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  1. We tried to use a Princess gift card that we got as a Christmas gift. I followed the instructions stating that we should take the card to Guest Services for credit. We were on the Royal. We went to Guest Services and were told that we had to exhaust all of our onboard credit first then we could apply the gift card. Others have had no problem applying the gift card. I think it just depends on the whim/mood of the agent at the Guest Services counter. I just purchased a $1,000 Princess gift card (with free $50 bonus gift card) through the Princess website and our e-gift card arrived within a few minutes as well as our bonus card. I called my TA right away and had her apply all credits to our upcoming cruise with no problem.
  2. I ALWAYS activate notification as soon as I make reservations. For some reason, it didn't work last year or this year --- reason why I don't trust.
  3. We have gone with Jayleen's Alaska 6 times with two more trips planned for this May. If interested, contact Jayleen directly to see what times she has to offer. I know she does whale watching excursions in the morning and afternoon. She has two boats so she can offer more whale watching opportunities. Here is Jayleen's website information. Also, if interested, she has lots of reviews on TripAdvisor that you can look at. https://jayleensalaska.com/
  4. Here are a few of our favorite vendors: Whale Watching - Icy Strait - https://www.g-wind.com/ Whale Watching - Juneau - https://jayleensalaska.com/ Bear Viewing - Ketchikan - http://www.islandwings.com/
  5. Every year we purchase our flights early for our cruise. Our flight out of Vancouver is with Delta and we have been experiencing a few minor changes along the way (+/- a few minutes.) No problem until yesterday when I did my usual spot check. Unfortunately for us, Delta had changed our departure time to an hour and 15 minutes earlier than our original departure time --- not good timing for us. I called Delta and explained that the new flight time didn't work for us and neither did any other of their flights for that day. Since the change time was over an hour, Delta said that they would waive the change fees and redeposit our miles back into DH's account and refund our taxes and fees associated with the original booking. I quickly hopped over to Alaska and found a flight that would work for us. Bottom line, we did not get a notification from Delta for the flight change --- had I not been vigilant about checking our flight, I would never had seen the change. Maybe this would be a good time to check your flight times if you haven't already done so.
  6. The whales were abundant and the tail slapping and breaching between mamma and baby was lots of fun to watch. Got us in the mood for our upcoming Alaska trips.
  7. We had a very nice time, thanks.
  8. Thanks -- had a nice time. Good weather and we had a great whale watching opportunity.
  9. Unfortunately, we leave for the airport in a few hours and our sail date is today.
  10. Wow! I knew of someone who paid $250 pp last year on the Millennium.
  11. You would think. Got our hopes up for nothing. Looked at the Princess website and it now shows the ship is sold out. Oh well.
  12. Unfortunately, we could not phone as no telephone number was given. The instructions were to email the Princess person as the offer was only available through the email --- this is one of the reasons we were were not sure if it was a legit offer and the reason for my initial post.
  13. Has anyone even challenged RCI and called them? I have sailed with the cruise line many times and have NEVER seen this type of price gouging. To my knowledge, they are the only ones that have a high price tag on this excursion if it is indeed true. I am still hoping that it is a typo and people do get to experience the excursion if they so choose. If it isn't a typo, then RCI just went down a notch in my book for trying to take advantage of their clients.
  14. Same offer. Unfortunately, it is no longer available.
  15. Thanks. Unfortunately, I just received an email saying the offer is no longer available.
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