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  1. Cunard website says COVID testing onboard would not be chargeable
  2. Thought I’d try something a little different with Virgin, although have departed from Portsmouth before with CMV
  3. I booked this morning - have booked previously for a Portsmouth cruise and used ‘your parking space app’ £31 for the 4 night cruise .... really close to the port 🙂
  4. So a total of 5 cruises cancelled......2020/2021 hoping July 2021 beats the odds and Iceland happens......please I need Cunard seas
  5. Generally take them with you....last cruise nothing was available.....unless you picked up loose boa feathers
  6. More room if you book the extra legroom with National Express (reserve seats too) have done both.....in both cases getting to Victoria was more of a pain (underground rush hour🥺)
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