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  1. For our first Viking cruise we booked a DV and were offered an upgrade to a PV at a very good price. We took it and really loved the room size and amenities. There is so much drawer space and (important to my husband) you get liquor, wine and beer in the fridge replaced daily. We loved having the sofa and chair. There is no free laundry, nor is there a second TV. The PS rooms have that, not the PV. We enjoyed the room so much that we booked the same cabin (5101) for our next cruise and 5102 for the one after that. We just recently booked a Viking cruise for spring 2021. We were looking for something cheaper so we were shopping other lines, but Viking sent us a nice offer for booked guests. I found a cruise that worked but to bring it down to our desired budget, we booked a DV (5110). It’s an aft facing cabin so I’m hoping it will make up for it not being PV. It’s the Caribbean, so I’m not as concerned about booking excursions. We will take what we can get. Either way, I’m sure you will love Viking!
  2. We had both a river cruise and an ocean cruise booked when we got the offer. It was the first we’ve gotten with good incentives!
  3. Interesting - because we just booked this cabin for a Caribbean cruise next spring. We have been booking PV1s but we were looking for something cheaper and close to home for that spring cruise. I’d been looking at other lines (shhh don’t tell) because Viking usually leaves the Caribbean by the end of March. We did the West Indies Explorer a couple of years ago at the end of March and we had some stress about a late season blizzard back home. My husband said he was never cruising in snow season again 😝 I wasn’t finding anything interesting, so I expanded my search to March thinking maybe I’ll find something at the very end into April. I found an Iconic Southern on Viking Sky. I mentioned it, but the price for our customary PV was more than we wanted to spend. The very next morning I get an email from Viking with a special offer for guests booked on another cruise. (They really are psychic!) I looked again at the price. The PV was still too high, but the DV was doable. I mentioned it again. My husband said, “On Viking?” My answer was, “Yes, but it’s March 9, and you didn’t want to cruise in March.” He said, “but it’s Viking!” I said, “yes, but we have to do have to do a DV with no couch, no liquor in the mini bar, and the closet by the bed.” He said, “but it’s Viking!” I said, “It’s ports we’ve done before.” He said, “but it’s Viking!” LOL I found 5110 was available and we love the aft or aft wraps, and that was the clincher for me. My husband simply said, “but it’s Viking!” We booked it! Hoping it’s a good room. We do like deck 5!
  4. Sorry to follow the off topic crew, but we LOVE Bermuda and I had to come to her defense! 😍 That said, we have 2 cruises booked on the Viking Sky so I hope she is once again ship shape! We are on the September 15th Trade Routes of the Middle Ages and the March 9, 2021 Iconic Southern Caribbean! Looking forward to both!
  5. I know there are ships that fly the Bermuda flag, but the above doesn’t describe Bermuda at all. They have a very high standard of living, a high employment rate and it’s one of THE most expensive places in the world to live. The workers there are treated fairly well, for the most part.
  6. In 2018 when Europe was experiencing an extraordinary drought situation, we had a river cruise booked with Viking. Their solution to river water level issues is to do a mid-stream ship swap (you swap with a ship traveling in the opposite direction to avoid the unnavigable section). Though not as serious as this situation, there was an equal amount of weeping and gnashing of teeth. We elected to go on this “trip of a lifetime, “ (and we had cancel for any reason insurance). We had a fabulous time with minor (in our opinion - not in the opinion of all) disruptions. When we arrived home, we had an email from Viking offering a generous future cruise credit as compensation for inconvenience. To use it, we had to book within a year, but it could be used to book a cruise several years out. Many people missed this salient point and were ranting all over the Viking boards that it had to be taken within the year. I think this is frequently the case with FCC from other lines as well. People are generally upset when these things happen and they don’t examine what they are being offered very closely. From what I have been reading, this book within a year for a cruise further out is often offered, but the details are overlooked.
  7. I’d say it depends on your definition of luxury. I asked the question on the luxury cruise board here on Cruise Critic and was left with the impression that, like beauty, luxury is in the eye of the beholder. For some luxury was about the food. For others it required a butler. Many said, “Oh on X line, they remember your name - adding that this is a sign of great service. Quite frankly, I have not cruised on any line where they didn’t remember my name, including Carnival 🤣🤣🤣 The general consensus was that Viking, Oceania and Azamara are “premium” and that you had to sail with Regent, Seabourn or Crystal to experience true “luxury.” The Europa ships (I think Hapag-Lloyd) are the pinnacle. RCL, Carnival, NCL and MSC were deemed mainstream with HAL, Princess, Celebrity and Cunard falling into some nebulous category between “premium” and “luxury.” These are not my definitions or opinion just a consensus of answers to my quest for a definition of luxury on the board here for luxury cruises. I’ve never cruised Oceania, but I would consider it. I do find their O Life variations somewhat confusing. Viking seems easier. What you get is consistent and there are no extra packages to add, but the Silver Spirits beverage package. We have cruised on Azamara, but we like Viking better. We would do another Azamara. We are done with the mainstream lines, though we do have a Celebrity cruise this spring in a suite. The price, timing and itinerary worked. We will decide after that if Celebrity works for us as well. Oddly enough we just booked a similar itinerary on Viking for March of 2021. The timing wasn’t what we were looking for. The price barely made the budget, so we will be in a DV1 instead of our preferred PV1, but as my husband said repeatedly when we were discussing it, “ but it’s Viking!” 😁
  8. Been there, done that! Lots of tours but none that are photography tours. Also checked TripAdvisor and Tours by Locals. I'm quite internet savvy 😄
  9. I know most people want to snorkel or be beach bums, but DH and I are all about photography. We have done photo tours in other places (Barbados was the best!). Does anyone on the ABC islands do organized photo tours? I know we could do it on our own, but it’s so much better with a local photographer who knows the great spots!
