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  1. Several on this board (including yours truly) are awaiting the chance to pounce on 2026 Europe cruises.
  2. Our favorite bar on the Escape is Tobacco Road, for the very reasons you mentioned. (Well, unless you count the District, which is sort of a different category). Anyway, we never ventured into Cellars, since we always figured it was more "hoity-toity" with more expensive prices. Good to know that us steerage folk can use our basic FAS at Cellars...while making an escape to Tobacco Road, cheap wine in hand.
  3. When you say you did a search "of the board", I assume you mean the NCL board? Here's another board with tons of info that might be helpful... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/464-italy-ports/
  4. I know people say this (including you), but I must be the exception. Been to Teppanyaki twice and both times walked out of there hungry.
  5. A new brewpub opened in our area a few months ago. Our group was the first to go inside and I was the first person to use the restroom. So I have that going for me...
  6. Not a big soda drinker, so I have to ask: Why not just get a "tap" soda for free?
  7. @YVRteacherCool...another fellow raisin hater. Raisins are just plain nasty. Chewy globs of putridness. Who was the first person who looked at a dried up, shriveled grape and said, "Gee, I bet that tastes good"??
  8. I'm glad you omitted the "h" in sat...
  9. Too bad. Otherwise I'd be hogging a chair all day to enjoy the show.
  10. Similar to Debra on "Everybody Loves Raymond". One of the classic episodes...
  11. You may have lost the lottery, but from the picture, it appears your ship has come in (the buffet, that is). Gives new meaning to a ship within a ship.
  12. Here's a tip...look both ways before crossing. Oh, wait...I thought you said pedestrians. Never mind...
  13. Stand up? Every time I try to stand up I emit that old man groan. Nowadays my style is more sit down.
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