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  1. Princess usually opens cruises for booking at 9:00am PDT which is noon EDT
  2. We paid about $26 in 2009. With dividends, we have about 130 shares. We sail a lot, so we have gotten about $10,000 in OBC.
  3. Breakfast in Sabatinis is only for full suite passengers. minisuites are not included.
  4. the prior cruise was 10 days (like this one), CDC prohibited cruises longer than 7 days thru October 31, 2021. I haven't seen a M&G for this one, but we will be there.
  5. We are also booked on this. As far as I know it is still on.
  6. no problem under current rules.
  7. we also love the aft cabins
  8. Probably the best chance to get anything done this year would have been if the Congressman and the two senators had offered to support the Covid legislation.
  9. we use them all the time on Princess. Never had a problem.
  10. Princess Easy Check will take your bags from outside your cabin and return them when you flight arrives in your hone airport. Limited availability
  11. This is my understanding. If you want to get off the ship in a port you will have to purchase a cruise line excursion. You may NOT exit the secure area around the dock. You must stay with the group. Failure to comply will result in you being left on the pier and not being allowed to reboard. You would be allowed to NOT purchase an excursion and stay on the ship for a port.
  12. With your Alaska, you have an additional complication. You will need to be able to make at least one stop in a Canadian port. So either Canada would have to reopen its ports (currently closed until February 28, 2022) or the US would have to waiver the PVSA requirements (no sign of anything on this).
  13. The subjects are driven by us as the users. Other than removing in appropriate posts, Cruise Critic does not control the subjects
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