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  1. Ours have arrived about 10 to 20 days before sailing
  2. Whether you have to get off depends on where your turn around is. If it is a US port, you will have to get off and go thru immigration. Outside the US, no need for that.
  3. I haven't seen any mention in this thread of Meta upgrades. These are upgrades to a higher type cabin, ie from a balcony to a mini or a mini to a full suite. You can have your reservation marked Meta upgrade only. Then you will not get an upgrade to a "better" cabin of the type you have. This avoids the problem of Princess thinks a cabin is better than the one you have, but you disagree
  4. Only shore excursions can be charged to OBC BEFORE boarding.
  5. We board the Emerald in Fort Lauderdale on November 6. No arrival/departure info. I thought that info was supposed to be available 30 to 60 days out.
  6. Ijust signed in tothe app and the website. No problem
  7. I think it is safe to say there will be bingo. It makes too much money for Princess to drop it. As to where it will be, check the Patter
  8. Princess has been sailing the Majestic at about 2/3 full. This gives them more room to spread things out. It will probably be the first of the year before they start filling the ships. You also have no way of knowing how many cabins are booked as guarantees. these may not be assigned until close to sailing. If the ship is actually half full, they will sail that way. better half full than empty.
  9. You can use the future cruise deposits with a travel agent or directly with Princess
  10. My pictures, info, etc carried over from my 2020 cruise to my 2021 cruise.
  11. We live in Southto Carolina, so we would also like to see Princess sail from Savannah and/or Charleston. However, Charleston has strict limits on cruise ships. The business community in there is very happy with all the tourists coming to town, staying a few days and leaving lots of money behind. Not sure about Savannah. Do any big cruise ships call there?
  12. Check the Patter for the first day. Formal nights are noted there
  13. absolutely. I always have enough to get me thru to my next cruise
  14. check the Patter for the first day
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