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  1. Sierra gold seafood on Greg street in sparks has live lobsters. I got a 1 1/2 lb. they were $12.50 a pound which I didn’t think was bad. Also got some king crab. Boy that lobster was good lol.
  2. I splurged and bought myself a live lobster here in Reno just the other day. I steamed him and drenched in butter and lemon. Best meal of the year so far :). Grew up with lobsters on the east coast. We always look forward to the lobster and filet sandwich in waves. It’s our first meal of the cruise every time.
  3. Yes it was the sirena , we did an 85 day grand voyage two years ago. Here’s one of the captain, what a fantastic trip that was.
  4. Clo: it’s a good thing I wasn’t sipping coffee when I read this. It would have been all over my computer. here is a pic of the sirens from santorini and the other one is Jacque pepin’s daughter and her husband, the did a cooking demonstration on the ship.
  5. Here are a few more pictures of Gibraltar. Loving this thread.
  6. I had to laugh at this :). We’ve been to Alaska so many times.. we’re booked on the June 2 on the star princess. My husband doesn’t fly so it’s Mexico, Hawaii and Alaska. we don’t plan on getting off the ship at all.
  7. Please email me ASAP at bandgbasset@gmail.com. thank you very much gerry
  8. We were on a grand voyage last year for 85 days and we had Carson for the first part of the trip and we absolutely loved him, then we had Jon Leslie for the rest of the trip. He didn’t seem to have much personality. We much preferred carson.
  9. Thanks for your help. Do you have mike’s e-mail.
  10. This happens to me a lot. I am using an iPad. I am not technology oriented lol. gerry
  11. Wow, that is so exciting. I’ve been wondering how the happy couple was doing. Even my husband, who is not on cc, asks me everyday how bob is doing :). all the best wishes to bob and Betsy. gerry
  12. The coast starlight leaves Seattle for Los Angeles at 2:30 pm and arrives in sac at 6:00 am. Then we take the Amtrak bus to Reno, easy peasy. we are on the atw 2021, from Miami to New York. He will fly for a big trip. Last year we did an 85 day trip on the sirena, Miami to Miami, and he did fine, but he hates it lol. Gerry
  13. I sure wish Oceania had more round trips from the left coast. My husband hates to fly. We recently did a btb Alaska, San Francisco to Vancouver, then Vancouver to Seattle on the regatta. Took Amtrak from Seattle to Reno. We love train travel, thank goodness lol. Was a beautiful ride. gerry
  14. I also miss the daily updates. I’m not a frequent poster but I love Oceania lol. just wondering if Bob and Betsy got home and if they are getting back on the ship. thank you gerry
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