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  1. We are huge fans of Alaska with 27 trips to this beautiful place. We prefer to use our own independent vendors who we have come to know and enjoy their experience. If Princess were to tell us we had to go through the ship then we would cancel the cruises. We have a back-to-back in May of 2021 and a 7-day in August of 2021. I guess we will just have to wait and see what the final decisions are.
  2. Got my answer, please disregard my post.
  3. My husband and I each have one Future Cruise Deposit with Holland. Given all the uncertainty as to when and if cruise lines will sail again, we wanted to call Holland and ask for refund. Can anyone tell me which department I should contact to talk about our situation? Thank you.
  4. Definitely agree; we love the excursion off the ship.
  5. All of our cruises that included Glacier Bay were just cruising, no excursions were available.
  6. Wrist bands. We purchased them on board the ship.
  7. Very interesting, thanks for the response I appreciate it.
  8. Beautiful. How was the wildlife sightings? My contact in Juneau has been sending me videos of great events: orcas, bubble net feeding, lots of humpbacks and playful Stellar Sea Lions that came right up to her boat. This year is rough for many of us. Thanks for sharing a piece of Alaska with us.
  9. Glad to hear that you are making headway on your long refund journey. Just wanted to clarify something you mentioned above, my FCCs were applied to my cruise fare for an existing reservation; for my deposit, I used a FCD. Yes, it is maddening that one agent can somehow magically do everything in a moments notice and others say they have to send paperwork through.
  10. We have been on the Nieuw Amsterdam a couple of times for Alaska cruises; loved the whole experience. Hope you all get to go.
  11. We had two Alaska 2020 cruises cancelled by Princess and opted for FCCs for refund. We transferred our FCCs to the same cruises in 2021; one 14-day glacier cruise in May and one 7-day Seattle-Seattle cruise in August. At this point, we really are not out any cash as we are using FCCs, air and hotel points. We are optimistic people and keeping our fingers crossed that cruises will happen and Alaska and Canadian tourism will rebound.
  12. Thanks martincath, I appreciate the feedback. I kinda figured that we might have to allow at least 3 hours. Waiting for May cruiser comments might be a little tight for us as we will be flying into Vancouver on May 17, 2021 for our pre-cruise followed by a 14-day cruise to Alaska. Not sure if there will be enough comments posted to let us know what we will be in for. Keeping fingers crossed that 2021 Alaska cruising is a go and tourism in both Vancouver and Alaska can resume and thrive.
  13. Assuming all goes well next June, we will be departing YVR on a 9:25 AM flight to SEA. We will be staying the night prior to our flight at the Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel (Richmond) and will probably take the shuttle to YVR. What time should we arrive at the airport for processing; our flight will be on a Thursday. Normally, we depart YVR at 6 AM so we are familiar with those processing times; this time it will be different for us and not sure how long it will take. Thanks in advance for the help.
  14. Thank you. Definitely keep trying with Princess. I had my TA make the call mid week because I thought it might just work out better --- a little bit after the beginning of the week and not so much as the end of the week. I was amazed at how the Princess rep was able to settle the issue so fast when I had already waited so long. Hope you come back to the board and post that you had a quick resolution during the phone call after waiting so long.
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