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  1. I'm fairly new to cruising. We currently have an Alaska cruise booked for late August this year. I have seen some discussion about some cruise lines possibly not surviving this pandemic. We currently have about $1500 tied up in excursions, drink upgrades, and gratuities. I know there's a chance this cruise will be cancelled. We have a $500 non-refundable deposit. I got sale pricing on most of the excursions and know they would be much more if I rebook them later. On the other hand I don't want to lose everything. I could also just wait until final payment is due next month and then decide. What do you think?
  2. USA Today is reporting that a crew member on Infinity has sadly died from COVID19. I couldn't find anything here. Apparently there are no passengers on board. What happens when the crew gets sick? I hope anyone else sick gets the help they need.
  3. I'm getting conflicting information. I have an Alaskan cruise scheduled for the end of August. I see on X website that they have extended Cruise with Confidence thru Sept 1, 2020, so my understanding is I have until the end of July (30 days out) to cancel and get FCC. However, I've seen at least two posts on these forums today that said Celebrity is cancelling all cruises thru Sept 1. Am I reading this wrong or is someone over-reacting? I realize they could cancel future cruises, but I haven't seen X state for sure that they will.
  4. Whomever takes them in should get all future cruise business, and whomever turns them away doesn't ever see a cruise ship in their port.
  5. Years ago, I worked for a major insurance company. When there was a disaster, we had to go. If anyone got called up for jury duty, they had to go. The company thought was that you can't just benefit from the system. You take the good with the bad. Ft. Lauderdale and Florida in general receive much benefit from the cruise lines and tourism. Now is their time to give back. It might not be pleasant but it's the right thing to do.
  6. Isn't good news good new regardless where it came from? I'll take it.
  7. If anything good comes from this I think it will be how people are helping each other and the creativity and talents that are showing through. It seems like so many individuals and businesses are saying thind like, "I/we can do that," "What if we try this?," and "maybe that would work." I'm not very creative or good at thinking outside the box, but I'm glad a lot of people are. I find it encouraging amongst all the bad news.
  8. Is it possible that any ships scheduled for renovation later this year could have that done during the no- cruise time instead? Or is the schedule firm with no working around that?
  9. I know NCL is offering FCC for cruises cancelled within 48 hrs. of sailing; and bookings now thru 9-30-20, if cancelled, get FCC that can be used up until 12-31-22; Celebrity's offer is on cruises thru 7-31-20 (mine is in August), and FCC to be used by 12-31-21. What are the other cruise lines offering as incentive to book, or not cancel if already booked? It seems like the 48 hr. cancellation period is pretty standard across most lines.
  10. I'm 60, husband 70. Our next cruise isn't until August, so we're not cancelling; yet. The fatality rates for older persons here https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/coronavirus-age-sex-demographics/ are pretty sobering though.
  11. I’m out of town now so can’t get my hands on them for a few days but I did post the first 2-3 days with my review in the Hawaii thread.
  12. I have them from the end of last October but not this year’s.
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