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  1. I am keeping my fingers crossed. We have rebooked for May of 2021.
  2. Coral, after using the Princess number above, do I ask for a particular department? I wanted to place a call to see if someone could tell me the status of our refund or at least tell me where we stood in the cue. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the update, Susan. We are so sad to be missing your beautiful state this year. We have rescheduled our cruise for next year. Hopefully, the cruise will be a go in 2021. Stay well.
  4. Thanks for the clarification, I have a better understanding of situation.
  5. Glad to hear that you were able to transfer your reservation. However, surprised to hear that H&M would not process refunds.
  6. Would you be so kind as to share the date of your May cruise? We had a May 20, 2020 cruise to Alaska that was cancelled by Princess (paperwork sent to Princess on April 17, 2020) and an August 16, 2020 cruise to Alaska that was cancelled by Princess (paperwork sent to Princess on May 8, 2020.) Thanks.
  7. We tipped the driver $5 total for the two of us. We had no bags on the bus --- we just appreciated the safe driving. With that being said, we did notice that only a small handful of people tipped.
  8. We booked our cruise in September 2019 and paid the $29 pp for the one way transportation. Perhaps there was a price increase after our booking and that is why yours was a bit more pp.
  9. $50 per person? Was this one way? We did the LAX to San Pedro with Princess in February and we paid $29.00 per person.
  10. If interested in whale watching, there are two vendors that I recommend: Juneau: Jayleen's Alaska, https://jayleensalaska.com/ Icy Strait: Glacier Wind, https://www.g-wind.com/ We have gone with both companies multiple times and always enjoyed our trips. This board, as well as TripAdvisor have lots of favorable comments on both vendors if you want to check them out for yourself. While both options above are smaller boats, they do give the best vantage point. I have been on the bigger boats for whale watching and did not enjoy it at all. Too many people and we were always jockeying for a place to take pictures. If sea sickness is a concern, take precautions and you should be fine. We always take our Bonine the night before our cruise and continue it during the entire time while on board the ship and have never had a problem. Make sure to consult with your health care provider to see what would work best for you should you desire to take anything.
  11. Glad to see you got some satisfaction. Our May cruise was 5/20/2020, cancelled by Princess and our TA on 4/17/2020. Please come back and let me and others that might be affected by May cruise refunds when you get yours. Thanks!
  12. Italy52


    Fully understand your reasoning. Princess needs to do a lot of damage control in my opinion.
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