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  1. Just wanted to report that I finally got the email with the download link for my photos. This, after I opened a support ticket with them last night, because depending on how you count the "4-7 business days" post-cruise, that window may already have passed. Coincidence?? 🤔
  2. They should have played the "enhanced" version instead; rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock! 😄
  3. You only need to buy the package for one person in the stateroom.
  4. You probably have to buy a second package for the other stateroom, then. Their web site is unclear/inconsistent in the wording. You could try arguing the point even though they are 21 ("children aged 21 and under" vs. "kids under 21"), I don't know how successful that will be. I think the idea is that minor children are included, but age-of-majority aren't.
  5. Are your kids aged 21 or under? You will still only need one package. Please refer to this support article: https://support.ourcruisephotos.com/support/solutions/articles/238919-i-am-traveling-with-family-in-multiple-staterooms
  6. I posted the MDR menus from my recent 12-night cruise on board Anthem in this thread: You can take a look at the gluten-free options from each menu to see if they suit you. I would also recommend speaking with the maitre'd when you board the ship, and they can get you in touch with a chef to accommodate you. I think some nights don't have many/any gluten-free main courses.
  7. Resistant to spills, but definitely not leak- nor spill-proof. For example, I would not fill the souvenir cup and then put it into a tote or backpack to carry around with me all day (e.g. when going ashore), even if you try to keep it upright.
  8. You get 30 days to download all the photos from the web site before they are removed, please see the FAQ: https://support.ourcruisephotos.com/support/solutions/articles/238908-i-haven-t-received-my-digital-photos-via-post-cruise-online-delivery
  9. I feel much the same way. Especially with DD growing up so quickly, DW and I like having those memories captured with each family vacation. The photo books are also great for family and friends to flip through, that way we’re not subjecting them to a 200-photo slide presentation like some people might have done in the “old days” 🤣
  10. Thanks! I suspected that as a possibility with the repeat but I wasn’t entirely sure.
  11. Sorry for blurriness in one of the dinner menus. I only saw two different lunch menus in the MDR as I did not go on all of the sea days (however, I went on 3 days and there was a repeat of a previous lunch menu). Breakfast.HEIC Dinner 04.HEIC Dinner 05.HEIC Dinner 06.HEIC Dinner 07.HEIC Dinner 08.HEIC Dinner 09.HEIC Dinner 10.HEIC Lunch 2.HEIC
  12. I've bought the all-digital package for my last several cruises. In my experience, they only print 8x10s on board, which are too large for my liking. I print a few 4x6s when I get home to put up at work, and we make a photobook with our best pictures (between our own and the ship's photographers) as a keepsake.
  13. Hey, I must have sailed with you! :) I had bought the package a long time ago but canceled and re-bought it on Black Friday - that $120 deal was unbelievably good! :D We got 488 photos taken...we really took advantage of it, LOL. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who is still waiting for the emailed link. Last year on one of my Allure cruises, it took 10 days post-cruise to get the link...I was really annoyed (and anxious) about it!!
  14. In my experience you can't get any photos taken by the ship's photographers on the last full day, not just the last night of the cruise. During my last several cruises, I've bought the all-digital package and there are no photo opportunities on the last full day of the cruise. That might have made sense when they actually processed prints, but not any more. They can (and do) have photos uploaded to their system to be previewed in the Focus Photo Gallery within a couple of hours, and with the emailed download link taking up to a week post-cruise to arrive, they can easily take photos on the last day. With the purchase of the all-digital package for my recent Anthem cruise, they were offering prints at $5 each but only in the 8x10" size.
  15. I just returned from Anthem's 12-night Caribbean sailing. I was fortunate enough to be able to go on iFLY twice -- first time, booked pre-cruise on Day 3 in the morning, but changed it once on board the ship (at the earliest opportunity in person via the "Box Office") to Day 3 in the afternoon (to avoid a conflict with the Top Tier event). After my first session, I went to Guest Services and was able to make a second booking for Day 11 in the morning. As luck would have it, the ship's photographers were taking pictures during this session (they weren't during my first iFLY session). We had bought the all-digital photo package pre-cruise and they took some really good photos (still waiting for the download link via email, though). During both of my sessions, the briefing (safety/instruction video plus a quick instructor overview) was done after the weigh-in, but before suiting up. I would not count on standby, as they seemed to discourage that.
  16. Thank you for your reply. I have actually returned from my cruise, as we visited Barbados on Dec 15th. For reference, I’m attaching a picture I took of the taxi rate signpost during my visit. My family of 3 ended up doing a pseudo-custom tour with a group of about 8 other people at a rate of $25 US per person, and included a visit to the North Point/Animal Flower Caves. It was a little over 3 hours in duration and was also in an air-conditioned van. We definitely enjoyed it and thought it was a good value.
  17. Are you sure about that? I wore shorts for dinner in the main dining room one night, and they kicked me off the ship the next day.
  18. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I live in Ontario where the taxes on alcohol are high, so the shipboard prices are actually very good in comparison. I do look in ports as well but typically for something distilled locally that is hard if not impossible to find anywhere else.
  19. Hi all, Would anyone happen to have a recent photo of an alcohol (spirits/liqueurs) price sheet from the Port Merchants shop on board Anthem? Trying to plan some shopping in advance by comparing it to my bar inventory at home 😊 Thank you!
  20. Hello! At Port Zante, is there a sign with the regulated taxi rates to popular destinations? If so, does anyone have a recent photo of this sign that they can post? I tried looking for information online but only found this web page with the rates from 2011 (not sure if it's still accurate): http://www.discover-stkitts-nevis-beaches.com/st-kitts-nevis-taxi.html Thank you!
  21. My family would like to see North Point/Animal Flower Caves. I see that there is actually a posted rate (from last year) of $30.50 USD. Are taxis generally available/waiting there, for when people want to leave? I don't want to get there, see the sights, and get stuck with no way back. Does anyone know if the restaurant can call for a taxi if there aren't any waiting? Or am I better off hiring a taxi to wait around and give us a lift back? It looks like there is also a bus that is supposed to run hourly to Connell Town (1C) from the Princess Alice Terminal, but I've no idea how reliable the bus service is. Is anyone able to comment on the bus service? Thank you for any information or advice 🙂
  22. I sailed on Oasis in 2014 and out of respect to the performers, I did wait until the intermission to leave. 🙂 DW stayed. She loved it and knew she would going in. We're sailing on Oasis twice next year. So I guess that means each time, I'll have a few hours to myself to look forward to. 🤣
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