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  1. Quite frankly, I don’t care if you or anyone else deems to judge me unless you are interviewing me for a job - which isn’t going to happen because I am enjoying retirement! I enjoy reading and wearing clever tee shirts - but then I have a sense of humor. Losing ones sense of fun makes you old, and while I may have lived a lot of years, but I’m not old! Also one of the great things I’ve learned over the years is not to worry about the approval of others - especially people I don’t even know!
  2. I thought this was a discussion about the Explorers Lounge, how are we now in yet another dress code discussion 🙄
  3. In your opinion, perhaps. Don’t look if it bothers you, we always wear tee shirts when we cruise. My favorite one is “If the earth was flat, cats would have pushed everything off of it by now.” I’m also rather fond of my, “Thinking I’m just an old lady was your first mistake!” IMO a sense of fun keeps you young! Not to the dining room, but on sea days and in port in the Caribbean, of course.
  4. Wow what a wet blanket cruise line! Crossing them off my list!
  5. We just got back from doing the Montréal to NYC run, and if you love lobster, this is the itinerary for you! On the ship I had a very tasty pasta dish with lobster early on - maybe the 2nd or 3rd night. We had delicious whole lobster on maybe the 5th night. They were doing the Seafood buffet at the World Cafe. One of these days, I’m going to do that instead of the Restaurant, but we’re not wild about buffet dinners, and lobster is what I really wanted. I had wonderful lobster rolls in Portland and Boston. Boone’s in Portland does a warm lobster roll and the meat is drenched in melted butter. Yummy. They were also having a special - guy handed us a flyer on the street, but we were going there anyway. Price of the lobster roll included lobster bisque or clam chowder. Difficult choice, but I went all in lobster. Was THE best lobster bisque I have ever eaten. Very tasty with big chunks of lobster meat. We are partial to the Black Rose near the Quincy Market in Boston and their lobster roll is fabulous, just a touch of mayo and a very generous portion of lobster. We did the Boston by Night and Lobster dinner excursion also. This was excellent. The tour was great, just at dusk and we could see the lights coming on, then we stopped at the Union Oyster House for a most excellent lobster dinner. My husband doesn’t eat lobster so I asked Viking Guest Services if he could get something else. They arranged it with the restaurant and they were most accommodating. I have to say that the restaurant deserves a medal! It’s a big noisy place that was packed! They served our large group clam chowder, lobster and tasty corn, quickly and efficiently. And the lobster - they had to be 2lbs or close to it - was perfect. We all declared it so! We happened on a fun group for table mates and some were lobster newbies. We were giving lessons on how to eat a lobster. They were not split, but so easy to crack and open we had no need for crackers - just lots of napkins! So good. I was really amazed that they were able to cook a vast quantity of lobsters so well! This was one of the more pricey excursions, but it was well worth it! On our penultimate (I don’t get to use that word often enough 😆) night on board, they had Lobster Thermidor , but we had reservations for Routes des Indes at the Chef’s Table. I had eaten enough lobster by then not to feel deprived. 😆 It was a good choice, much as I enjoyed the Thermidor, this meal was incredible! I’m glad I didn’t miss it.
  6. It’s just before the area with the shops. We usually spend quite a bit of time in this area near the stairs. We like the Living Room bar and usually make friends with one of the bartenders. We start there after lunch on sea days. If there’s a lecturer we are interested in, we do that, then migrate up to the Explorer’s lounge mid afternoon. You can get tea there and Success Cake from Mamsen’s if you don’t want to do the whole tea thing. I love the Viking ships - so many great nooks!
  7. Excellent! Thank you so much - looks like I will definitely find something!
  8. Shuttles were provided in St Kitts only. In all the other ports, I'm quite sure we were fairly close to the town - within walking distance.
  9. I didn’t see Prosecco by the glass on the Luminae wine list. We have the premium package and I was wondering if it’s available. Also in Luminae, can you also get wines from the other wine lists. I drink white and my husband drinks red. I see on the Elevated Wines by the Glass that they mention Conundrum, but I don’t see it listed. Is it available by the glass. There seem to be a lot of Chardonnays on the lists, but I prefer Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio or a blend.
  10. That doesn’t mean people won’t do it!
  11. This is around the corner from the Viking Bar in the Living Room and one of our comfy spots
  12. We did this in the spring of 2018 and most times we were docked within walking distance of a town. We did excursions in each port, so I don’t think there were shuttles. I don’t have my Dailies handy, but I’ll check later. There may have been shuttles to Charlotte Amalie in St Thomas, but even though it’s not a town, the Havensight docking area has a mall with shops and restaurants. I’m not sure what you mean by “entertainment district.” Have you been to the Caribbean before? When we went many of the islands were still recovering from the back to back hurricanes of fall 2017, so we either did the included tours or a Viking optional tour. We did the walking tour in St Croix (subbed for Tortola) and the town was right at the pier. In St Kitts we did the St Kitts Railway (optional) and the included bus ride up to Fairview Estate. In Antigua, St Lucia and St Thomas we did the optional catamaran excursions. All were great, St Lucia was fabulous! In Antigua, the first part included the included tour to Nelson’s Dockyard and Shirley Heights, then we boarded the catamaran for a sail out to a reef for snorkeling and a BBQ lunch onboard, with a lovely sail back. In St Thomas, we sailed to St John. In Barbados we did the photography tour and it was fantastic. Small group in a van, not a bus and we went to off the beaten path spots. The photographer was a great guide and he gave tips for all levels from a phone to an expensive rig. It was mostly how to get the best shot. I’ll dig out the Dailies and let you know later.
  13. The 12 month prepayment was the standard back when we were researching our first Viking River cruise in 2013 - before Viking Ocean existed. There was much complaining and gnashing of teeth but they didn’t budge. When Viking Ocean came on the scene, they relaxed it a bit - quietly (you had to ask) - while they got the division off the launching pad. Last September or October, they reverted to the original 12 months out - with, it seems, some over zealous booking agents pushing it out further. Not our experience, but I have read others being asked for 18 months or more. I think they are realizing that they are trying to close the barn door after all the horses have run free. While they try for 12 months out, it seems they are relenting here and there, so perhaps the pressure has them rethinking their options.
  14. You are in my favorite place in the whole world - at least as much of the world as I’ve seen! We love the Hog Penny Pub! Their onion rings, Bermuda Fish Chowder and flaming banana fritters are fabulous! Check out the Lobster Pot, Harry’s on the Waterfront and the Swizzle Inn out by the Caves if you have time! Is Viking doing an excursion to St George? It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site that seems right up their alley. Take the ferry out to Dockyard. It’s where all the Mega ships have to dock because they can’t get through Two Rock Passage. The National Museum is out there and worth a visit. And if you like fudge, say hello to my friend, Sarah at the pink Bermuda Fudge shop. For pumpkin everything lovers she has pumpkin fudge! Tell her Kath from Bermuda Bound sent you! Enjoy Bermuda everyone! Wish I was with you!
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