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  1. on O website --> Onboard experiences --> Explore our ships --> Insignia -- view ship details --> Cuisine tab --> then find your restaurant sample menus. They open in in a new window (PDF)
  2. If you want, you can read the menus on O website -- they open in a PDF -- where you can zoom in -- and see all the items very clearly.
  3. Hello Kimcheeboy, thank you for your excellent video tour. Can you tell me who the Cruise director is, and also, is Georgios (Greek) onboard in any restaurant ? We met him in 2016 on Regatta, and he really took good care of us. Thanks.
  4. Was on that Eurodam hawaii cruise -- it was the 1st time for the $10 extra entree charge, buried in fine print at bottom of menu. Was really put off by it. You could eat all you wanted at Lido, and even waste food, but no extra charge. We were travelling with good friends, real foodies, who sometimes got 2nd entree. They were 4 star but did not get the 50% discount. Happy to hear the test was dropped.
  5. Problem was resolved on O website, a couple weeks ago.
  6. 1st cruise in 1984 -- Sun Line's Stella Oceanis, then Stella Solaris. Really fine old ships with fantastic service and crew. Very clean. Yes, fixed seating, but waiters really got to know you, and if you asked for anything off the menu, they would bring it every night!. Theme nights almost every night, midnight buffets every night (demographics: it was at 11 PM ! ) Fine entertainment, enrichment lectures. I could list more things, but you longtime cruisers know all this. Unfortunately, Sun Line did not innovate and keep up with likes and wants of a younger generation; their very loyal passengers were departing this earth. Then they merged with Epirotiki Line Cruises, and you may remember the sinking of its ship Oceanus, off west coast of Africa, where the captain was among 1st off ship. In my opinion, this put them out of business. Also on Sun Line, the captain's gala farewell dinner featured caviar--the real thing-- with cold shots of Vodka -- all you wanted. The dinners always had about 6 courses, most memorable was their home made farinaceous (pasta course). Food was always excellent. since that 1st cruise in 1984, I was hooked on cruising, even though I got seasick on the night of the gala farewell dinner. Very rough seas, and I guess the vodka did not help! I was among many pax affected.
  7. returned one eve. after dinner. room was not touched. Could not figure it out, until I looked at the outside of the door. Had forgotten to take off do not disturb ! they will not go into any cabin with that sign on the door. was fine with the way we left the room, but called for clean towels, which they brought straight away. Worst part: We really missed not getting our chocolates!
  8. TA said to call O to save back & forth communications, since offers are 1st come-1st served. Calling O -- special rev. management desk --worked well, since I was able to pick the exact cabin I wanted in Cat., and paid at same time.
  9. rcvd upsell last yr to a C-1 from a much lower cat., for a very reasonable amount, i called my TA, who said for me to call special # listed in offer. did that immediately, and was really pleased with cabin. I am booked this yr, and eagerly awaiting an upsell offer.
  10. If you don't want to use ride share, the taxi rate from MIA to cruise port is a flat rate of $27 per vehicle. (Check the MIA website ---> Ground Transportation beforehand, in case of any change. ) Have used this several times. No extra charges if driver cannot find correct terminal. I recall that to get to Term. J, you have to drive around almost the entire cruise port.
  11. O life choice also includes free air from O's U.S. gateways. Don't know about Europe originations.
  12. I wish I had seen your advice prior to our Marina Culinary Class, which was Steak Diane and Potatoes Dauphinoise. We got to eat it (albeit while standing up -- and you do not get your own preparation), and it was really delicious. Had a Toscana res that eve, and called it our 2nd dinner! The Culinary main chef was also dining near our table, so I would have to say Toscana and Polo. Hard to rank them. GDR also very nice on most occasions.
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