  10. And that Marlboro Man is playing a grandfather on Blue Bloods!
  11. First time I felt that I was on the wrong side of the “old” dividing line when a co-worker was talking about her mother’s birthday and she revealed that her mother was several years younger than I was. I knew she was younger, but her MOTHER too! OMG! Not what I wanted to hear. I’m not old. I’ve just lived for a long time. 🤣. I’m 72 going on 22 (have to stay above the drinking age 😝 ). I don’t keep up much with current pop music, though I often look up songs I hear in passing. My preference is contemporary rock. Rock has always been my preference. The “oldies” (and at my age that covers a lot of inventory!) are fine to switch up, but I really like the new stuff. I love learning new things, discovering and exploring. Cruising works for that in a more comfortable manner than car travel. I’m definitely in the comfort is key age 😁 So my body isn’t cooperating, but I’m not getting old. I love my tech. When something new comes along, I check it out. Some things are extremely interesting, and others not so much. I really think continuing to learn and to keep your mind open is the key to not getting old. Don’t worry about the number just keep moving forward. Visit the past, but don’t live there. The only thing I miss is civility. That seems to be getting more allusive these days. Not sure why, but I do find it somewhat sad.
  12. Wow! I’m burning sage, crossing my fingers anything I can think of for good weather. I can deal with some rough seas but I’m really hoping for Falmouth and I know that’s a tricky port.
  13. LOL we are doing Barcelona to Madrid after our Trade Routes cruise specially for the train ride. We’re rail fans who are quite happy letting Viking handle the details (and the luggage!) so we can enjoy the ride!
  14. Oh I can absolutely understand your trepidation! I can tell you that both of our Viking Ocean cruises were wonderful and uneventful in comparison (for sure). This cruise is in the Caribbean and it’s a bit early for hurricanes ::knock wood:: So I don’t think we will repeat your cruise ending. Although after watching hurricanes hit the British Isles last fall, I’m a bit concerned about our Trade Routes cruise from Bergen to Barcelona crossing the North Sea and the Bay of Biscay! Wishing you fair winds and calm seas!
  15. Regarding cabin choice... For our first Viking Ocean, we booked a DV4, but we got offered an upgrade to a PV1 for $200pp and we took it. Big mistake because we LOVE the PV1 and have been booking them for subsequent cruises. We are planning a cruise for spring 2021, and we were looking for something on the East coast to save on airfare. Viking didn’t have anything for April or May, so I was looking at other lines that have small ships. I wasn’t finding anything exciting, until I also looked in March. I found a Viking Southern Caribbean. No new ports, which I’d hoped for, but when I mentioned it, my husband said, “but it’s Viking!” I reminded him that he didn’t want to cruise in March because the last time we did, we had an issue with a late season snowstorm. He said, “But it’s Viking!” We decided we would wait to book because January has been an expensive month and because there seemed to be plenty of cabins (I don’t think the Caribbean sells out as well), but then serendipity! I got an email about discounts for people with a Viking cruise booked (we have 2!). It was extra money off (up to $2000) depending on the number of days, plus you still get the January deal of 2 for 1 deposit, free air and final payment at 6 months. We took another look and decided to price out a DV to get it under our lower spring budget. Our TA called back with the price on a DV1 and it’s the aft facing cabin I wanted. Serendipity again - all the stars are aligned. We have a hold until the 29th, but I think we are booking - how can we not! 😁 Anyway the point of all of this is that we have become used to the benefit of getting excursions and specialty restaurants early. Now we will be scrambling, but it’s the Caribbean and if we get them, great. If not there’s no real “must sees” so I’m not concerned. These are ports we’ve been to before, so we could just stay on the ship or go to a beach on our own. For our Trade Routes cruise in the fall, I’m glad I have the PV, because there are excursions I most definitely want to do. I think these are the things you need to weigh when making a decision. Are there must have Viking excursions or can you wing it! And of course - what will fit in your budget.
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