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  1. We have a large party going in January 2022. When we book the travel agent put us with Traditional Dining. Looking around DMW, would I have to link my bookings with all the group and select a dining to be together with all my friends? So unclear and a little annoying. YouTube video about medallion and DMW says it would be in the app already.
  2. As long as it is empty at the time of the TSA check. Fill it after.
  3. Yes, I have and they stay put. 🙂
  4. Apple Ice Tea sounds good. Do you order it from the bar?
  5. They are camis that replace your bra. (thenobralady.com)
  6. I am in the US. I found a comfortable alternative (that is still supportive) that I wear everyday instead of a bra.
  7. We are on a 15 day Panama cruise. Any ideas? 😃
  8. How do you find out the formal nights for your cruise in advance? I want to book 2 different specialty dinners (each restaurant) and don't want them to be on formal nights.
  9. You can definitely join us. It is a large group, in-laws are going to and bringing their own friends. Not sure how big these swag bags will be. Cost is an issue and not going nuts. lol. I don't want to pack an additional bag just to get them to the ship.
  10. We are going on the Panama Canal Cruise in January 2022. Once we decided we were going we starting mentioning it to all of our friends. We now have 3 or 4 (may still grow) couples also going on the same cruise. I thought it would be fun to give each couple a little goodie bag. Don't want to get really expensive but here were my first thoughts. Dollar tree purchases Slip masks magnetic clips highlighter set (we used to use these for the Daily Platter - can't remember what it is called) Look for some other cute ideas. Thanks,
  11. I hope the pre-purchased photo package becomes available. We are sailing in January 2022. We love the option to get any photos we want without worrying about price. We will be sailing with friends so getting pictures with them will be nice. Love being able to get the cute ones getting off the ship in each port too. When we went in 2016 with our kids, we took photos each night and they even did some with people they met on the cruise.
  12. I agree for the most part. I have a corporate 9-5 that I will definitely be on vacation from. Work laptop staying home. I also have a home based business and a longer cruise without any connection to my clients may not be a good thing. If I am out of contact for 2 weeks than it will take at least 2 weeks after to build up momentum. A 1/2 hour to 1 hour a day isn't a big deal. 😃😎
  13. I have this as well. Fits on my fitbit so I don't need 2 things. I take if off for nicer.
  14. Does that mean that I can find Amaretto that is almond free? I am allergic to almonds but love the taste.
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