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  1. I have seen some TAs to/from Europe and wondering if anyone here has flown to Europe for a land tour, then cruised back to USA or vice versa? Any input on how to arrange this or the positives and negatives? Is either direction better or more practical?
  2. I didn't get an upgrade but never got an email either. Pretty sure most do though.
  3. The only tender port was Kona and you are immediately in town upon disembarking. No need to taxi unless you want to go further. It's actually a cute little town with lots of shops and places to eat. There is a beach right there as well. All of the other ports would likely need a rental or taxi unless you really like to walk, as they are in more industrial areas with not a lot to see. We had excursions at each port, but maybe some others can give you a better idea of what to do on your own. Have fun!
  4. Well, that's unfortunate. I guess it's Uber then.
  5. See my entry above. Enterprise Kakaako Alamoana has a location right near the port (2-3 blocks away) and had a shuttle the end of October. It would be an easy walk as well.
  6. Thank you everyone. I think we will definitely keep Carnival as one of our options. We like both relaxing and having fun, so I think it's worth a try. We are not looking at any particular region right at the moment. Will keep them in mind if something interesting pops up though.
  7. I feel like this could be a touchy subject, so hopefully everyone will be nice. I am a new cruiser. Hubs and I are in our 60's. We cruised Disney about 15 yrs. ago, then NCL POA in Hawaii, and this summer will head to Alaska on Celebrity. I am looking ahead to plan for 2021 and/or 2022. In the past we have avoided Carnival as we prefer quiet and relaxing over party atmosphere. References to "booze cruise" makes me cringe. No offense to those who enjoy that, it's just not for us. If I see a great deal in a location we want to go, if the cruise is at least 7 days, are we likely to enjoy Carnival, or should we avoid at all costs?
  8. We are flying in to Seattle for our Alaska cruise same day, but we only have a one hour flight. We do fly to Florida and back frequently (2-4 times/year) and have never been delayed but there's always a first. Alaska Airlines and Southwest both have flights leaving FL in the late afternoon/early evening that will get you to Seattle before midnight if you want to fly the night before.
  9. It might be too late to check on this, but did they offer Prime Rib in the MDR the first night? We also will be on Solstice next summer in Alaska. Trying to decide if we should reserve specialty dining the first night, but I'd rather have prime rib at MDR. Thank you and have a great trip.
  10. I don't think so, but you could call them.
  11. I know NCL does it too. They probably all do.
  12. Port for Na Pali coast last October, and we didn't go past the volcano, went north around to Kona from Hilo.
  13. When there is a special with low deposits, do you book more cruises than normal, or perhaps place holders for a "maybe" cruise, because if you cancel you're only out $50?
  14. I see a lot of people say to choose an itinerary first, then cruise line and ship secondary. I wonder, does anyone love a particular ship so much that they always start there? Such as look to see where she's sailing, then choose from those options? If so, which ship and what makes it stand out for you?
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