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  1. Is this the same Florida that has no state income tax? The same Florida that depends on tourism to fuel its economy and balance its budget? The same Florida that did not want tha Coral and Zaandam, full of tourists, to dock there and drain Florida medical services?
  2. Would not have imagined enough of those sailings with enough pax to be a serious economic engine in the area
  3. That's why they are going to sell another $1 billion in stock to raise cash?
  4. If the FDA is willing to approve a vaccine with only a 50 percent efficacy the bar is set way too low for such a mandate
  5. With single-use menus and table service. The buffet areas are not properly configured for social distancing ... unless the serving area is limited to a half dozen pax at a time
  6. Princess not restarting til Dec 15 ... i suspect later
  7. They know how to find out ... likely a quick call to the Groups Dept ... but staff likely know they would be fired or worse if they told clients
  8. Good to know that Princess staff has been handling refunds and credits one by one to assure accuracy
  9. You want out, right? The upside tp waiting for Princess to maybe cancel is what?
  10. Based on the fall to spring season, perhaps southern hemisphere ... Africa itineraries from South Africa?
  11. No one really knows what will or will not be permitted when Princess restarts ... With their new-found environmental conscience, Princess may ban all beverages in plasric bottles and limit those in aluminum cans. If they are sourcing non-plastic containers for the water they provide znd sell ... why allow pax to schlepp plastics onboard?
  12. I suspect the program is on hold til there is a decision on which ships are staying and leaving the fleet
  13. Frankly, this long pause in sailing gives Princess much time to assess and modify various policies ... so who knows?
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