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  1. The SIL's name and email must be identical in your referral and his reservation.
  2. Your title says 10+. For the M&G there is a minimum of 25 for reserving space.
  3. I would vote fr June. But remember, weather is never guaranteed.
  4. Shanghai is a beautiful city. I would stay a night after the cruise and fly home the next day. You can drop your luggage at your hotel when you leave the ship. You room will probably not be ready, but you can just leave the luggage there The next morning, you check out of the hotel and check your luggage. it when you are ready to head to the airport. This gives you 2 days in Shanghai for one night hotel charge.
  5. The wine package is not available on 7 day cruises.
  6. On cruises with lots of sea days (such as transatlantic), there is often another trivia that goes the full cruise. Points are cumulative. Held on sea days around 11am or so.
  7. Like Shipgeeks, gratuities but that is usually covered by obc. We go on 20 to 50 day cruises and rarely owe more than $100 on our Onboard Account.
  8. We have always had to ask our waiter or assistant waiter.
  9. Yes, Total Wine & More is about 1/2 mile from pier 2 at the port. Distance will vary depending on which pier you are docked at.
  10. On the Royal we have had the PES Lounge in Club 6 and the Vista Lounge. It depends on passengers eligible and what else is happening that evening. The first day, you should get a card showing the location, the feature food and the special drink for each evening.
  11. We have done the 28 day South Pacific cruise 3 times all in October. No problem with storms. We the large number of sea days, it is usually easy to avoid any storms that may arise. We will do this again in October 2020
  12. No, we did not attend the M&G on Oct 8
  13. No charge for rebooking before final payment. When rebooking, you have a choice, either the original booking or the current booking. If you choose to rebook you get the perks that are currently on the new booking. So if you have a perk that is not available now, you would lose it by rebooking.
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