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  1. As do some in the Main Dining Room.
  2. No problem. It is what it is. Cruises already deposited for '21.
  3. Final payment is 60 days before departure. Would check with your TA as to why they want it this early. Something does not seem right.
  4. It is against policy to double post.
  5. How do you determine he is not egotistical? He went so far as to suggest wearing a mask during sex. He has been for mask then against mask then for them again. He has supported lockdowns and he has not supported them. Sorry I trust him no more than I trust any one person on the virus issue.
  6. The same Dr Fauci who changes his mind on different aspects every other week? Is that the only "experts" you would rely on.
  7. Just a few pastries is all. Nothing like the International Cafe at all. Enjoy your cruise.
  8. Which medical "experts" opinions as there seem many and conflicting.
  9. Or you could take the Partial Transit and then take the ferry excursion the rest of the way to the Pacific Ocean for a totally different experience. Saves a lot on return flights.
  10. Would never book a cabin not entirely surrounded by other cabins. Had on under the pool deck one time and we were woken up every morning at around 3 am as they moved chairs and other equipment around. Never again.
  11. More like the murder and crime rate and knowing what the communities are like. The many other reasons are not permitted on here.
  12. Going on a cruise that stops in Mexico seems like a much better idea than NewYork these days.
  13. Our Dec 9, 2020 Panama Canal cruise was cancelled. Would not count on your Dec 20 cruise happening.
  14. But waiters will bring you drinks at the pool when you order them. "At the pool" covers on undefined area.
  15. All four of us wore them on our wrists. They worked out great for us.
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