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  1. American baseball Yogi Berra once said "If the fans don't come out to the ball park, you can't stop then."
  2. No. never tipped a cruise director (or even thought about it).
  3. First I have heard of banning water. Princess allows you to bring on as much as you wish
  4. On Princess, there is a $3 charge for room service pizza. No charge for any other room service. Princess has self service laundries.
  5. No. all coffee cards will expire on August 31, 2019.
  6. We have always had a free shuttle bus from the ship to the entrance to the port. From there it was less than 1/2 mile (1 KM) on fairly level route.
  7. My experience has beeen that most men have on at least a jacket at dinner on formal nights.
  8. The autotip covers standard great service. If you feel you received service beyond that, than any additional amount will be appreciated.
  9. Probably, but with the medallion so new, they may not have all the kinks worked out. If you do not get a new one, see the Captain's Circle rep
  10. Nothing special since turnaround is in Europe. Cruise card or Medallion will be good for all 14 days Yes, 2 setups. one at the beginning of each week two 150 minutes.
  11. The presence or absence of one type of OBC should never be the sole criteria to determine how to book. You should look at the total package to see which comes out the best.
  12. I did not see an indication of where you will be on turnaround day. If you are on the early Enchanted cruises, you will be in Europe and you will not go thru immigration that day. You will not have to get off the ship that day.
  13. My wife is lactose intolerant and allergic to shell fish. We have the Head Waiter come by every evening to help my wife make safe choices for the next night. We tip him the last night.
  14. We keep a suitcase with all the basic stuff that we need for cruises. So when we return from a cruise, we will shop for any items that we are either low on or out of for our next cruises.
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