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  1. I just received an Email from Princess. It said the Medallion would be delivered on August 19. We are scheduled to board the Crown Princess on August 29.
  2. Note that appearances can be deceiving. There may be many guarantees not filled and corresponding number of unassigned cabins marked sold. Add in all the likely cancellations when final payment comes due and it is impossible to guess what will happen down the road.
  3. The cruise trips a year with about 100 days total.
  4. When we have a late flight, we get a hotel for one night. We go to the hotel from the ship. While it is too early to check in, every hotel has allowed us to drop our luggage. The next day, we check out in the morning, and leave the luggage with the hotel until it is time to go to the airport. This way we get two days of sightseeing for the cost of one night in the hotel.
  5. The Pacific Princess cruise from Papeete to Easter Island, Peru, Ecuador, thru the Panama Canal and on to Fort Lauderdale has been canceled. It happened a month or so ago. You get $50 make up OBC. (whoopee). Instead the PP will head to Australia.
  6. As much as you want and as many times as you want.
  7. You have a choice of the original off (price and any perks) or the current offer (price and perks) you cannot take part of the original offer and part of the current offer.
  8. We did the same B2B last year on the Royal Princess. We did NOT have to go thru immigration in Quebec City. It was treated like any other port day.
  9. No obligation to book with a TA. If you don't mind the higher price the cruise line charges.
  10. We sail on Princess , and there is always a Doctor onboard
  11. Officially, all bottles after the first two per couple at embarkation are subject to a $15 corkage fee. This applies to extra bottles at embarkation and any bottles after that. However, they do not always charge. So you should be ready to pay should they decide to charge.
  12. I have an android and have been "Ocean Ready" since about July 1 for a August 29 cruise.
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