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  1. We were on Marina about 4 years ago and Monte Carlo was the last port. We had an overnight in Monte Carlo and that day we were tendered into port. The following day when we disembarked we were docked and luggage was put out onto the pier.
  2. We have an upcoming cruise the end of October that is our first back to back on the Marina. The changeover port is Rome (Civitavecchia) we have been to Rome before, so we are planning on walking into the town of Civitavecchia for right now. Just wondering if we are required to be off the ship at a certain time? We do have the same cabin for each 7 day leg of this back to back. Also, can we reboard at anytime once we have left the ship to walk into town? I have reviewed the Civitavecchia web site and it looks like their market in old town would be something of interest. We would also be interested in good lunch restaurants in Civitavecchia that others on this board have enjoyed.
  3. Tomorrow I am able to make dinner reservations for an upcoming cruise. Does anyone know at what time in the morning are you able to do this online?
  4. I have been on Oceania 4 times, on Riviera twice. I was on Azamara Quest on a Panama Canal transit two years ago. Riviera is a newer and bigger ship that the Pursuit. As a result the ship has more to offer. I think the food overall is slightly better on Oceania. I feel Azamara’s crew was more customer focused. Drinks are complimentary on Azamara where they are not on Oceania. The verandah cabin bathrooms on Azamara are very small and not well laid out. Azamara crew is more visible and they do some unique things like White night and barbecues on deck. If you really wanted to compare the Pursuit to Oceania you should go on Regatta, Nautica or Insignia. However, you will really enjoy Riviera, kind of comparing apples with oranges.
  5. My wife and I are taking a cruise in October departing Venice. One of the ports of call is Messina, Sicily. We had planned to go on the Taormina, Lava River and & Wine Tasting tour only to find out that we are waitlisted. Seems kind of strange that this tour would be full 3 months in advance. In the past no problem getting the ship excursions after final payment. Oceania did say that this could open up.
  6. I too am elite on Celebrity and have been on 4 previous Oceania Cruises with another one on Marina coming up in October. I was on the first cruise on Regatta after a drydock and refurb back in 2014 just before our cruise to Alaska. We didn’t have hot water in our shower for three days. A lesson learned here. I will also be going on Edge for the first time in March of 2020. At the end of the day the Edge and Regatta are two very different ships. Oceania food quality is better than Celebrity but Celebrity is much more of a mass market cruise line. I would let itinerary and determine my final choice.
  7. My wife and I just booked the 10 day Alaska cruise from Vancouver to Seward for June 2021. We also signed up for the the Viking 5 night post cruise tour which is one night in Talkeetna, two nights in Denali and two nights in Anchorage. Just wondering if anyone has done this post cruise tour yet and what you thought of it. I am considering spending 4 nights in Homer, Alaska on our own instead of this post cruise tour.
  8. I have been on Oceania 4 times, twice on Riviera, once on Marina and once on Regatta. I have been on the Viking Sun once and have a upcoming cruise on the Viking Sky next May. I would say overall the food is better on Oceania. Entertainment is not great on either but slightly better on Oceania. The common areas on Viking are very nicely laid out and comfortable. I really didn’t care for the Oceania Regatta much prefer Marina and Riviera. The bottom line is both cruise lines are good and very competitive with each other. Given that I would say that itinerary and cost should be main factors in determining which to travel on. I will say that I am glad I have traveled on both. I also have an upcoming Mediterranean cruise on the Marina in October.
  9. Scootoir, Our Cruise does start in Copenhagen. We are planning on arriving in Copenhagen one or two days before embarkation. We have also decided to go to Rekyjavik, Iceland from Bergen. Icelandic Air have afternoon departures from Bergen. The flight time is just over two hours and we will spend a couple of nights there. We have been to Iceland three years ago on another cruise. Then just a short 6 hour flight to Toronto, not too bad. At least we can take our time leaving the ship in Bergen.
  10. Hi Scootoir, Thank you for the detailed information and trip report. This is very helpful and much appreciated.
  11. Scootoir, Thank you for the response. How did you like this cruise? What was your favorite port? Did you have some favorite excursions? Of all the ports on this cruise my wife and I have only previously been to Bergen on another cruise. Thanks
  12. Going on the Majestic Fjords & Vibrant Cities cruise on 5/23/2020 from Copenhagen to Bergen. Just starting to look at flights connections and plan on flying in and out of Toronto, Canada. I see some flight departures from Bergen at 10:00am on disembarkation day. Fortunately the ship will already be in Bergen the day before. I am wondering if there will be any problem getting off the ship at 6:00 am on disembarkation day? We would plan on keeping our packed luggage with us in our cabin. Just wondering if this would be a problem?
  13. Just booked a future Alaska Cruise with another couple. We have a Deluxe Veranda cabin and allowed (1) reservation in each of the two specialty restaurants. Our friends have a Penthouse Veranda cabin and allowed (2) reservations in each of the two specialty restaurants. I thought you can invite people from another cabin. If this is true and we invited each other then all four of us should be able to eat in each specialty restaurant 3 times during this 10 night cruise. Is my understanding correct? We were on a Viking cruise back in November 2017 and I thought this was true back then.
  14. I have never been on. Crystal cruise before. My wife and I have been on Oceania 4 times, Viking once and Aramark once plus many Celebrity Cruises. I am looking at a Crystal cruise in March 2020 going from Singapore to Hong Kong. This trip is 15 nights, how many formal nights can I expect? Are formal nights strictly enforced? The lack of formal nights on Oceania, Viking and Aramark is a welcome idea.
  15. We will be docking in Boston for an upcoming New England / Canada Cruise on Royal Princess. It appears that the ship will dock at the Ray Flynn Cruiseport, is this the same location and facility as the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal?
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