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  1. I will try to make many feel better......I own 100 shares of CCL........I bought it at $65 a share! Ouch!😪
  2. I think it will be awhile before we're cruising like before, but I think it's more than just the mentality of the people. We just don't know about this Chinese virus thing...hopefully we will continue to learn more so people can take more educated actions. Right now we seem to be "shotgunning" in the hopes something will work to combat spread of the pandemic. I'd be ecstatic to see a "cure" or "prevention" to our current situation, but I don't hold out much hope for anything like that in the next 12 months or so. The death rate seems pretty stagnant right now.....sure would be encouraging to s
  3. Yeah, I feel the same! We are old farts and if anyone would catch anything on a cruise, it'd be ME! So we are taking a wait and see attitude....hopefully all will go reasonably well for the late 2020/early 2021 cruisers....then we will book for fall 2021. Each person has to make a decision based on their own health situation and the information at hand. We are suffering from "Cruise Withdrawal" but we can hold out another year or so I think......😎
  4. Heck, I bought my 100 shares when the price was around $60. At the time it looked like a good way to get a nice OBC on our preferred 10 day cruises. Now with the shares at around $12 (OMG🤪 ) I don't think I'll sell. They are just sitting in my IRA, and probably will still be there when I am not. 😉
  5. All good info, thanks. I saw that with passenger/space ration; the Majesty was the worst I'd seen! I understand about the Breakaway, but that ship and others of her size don't appeal to us. I recall the research I did a while ago showed her cabins were not so good either. Carnival's cabins have always been good for us, so it's looking more and more like the Glory will be the one, IF I decide to book. I was hoping for really good prices, but they don't seem to offer any great deals in April 2021. Speak of an artifact of cruising history, our first cruise was in 1989 on the Carnival
  6. No, I have not considered a B2B, but I might do that this time. Your experience on the Glory sounds like ours on the NCL Spirit several years ago; we really liked that small ship and probably sailed on her 3-4 times before she left NOLA. Doug
  7. Thanks for that information. Good points. Doug
  8. Looking at an April 2021 cruise. Decent price, nice low down payment. However, the final payment is still 90 days prior. I'd want the final payment much closer to sailing date with the virus unknowns. I read on Carnival's site somewhere this below. Sorry, but I have lost the link to it, but it's on a page titled "CARNIVAL VACATION PROTECTION". I know all about FCAR insurance, and at our age and health we could probably not qualify for it, or the cost would be very high. Now what interests me is the section above where it reads "...if you need to cancel for any reason no
  9. Roger that, thank you for the reply. That deal about going forward/aft a lot to find a stairwell or elevator isn't unusual. We were on a Celeb ship, had an aft suite, had to walk about '2' miles forward to get an elevator work out way all the way aft again! Good exercise, eh?😉 Doug
  10. First a bit of background. We're in our mid-70s. We have taken about 36 cruises. We usually book aft view cabins or "mini<junior>-suites". We like Princess, Celebrity and HAL mostly. However, we have about 9 cruises on Carnival, and find them "fine" if over 7 days in length. Same for the 3 or 4 cruises we had on RCCL. We much prefer 10-14 day cruises. Probably 75% of our cruises were over 8 days. BUT; never found a cruise line we'd avoid, just several we like better. We always have a good time....for our subdued, conservative lifestyle. 😎 We canceled two Princess cruises in
  11. No not confused. I assumed that, but my comment was meant in jest, since the original time posted was 1:30, not 1:30PM. ...hence the 😉 in my comment. Doug
  12. That's an early call. I'm not surprised no one answered.😉 Doug
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