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  1. Is it this menu? (This was the menu for the first formal night from Allure, in early December.)
  2. I don't know about Brilliance specifically, but I have a lot of experience with Adventure Ocean. The group for 6-8 year olds is Explorers. Sea day hours (complimentary) are typically 09:00-12:00 (morning session), 14:00-17:00 (afternoon session), and 19:00-22:00 (evening session). Late-night party zone available between 22:00-02:00 for an added cost. "Adventure Dining" may be offered between 17:00-19:00 to bridge the afternoon and evening sessions. This is also complimentary, and the staff take the kids as a group to the Windjammer where they can have something simple like pizza or chicken nuggets for dinner. You must sign up for Adventure Dining by 17:00. Otherwise, the sessions are drop-off, pick-up any time, first come, first served based on available capacity. Also complimentary -- the ability to drop off kids just outside the entrance of one of the MDRs (you can inquire about which deck number while onboard) about 10-20 minutes before the evening session starts (~18:40-18:50). Two Adventure Ocean crew members will wait for kids to be dropped off by parents and get signed in. They will then go to Adventure Ocean for the evening session. Convenient for parents/guardians to then return to the MDR to finish their dinner. You'll need to let the MDR waitstaff know you want to do this so they can prioritize the kids' meals. Port day hours (complimentary): vary depending on the port arrival time. Sometimes they may have "early bird" hours prior to the normal start time of 09:00. Port day hours are all-day, typically until 17:00 or after whatever the all-aboard time is (kids will be taken to the Windjammer for lunch). On port days, there may or may not be Adventure Dining available for dinner and the evening session might start at 19:00 per usual, or later depending on the circumstances. Late-night party zone will still be available, for an added cost. I hope that is helpful.
  3. One thing about the Samba Grill that not everyone may be aware of -- you can request grilled pineapple. It's not listed on the menu and it wasn't offered to me, but it was available when I asked. I've been to land-based churrascarias before and the "gauchos" frequently bring the pineapple around, just like the various cuts of meat -- not so at Samba, at least during my visit.
  4. Hi, when I was on board Allure for the Dec 2, 2018 Eastern Caribbean sailing (same itinerary as the one you mentioned), the formal nights were 2 and 6 (i.e. Labadee for the second one). You can also try to infer the formal nights from the MDR menus, before you get on board. Launch the Royal app on your mobile device and take a look at the menus for the week -- you can look for the broiled lobster tail (for the second formal night).
  5. One way I always like to think about it is in terms of the daily cost and value. $1700 more for a 7-night cruise ~= $243 per night (or about $61 per person, per night). Is that worth it to you? It wouldn't be to me, but I'm frugal ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think you will also have more space with two interiors (2 x 166 sq ft vs. 267 sq ft, I think? Not counting the balcony). The added privacy and 2 bathrooms have already been mentioned...less chance of having to wait to use the toilet ๐Ÿ™‚ If you switch to a non-refundable deposit, you might have to spend even more money if you want/need to buy trip cancellation insurance (e.g. if your credit card doesn't offer it).
  6. I know I'm in the minority here, but we've been buying the all-digital package in advance for our last several cruises. For Liberty in 2016 it was $149.99 CAD (probably around $125 USD at the time) which I thought was a really good deal, for Navigator in 2017 it was $249.99 CAD (probably $200 USD), and for Allure in 2018 it was $314.99 CAD ($250 USD). For our Allure B2B we purchased the photo package for both cruises -- you get 50% off the package for the second cruise, so it was only $125 USD. If it were just DW and me, I probably wouldn't consider it worthwhile, but with DD as well, it's a great chance to get a lot of family photos. We had over 250 photos taken during our first week. During our second cruise, we had relatives join us and their DD was in our cabin, so between the two families, we got almost 400 photos on the second package. It was really nice to get photos of our two families together. The photos aren't all great -- some photographers on board are better than others -- but you get to know which ones are good and visit them more often ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. During my Allure B2B (Nov 25 and Dec 2, 2018), I had a cash account for both sailings and the casino cashier paid out cash directly from non-refundable OBC. I was surprised at that. The first time I went to the cashier, I actually asked for a $20 slot voucher (to test if it could be played and cashed out), but I just got handed a $20 bill. During subsequent visits over the two weeks, I simply asked for cash and there were absolutely no issues.
  8. The 9-11 age range is precisely the Adventure Ocean "Voyagers" group, for which there are structured times and activities during each session (morning, afternoon, and evening which are complimentary, plus late-night party zone at extra cost). First-come, first-served, drop-off and pick-up any time during the session (you can also let older kids sign themselves out if you want). Some ships may have a free hour or so in the arcade on the first night, which they call something like "Family Free Arcade". This is open to everyone; it's not supervised by the crew. The machines are just configured to allow free play for that time (obviously not the ones where you can earn tickets/win prizes, though). Sometimes if there are few kids during an Adventure Ocean session (especially the late-night party zone), they may merge the Explorers (6-8) and Voyagers (9-11) together in one room.
  9. Theyโ€™ll get kicked off in St. Thomas? ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
  10. I just got the email about 20 minutes ago. This is very unfortunate. Their Amplified program sounds great but many people will be sailing on ships currently offering DreamWorks which will be cancelled before they are scheduled for dry dock to undergo those improvements. So no Amplified and no DreamWorks for those people. Itโ€™s a net loss of activities. Iโ€™m on Allure right now and the DreamWorks program is as popular as ever. In particular, Trolls seems the most popular as the photo opportunities with Poppy and Branch have had the most people lined up - so much that theyโ€™ve had to cut the line off.
  11. Hi everyone, Can someone please help me out by letting me know which thread has a recent set of Cruise Compasses from Allure's current Western and/or Eastern itineraries? Inclusion of the Adventure Ocean Kids' Daily Planners (for ages 3-11) would be a bonus I tried using the forum search feature, but didn't come up with anything recent. I think this is because the search indexing is still running since the site re-launched this week. I have also not been very active on the forum for the last few months because life has been busy...otherwise I probably would have come across it myself already (sorry). Thank you very much!
  12. Remember from several years ago, when a common phrase (which became overused and a bit of a joke) was, "there's an app for that"? Well..there isn't, not any more. ๐Ÿ™„ The latest update from the mods seems to suggest there's a possibility of app support being reintroduced. I really hope so. I won't be live-posting my 14-night cruise embarking next month without app support.
  13. IMO, this issue needs greater visibility and more of us members need to be vocal about this. App support is absolutely essential to me. I also find the mobile experience effectively unusable using Safari on an iPhone 7. I am going on a 14-night B2B next month and I will NOT be doing a live review (and probably not bothering to post at all, even on the roll call) if there is no app support available by that time. It's just too frustrating to access the forums on my iPhone.
  14. I booked a Dec 2019 cruise a little over a month ago on Sept 3rd. I can access it via the Cruise Planner, but today, I can't add it to my "upcoming cruises" when logged into the main web site (the area for seeing upcoming and past cruises, updating your profile, doing online check-in, etc.). I hadn't tried before today to add it. Not sure if it's related to their maintenance yesterday, but RCI has logged a ticket to try and resolve it :rolleyes: What's worse is that my original booking ID "had to be cancelled" because they had some sort of problem with it after I requested it to be transferred to a TA. They had to create a new booking and move everything to it, before transferring to the TA :rolleyes: (That is how I found out about the problem in the first place...I couldn't add the cruise to my account using the old reservation number, but the new one didn't work either.)
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