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  1. This was the most helpful post that I've read in the last year. Thank you.
  2. https://twitter.com/PrincessCruises Princess has also posted the about the pause until December 31, 2020 on their twitter feed.
  3. The announcement is on Princess's website, so I think it is just a matter of time until you receive an email.
  4. We don’t know what the agreements between cruise lines and ports will be, but it is possible that the port countries will require passengers to remain in the cruise bubble (approved excursions), as a condition of allowing the cruise ships to dock. People who go ashore on their own could be argued to be posing a health risk to the port country, and to the ship when they get back on board.
  5. @Daniel A I'm not trying to say that I think that you are wrong. I'm only pointing out that people agree to a lot of things when they agree to the Passage Contract. In the right circumstances, I think the ship can detain (restrain) a passenger.
  6. From the Passage Contract: 4. RIGHT TO REFUSE BOOKING AND PASSAGE, CANCEL RESERVATION; CONFINE YOU TO STATEROOM OR DISEMBARK YOU. Carrier reserves the right to refuse booking of passage on a Cruise to any person or to cancel Your existing Cruise reservation for any lawful reason and regardless of a guest’s Captain Circle loyalty level or existing benefits. Any person(s) refused booking or passage in advance of the scheduled sailing by Carrier will be given a refund of their Cruise Fare. Captain Circle points have no cash value and therefore are not redeemable for cash. Carrier
  7. We cancelled our February cruise on the Caribbean Princess. We had booked a window suite (before the pandemic started) at a very good price and thought we would treat ourselves. We ended up canceling because we didn’t want to risk being stuck in a room with no access to the outside. We will avoid international travel until the threat of quarantine is gone. We don’t want to go through 14 days of self isolation when we return to Canada.
  8. Sadly, I think many of the snow birds will be staying put. Although I have heard of a few that plan to fly down. I’m not sure being cautious is the same as being frightened.
  9. Canadian Prime Minister has been widely reported as saying that the border will remain closed to non essential travel until the virus is under control south of the border. Unfortunately, he doesn’t mention what “under control” means in this particular instance. Considering that the virus isn’t under control north of the border either, this presents a dilemma. Hopefully a mix of mitigation and vaccine (s) will work by next spring.
  10. January 9th is a 7 day Eastern or a 14 day East/West. I never notice the longer cruises. Even when I booked the original 10 day maiden voyage, I never noticed there was also a 17 day. Oh well, it didn’t matter in the end - cruise was cancelled.
  11. Enchanted Princess, January 9th is a 7 Day Eastern Caribbean cruise.
  12. Yes, I follow their advice when it comes to international travel. If there is a travel ban in place and a Canadian travels anyway, and something goes wrong, the Canadian government will not help.
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