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  1. it is encouraging to see the cruise lines working together on a plan. I think it will be easier to get CDC buyin if they come to them with 1 plan vs. a plan for each line.
  2. pretty much anyone outside of this board these days. I mentioned booking a 2021 reunion cruise to my family and they looked at me like i had the plague...
  3. Thats interesting. Thanks for the info.
  4. Not for going on cruises. If you have symptoms or have been in contact with someone that became ill with covid, yes the test is free but not before you go on vacation.
  5. Curious on the cheaper than cruising for Canadians comment. When i price them out in the US, including air, its waaay higher than a cruise. Now i dont require air for the cruise so im guessing thats that difference? thx
  6. and cost. Its $100 per test so family of 4 is another $400 on the vacation.
  7. we have done both sandals and iberostar and enjoyed them both. But different experience than a cruise as mentioned above and way more expensive, at least for us when you tack on airfare. we are a family of 4 and its usually $500-800pp for air alone.that and the cost of the room make for a very nice suite on most 7 day cruises out of FL because we can drive there.
  8. I think you are spot on and most of the mainstream lines will come out in a better position, but i do think there will be casualties given the number of cruisers will be lower for the next couple of years. I dont think people, outside of this board, are going to jump back on the ships the way they did at the end of 2019. Going to take some time for this pandemic to fade from peoples minds.
  9. wow, talk about an eye opener. I sailed on a lot of ships when they were new in the 90s... hope i dont get retired.
  10. I agree, but there is one variable that we arent talking about. How much longer can the cruise lines kick the can down the road? I keep hearing they have enough cash until the end of the year and we are starting to close in on that with the last announcement...
  11. 100% agree, and took the words right out of my mouth. And your point about not cruising is my main worry. And i know the response is going to be dont cruise if you are worried, but based on the polls that have been taken on this board, 60+% of us are worried which is going to bode well trying to fill those ships at least not with a significant discount which will make it difficult for the cruise lines to recover from.
  12. what your looking for is a serology test and your insurance will pay for it right now. I had mine done a couple weeks ago because i experienced the same symptoms, but no such luck on having the antibodies. Now, will your insurance cover your covid or antibody test so you can get on a cruise ship, probably not so the cruise line or you will have to pick that up. Covid (PCR) test is about $120 and Antibody (Serology) is about $50.
  13. i agree and i think it would be very difficult for any cruise line to find passengers to sail with masks just based on our own polls on CC. or at least not without having to pretty much giving away the cruises which isnt going to help their cash flow situation. For my RCLs stock sake, i really hope they come up with some other way to keep an outbreak from happening other than wearing masks.
  14. Im pretty sure the cruise lines care about bad media coverage, especially at the start of cruising, but its all mute. No way they are going to sail with everyone having to wear makes for exactly the reasons in this thread. How to enforce and lack of people willing to cruise wearing a mask.
  15. well, if they start kicking people off the ship at various ports or confine people to their rooms for not wearing masks, im going to guess thats going to also catch the media's attention. and my comparison point was cruise lines really havent been good at enforcing the rules in the past and if the risk is that huge if someone isnt wearing a mask, should they really be sailing?
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