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  1. Hello! My mother is interested in a cruise on the Rhine and looking at how to make it happen. I've been on quite a few cruises but never a river cruise and know absolutely nothing about how they work. I've been sifting through the boards and looking at various websites but there is so much info and can't figure out where to begin. We're not looking for anything fancy and probably don't care about drinks being included. We don't really care what time of year- I'd rather best deal but am aware of the issues with river height. We would definitely want something more active but probably don't care if excursions are included or not, unless one way or the other is better. What are your favorite companies, what was the best price, what's included, what cabin do you stay in? Any info is greatly appreciated!
  2. We've stayed under the buffet on the Gem a few years ago. Worst 7 days ever, carts were rolling back and forth all night long with loud noises. We go to bed late too, so it was in the middle of the night, I would go with the fitness center location. We called and called and it never got better. We've never had an issue before in any other rooms or locations.
  3. Been following this forum religiously, just received my upgrade from mini suite to penthouse suite today for the Pearl on 11/25. The cruise rooms have been showing sold out then available off and on for two weeks and the posting disappeared a day or two ago. Bid $10 above the minimum. YAY! Got it for significantly less than what it would've been booking directly.
  4. Has anyone seen the website show rooms that say not available rather than sold out, does that mean they are working on upgrades? I’ve been looking and same thing happened yesterday and then a few people received upgrades. Just curious since I’m debating if it’s worth upping my bid. Not sure I want to mess with anything while they are being handed out. Thanks!
  5. Hi! I’m looking for recommendations for a low cost no frills health insurance for our two week cruise next month. We don’t need trip insurance (our credit card includes that along with many other items). I literally just want health coverage for a serious illness abroad (maybe up to a few hundred thousand) and medivac (maybe 500k). We’re super healthy in our 20s but have seen friends have injuries abroad resulting in a medivac. any recommendations? I hate to pay for everything when I don’t need it and can’t find a place I can build my own plan. Thanks in advance!
  6. Got a forward penthouse suite on a 7 day Alaska on the jewell for 1500 a person with lots of perks - it’s been a few years so I can’t remember them all. Also got a balcony on a 10 day Canary Islands and Morocco for 699 a person - there’s one in December now for 799 but the others cost a lot more.
  7. I always see them on the NCL website when looking at the section where you book massages.
  8. We like the minis on longer cruises as it’s a little roomier and the bathroom is bigger. Helps give my tall significant other some extra room. To us it’s worth a few hundred and not anything more. Nothing special but extra space. Do be careful if you bid, we always opt to pay more to pick our room as once we were in a mini suite (or balcony can’t remember) under the buffet kitchen/prep area and heard rolling carts 24/7 that we didn’t sleep all week.
  9. Thanks a bunch - never thought of this, what a great idea. I think we will go this route for now.
  10. Thank you! This is helpful. We’ve done some non-cruise trips as you mentioned and they were great but we love cruising. We feel a cruise is such a great way to travel the world and see places that aren’t as easily traveled by land or plane. You get to visit a lot more places in a shorter time it seems. Maybe we’ll stick to the 14-21 day cruises for now and do a world cruise in another ten years when we won’t stick out like a sore thumb also not sure how receptive people would be to a couple our age - it tends to be half and half. I look very young and somehow it tends to spark “you lazy millennial” conversations. Wouldn’t want to hear that for 120 days! LOL
  11. Sure- on the boat I like to do the group fitness classes, hit golf balls or climbing wall for a great workout (I know climbing walls won’t be on a world cruise), etc. I also like that some of the large cruise ships always have several things at once. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the casino, bingo, seminars, music but like when there are many activities to do. I can’t sit still, so I always like to be doing something. 😁 Bungee jumping sounds great but I can do that at home. I know some higher end lines include excursions and I just don’t want to be sitting on a tour bus. It doesn’t have to be extreme and I know some places are only accessible by bus, which is fine. I prefer to walk, bike, hike a mountain, kayak, atv to remote location, scuba drive, etc.
  12. How did you find out? We're on the pearl right after Thanksgiving and Harvest Caye is still on the itinerary. Fingers crossed.
  13. I wouldn’t worry. Going from 7 to 10 days for us was barely any different. It was nice because by the time we unpack on a 7 day it feels like we’re just getting settled when it’s time to pack up again. Going on a 14 day now in November! Enjoy your time! And... just saw you said he’s tall. My boyfriend is over 6 foot (not crazy tall) and we usually book a mini suite for cruises 10 days and over. The extra space is great for him. We book a balcony on the 7 days and upgrade if the difference isn’t much, the space is worth a few hundred to him.
  14. Thanks for the response. That absolutely makes sense. We’d love to do a leg, or maybe up to 2-3 months, depending on work schedules. Do many of the lines have more active activities or cater to a more active crowd? I guess we’re not as worried about the age range as having activities and excursions that are more active.
  15. Hi! I’m curious about your experience with the average age on many world cruises. I know it’s going to be a more mature crowd in general, which is fine. We would love to do one in a few years. There are so many options and lengths and don’t know where to begin looking! We are currently in our mid twenties and have already found that we’re the youngest on the boat by far, unless we do a simple cruise to Mexico or the Carribean. Luckily we’ve always had a great time and made many friends with other active couples. Would we be bored? Do certain lines cater to the younger crowd and have more activities than others? Thanks a bunch!
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