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  1. And if all elites and suite guests brought along a gaggle of those who haven't earned the privilege? You are, by the way, able to join your friends in the lines designated for their level.
  2. Boarded Emerald today ... 2 questions at checkin: been to mainland China in last 14 days? and traveled internationally in last 14 days? Then the checkin person scanned our passports and, I gather, determined we had been truthful. That was it ... subject to change, I would gather, depending on input from CDC and WHO.
  3. It isn't a secret ... just no reason to kee0 rehasiuihing the subject
  4. I understand the expiry ... but apparently there are enuf exceptions to make it seem never-ending.
  5. So nothing's really changed ... seems they're good forever, or at least while Princess exists?
  6. I asked for them on the Crown in Oct ... i do not believe these were prepared in-house ... seemed commercially prepared and procurred from a mediocre operation ... nothing, absolutely nothing, special ... but kudos to our waitstaff who brought them to our table every night.
  7. Have you checked with your travel insurance?
  8. And much larger than the MDR ones
  9. Any reason your entire party is entitled to unearned elite status/benefits? Further, if as you mentioned earlier, it' so important to board together as a whole family ... your folks can join you all in the non-prioity line.
  10. Perhaps your folks can book suites for the rest of the family ... that would extend some special benefits to the rest of their entourage.
  11. We nearly were on a 49ers fan cruise on the Ruby. Switched to different cruise once I lrarned of the group ... mostly because we did not want to lose venue access due to the group events.
  12. OP ... welcome to Cruise Critic. $12K is a serious boatload of money to spend on a vacation. And you need to be comfortable with your decision, whether it is to keep your Royal booking or switch to a different Princess ship, or even back to Celebrity. There's a lot of "don't worry, be happy" on this thread, much of it from Princess loyalists. Comments here are to you as anonymous as those negative ones you've seen that are causing you angst. I learned a lot last year about some of the issues surrounding the Royal in Alaska. Most telling were the comments from the pilots. Frankly, given the issues, I'm surprised that Princess redeployed that same ship to Alaska for this 2020 season. Yes, it's a lovely ship ... but you might feel more comfortable with Princess on a different ship. I cannot speak to the Alaska experience on Princess (we went some time ago with a small-ship company, no vessel with more than 100 pax) but anything I've read always has been very favorable. I hope that you will weigh all the knfo you find here on CC and other internet places and reach a decision that will give you reason to look forward to a glorious vacation ... rather than experiencing so much angst. Safe and happy travels!
  13. Not once you put forth your new-found environmental conscience and the related agenda, all likely mandated by the courts
  14. Certainly worth the cost of FedEx from overseas plus customs and duty fees
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