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  1. Try different masks until you find one that is comfortable for you.
  2. Thank you. Any word on their status?
  3. I knew I should've read the "HAL for dummies" before posting! I can't wait for my key chain.
  4. Is there an update on how passengers and crew are doing after the ”rescue” efforts a couple months ago? I hope everyone who was or got sick is completely healed now.
  5. Even if they are found to be not negligent, they still spend a lot of money defending these cases, the cost of which, of course, gets passed on to all of us.
  6. Firepath


    We just switched out our August 21, 2020 for next year, same ship, same price, same ports, perks. You could always take them up on that offer. Our TA got it switched quickly and only a slight difference in cabins.
  7. My husband love golf. Would he be able to take his clubs on board, keep them in our cabin, golf in port, and then bring them back on board?
  8. If your existing perks are thru a TA (classic drink package for us), would Celebrity still honor that and at the TA's price, which is a bit less?
  9. Our Alaska cruise in August isn't cancelled yet, but most certainly will be. I cancelled all our X-sponsered excursions and drink package a couple of months ago and after about a month, got our refund! We have a $500 NRD with final payment due in a few days. I was holding out for X to cancel, but now looks like that won't happen. If I call to cancel, I think I lose $100 and get $400 FCC. Is that correct? What happens if I do nothing or can't get thru to TA? Does it automatically cancel, and I lose all $500, or get FCC anyways? I don't really want to spend hours on hold but FCC would be nice. I realize I may never see a cash refund and I'm not worried about that. It's small compared to many. Would we qualify to book the same cruise for next year deal if we booked nearly a year ago, long before Covid-19?
  10. I wish they’d hurry up. We have final payment due in a couple of weeks.
  11. or Cast Members. Employees of the mouse.
  12. I saw on a FB group that the Port Canaveral webcam today is showing 3 DCL ships. Don't know how long they've been there, but it's fun to see them all together. I believe they are Left to Right, Fantasy, Dream, and Magic. I wonder where Wonder is.
  13. With NCL being the only line currently with a Hawaii only itinerary, what do you think will happen if they are out of the picture? No more 7 day islands only cruise or would someone else be allowed to take over that route? It seems quite popular.
  14. I honestly don’t recall but I think it was port first then a left “u-turn” to the starboard. I don’t see how it could be the other way unless we went clockwise around the island. Sorry for the confusion!
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