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  1. And all I would have to prove is 2 people took a chartered flight from Atlanta to their destination. And I have.
  2. Not looking for arguments just the truth. Sorry you do not like that.
  3. Then you are saying friends who I have known for over 20 years are liars? Not likely.
  4. You misunderstood as they were put on chartered flights from Atlanta. We know a couple who were on one of those ships. From Atlanta to Richmond there was one other group from the ship and two service members who volunteered to be on the flight. No other passengers. Also they are required to self quarantine for 14 after they get home.
  5. "So 80-odd passengers went home and infected family, friends and people in their towns/cities." And you know this how?
  6. Speculation, Speculation and then more speculation. No one will know until this is over with.
  7. We are doing the Crown on Dec 9 as it fits our schedule.
  8. You are right we are talking about Princess Cruise Lines that will do what Carnival Corporation tells it to do in conformance with CLIA GUIDELINES. No where did I ever say that Princess has adopted it YET. Yes it is truly IF and WHEN so you can prepare for it or ignore it until something happens. At my age and my DW's agewe will not ignore the warning signs. Our choice.
  9. So the CLIA POLICY or that on other cruise lines are only "Nothing in writing, only proposals"? Guess those who posted them are wrong then. I guess we are all going to have to accept what we want and act accordinglythen.
  10. By waiting until the policy comes it will be a problem for those who paid for a cruise before then and will be out thousands of dollars. Sorry but the CLIA has already brought it up so as the saying goes " The cat is out of the bag". Until Princess makes a statement that they are not considering this and will never implement it will always be a possibility. Why take the chance with hard earned money. Be prepared so that if it happens you are prepared. Take a copy of the form posted else where on here and see if your doctor will sign it. If he says no then you know where you stand on cruising after 70 and act accordingly. Thais what I intend to do.
  11. And the other concern is reserving a cruise and having to pay for it 75-90 days out and having a doctor sign a form a week or two before the cruise. Then if the cruise line says "NO" they only want to give FCC not money back. What good is FCC if you can not use it? A total rip off IF implemented
  12. If all goes as planned we will be on the Dec 9 Crown cruise.
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