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  1. Glad to hear it worked out for you with Jayleen. We are looking forward to seeing her again for our two trips in May.
  2. Please take precautions and take/use something PRIOR to your tour. I have been on many boat excursions and there are ALWAYS people that get seasick. Make sure to consult with your health care provider to see what is appropriate for your needs as everyone is different. We start our Bonine the day before we cruise and continue taking it until the end of the cruise. We have weathered some rocky seas while on board the ship as well as excursions. Alaska is such a beautiful place that we don't want to take any chances of missing a thing by being seasick.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.
  4. Thanks for the information, I appreciate it. Unfortunately for us, those cabins are not available. However, I will keep them in mind for future reference.
  5. Thank you for the picture.
  6. Thank you. The site that you directed me to is the one I used for 319 and it didn't show any obstruction. I thought it was funny so that is why I asked.
  7. Thank you for the response. Do you happen to have a picture? Reason I am asking is that I saw a picture of the cabin and it didn't show any obstruction -- Hence, that's why I am seeking other opinions.
  8. Has anyone been in this Royal cabin? If so, why is it called an obstructed view cabin? Thanks in advance.
  9. Contact Jayleen directly with the name of your ship and what time you will be docking. Jayleen will then advise you what times she has available. When I book, I do exactly that and have never had a problem securing a reservation.
  10. Both vessels take 6 passengers. Click on her website link https://jayleensalaska.com/ for more information. We have never had a problem with crowding on our trips.
  11. Yes, the Coral does go to Icy Strait on their northbound as that is part of my 14-day cruise. My reference is that not all ships doing 7 days goes to Icy Strait.
  12. We have taken 27 cruises to Alaska and have had mini-suites, balcony, ocean view and inside cabins. For us, one cabin was just as good as the other. Cabin choice is just a matter of personal preference. We are retired now and prefer to get inside cabins and save our money for our excursions. We have never regretted our choices. In Alaska, we spend most of our time up on deck walking around, taking in the beautiful sights and using our cameras to make memories. This is YOUR trip and you should experience it the way you want.
  13. For 2020, our 14-day Van-Van cruise is different from 2 identical 7-day cruises back-to-back. The Coral offers Icy Strait as one of their ports and this particular place is not offered on the 7-day cruises.
  14. You had better luck with the Sitka excursion than we did. We took this one and only saw one whale.
  15. We have gone with Jayleen's Alaska (good small independent boat company) several times with two more trips scheduled for May 2020. Jayleen has received lots of good reviews on this thread and TripAdvisor so be sure to check them out if you are intersted. Here is the link to her website" https://jayleensalaska.com/
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