise and got confirmation emails from both regarding the rewards!
  19. Looks like April 23-27 on the Conquest out of Miami
  20. Do they have sugar in the raw packets? We can always bring our own, and I know things can change between now and next April. Just wanted to see if they had them.
  21. Sid... This review has over 1,500 replies and over 117,000 views. I’ll join my fellow posters when I say that WE owe YOU a giant THANK YOU! I’m about 60 pages in on the ATL thread.... and like many here, I feel a connection with you. You are unselfish with your thoughts and your time, and you really welcome the reader into your life... good, bad, or ugly. I would not be that brave! Your writing style is so enthralling.... I have no social media, and I’m generally a patient person... but I found myself constantly checking this review to see your latest thoughts, beverages, and clothing choices! I hope that in the middle of providing a play by play of your vacation, that you actually enjoyed your vacation and that our presence and questions etc did not disrupt your cruise. You allowed us on your vacation, on your dime, and on your time... and we appreciate you!
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