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  1. If you haven't done so already, I would suggest you post your question on the Royal Caribbean board --- you will probably get a faster answer.
  2. Glacier Wind has always been our first choice for whale watching excursions. Shawn and Teresa are wonderful people and work hard to ensure everyone has a memorable experience on their tour. Unfortunately, our itinerary this season doesn't allow us a stop to see them. However, we have already made our reservation for next year and look forward to another wonderful experience with Glacier Wind. Thanks for sharing your great pictures and review.
  3. Sorry to hear that your excursion was cancelled. NCL's booking on this excursion seems so odd -- why would they allow you to book if the excursion was a "no go." This is not the first time I have read a negative comment about NCL's shore excursions and their handling of events. We are on Princess and we made our reservation way back in January for $259 pp; cheaper than what NCL had charged you. Our excursion was part of the excursion listing that was on line and available for people to book. Keeping our fingers crossed that we are successful. Glad to hear that you at least got your money back.
  4. Weird. If the Jewel was able to get close to Hubbard, it seems odd that the excursion would be cancelled. Did NCL give a reason?
  5. Just a suggestion, you might want to ask your question in a separate post so it doesn't get lost in the Hubbard topic.
  6. Thank you! Hopefully, we will be blessed with some of the great weather that previous cruisers have enjoyed.
  7. Roger, thank you for your detailed review, I appreciate the time and effort you put into your posts. Very informative and helpful. Sorry to hear about your rude table guest. Last year, we had our food on a table as well as DH's hat and my glasses. We stepped away for a minute to get some water and when we returned, we caught a lady in the act of putting dirty dishes on our table where our food was. Some people just don't get it! Looking forward to reading the rest of your journey.
  8. Does anyone know if the funicular near Creek Street is open this year? Last year, it wasn't open during the 3 visits we made to Ketchikan.
  9. Just completed our Ocean Ready set up thanks to our 13-year old granddaughter. After completion, she commented there were way too many steps and that Princess should make a more user friendly process especially given the fact that not everyone is computer/technology literate. Amen!
  10. AuroraRose, glad to hear that everything worked out for you. I like the idea of staying at an airport hotel. We always have an early departure so it is a given that we will stay at a hotel very close to the airport to avoid traffic complications. The easier the better --- right!
  11. I always do! For many years, DH used to fly weekly on various airlines --- learned a long time ago to not trust anyone of them.
  12. We book our flights early and monitor for changes. So far, things have been great with a few minor departure/arrival changes by +/- a few minutes. However, today, I noticed bigger changes: Looking at our Alaska Air flight confirmation on line, I clicked on the seat assignment and noticed that the on screen layout did not match our confirmation. I called Alaska and they had to check with someone else to see what was going on. Turns out there was a plane change (not unusual) and the seat assignments just didn't transfer over to the new plane. My reservation now shows the correct seat assignments ---- you might want to check yours out. On our Delta flight, time changes happened (not too big of a deal) and our seat assignment was mixed up (DH and I were in separate rows). If you fly Delta, you might want to check yours out. Flight changes are nothing new to us but the Alaska seat assignment not showing up and the Delta seat mix up was something new for us. Just thought I would give you all a heads up.
  13. Thanks for the picture, I appreciate it. I am short and the fixed shower heads always cause me problems. Besides that, I can't get water into my ears as I wind up getting ear problems --- removable shower heads work so much better for me. It is what it is and I will make the best of it just like I did on the Star Princess. Better make sure I pack my ear plugs.
  14. Thanks to everyone who helped with my refund question, I appreciate it. I have contacted HAL and they will send me a copy of the deposit being re-deposited into my FCC account.
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