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  1. Does not matter how you see it. Tips are part of their salary and are nobodies business. Again sorry but this is not Carnival.
  2. By asking how much goes to a specific person IS asking how much they make as it is part of their salary. So that is inappropriate.
  3. Our experience is you get the same level of service no matter what you wear.
  4. If he is a college student then I would take him off and if he decides later my answer would be "Great let us know when you have placed your deposit and how much you are going to pay for the remainder". Then we would not worry about it from there. Old enough for college, old enough to make a decision.
  5. And away we go 👉👉👉👉✍️✍️✍️✍️
  6. You will not be denied to the MDR wearing a nice shirt and a nice pair of pants. Does not have to be long sleeved.
  7. Agree with others two cabins. You can also get a non purchase card for the other cabin if it makes you feel better. Just go to passenger services to get one.
  8. Will be there with you. Come join the Roll Call if you have not already
  9. So get some men to wear culottes and ASK for a table in the MDR and let us p results. Maybe your DH could find out.
  10. Do not think she will be allowed to be in the youth program at that age.
  11. More money to spend on clothes for just 4 hours out of a cruise. And more hassle involving others just to impress no one. Can you inform us what the " Small price tage of the overall trip and cruise cost" actually is?
  12. Why did your TA automatically add transfers? That is an option that they should have asked if you wanted. You will most likely need them getting to and from the airports. They can cancel them very easily. For some reason TA's have to sign passengers up for this limit seating excursion. Would definitely do the upgrade and sign up the earliest you can. You can not wait until you get to Alaska.
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