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  1. Those Emerald minis are fully covered, whereas those Dolphin minis are totally uncovered.
  2. I reviewed the WC Benefits linked to my email from Princess ... and I'm confused, as some or all of the Plus pweks are also WC Benefits for some or all cabin categories. So, why pay the Plus fare at all? I think Princess needs to review their WC Promo and Benefit materials, as well as their website pricing ... and make it all ready for primetime by eliminating the contradictiions
  3. Sorry, I can't help you out ... no idea when new itineraries being released
  4. Admittedly, there have been some serious issues, mistakes and mis-steps of late. But I don't believe this is the time or place to drag anyone thru the mud and throw them under the bus. Have a good day!
  5. Absolutely no excuse for this level of Customer Dis-Service!
  6. Six weeks ago we cancelled our Sept/Oct sailing. Taking a wait and see posture. Waiting for CDC to assess cruiseline changes to allow them to lift their do-not-sail order. Intdrested to learn what ports might open ... and what visitor restrictions, if any, might apply. As we are not near a port city, flight schedules and airline safety measures are an issue for us. Most importantly, waiting for Princess transparency: sailings starting when on what ships with what itineraries (in other words, revamp the website to reflect anticipated reality rather than shat Princess planned before the pandemic); Princes further needs to tell me what they're planning to do differently from pre-pandemic days (chdckin, dining, tendering, theater and lounges ...crowd control and safety). So, guess we won't be booking anytime soon.
  7. I understand the Enchanted is expected to be delayed indefinitely.
  8. The primary reason , if not the only one, that the CDC has anything to say about this ... is because these foreign-flagged vessels owned and operated by foreign-based corporations are sailing in and ou5 of U.S. ports and waters. Surely, should these companies change their itineraries and not visit the U.S. at all ... the CDC would have nothing to say. This is a cruiseline company decision.
  9. Princess sails from Long Beach?
  10. May 28 for elites ... May 29 for everyone else
  11. With much of the fleet on the other side of the world repatriating crew, I think the Medallion schedule likely is a low priority just now. Further, I doubt that program will proceed until a downsizing decision is finalized
  12. Yes, collecting dust in the bowels os ships mostly on the other side of the world repatriating crew ... maybe theu can work in the shipping dept tk pick up pocket change before debarking
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