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  1. Latest update on our fleet:- APEX Saint-Nazaire [moored] 47.29N 2.19W CONSTELLATION Agean Sea [underway] 0.7 kt 36.96N 23.18E ECLIPSE off San Diego [at anchor] 32.57N 117.22W EDGE heading to CoCo Cay 9.7kt 25.88N 78.19W EQUINOX heading to CoCo Cay 7.4kt 25.86N 77.77W FLORA Galapagos – no data INFINITY Atlantic Ocean heading to Gibraltar 17.8kt 35.41N 31.93W MILLENIUM off San Diego [at anchor] 32.64N 117.18W REFLECTION CoCo Cay [at anchor] 25.83N 77.97W SILHOUETTE CoCo Cay [at anchor] 25.99N 78.65W SOLSTICE Manila Anchorage [at anchor] 14.46N 120.67E SUMMIT CoCo Cay [at anchor] 25.79N 78.13W XPEDITION Galapagos – no data So we now have five of the fleet in the CoCoBay area of the Bahamas plus two others who had steamed south from San Diego have now returned to anchor there [Eclipse and Millenium]. Solstice has been dropping off crew in Singapore and the Philippines and appears to be waiting off Manila for further orders. Infinity is heading across the Atlantic heading for Gibraltar.
  2. Thank you for the update. There was word of European RCCL crew members being taken home aboard an RCCL vessel. Looks like Infinity is the chosen one.
  3. Here's a shot taken by a crew member picked up from Instagram showing from port to starboard - Silhouette, Summit and Equinox at sunset off the Bahamas.
  4. I am not a mariner but my understanding is that the ship's bridge will still be fully manned and watchful of all that is going on around them. The only difference will be that they are not "underway" ie they are not wasting fuel by steaming all over the Agean Sea - their engine(s) will merely be ticking over. Perhaps a mariner out there could correct me if I am wrong.
  5. Drifting in my understanding means - at sea, not at anchor but not underway. Could Eclipse and Millenium be heading for the Panama Canal to eventually join up with the fleet at CoCo?
  6. Latest update on our fleet:- APEX Saint-Nazaire [moored] 47.29N 2.19W CONSTELLATION Agean Sea [drifting] 37.11N 23.27E ECLIPSE off Baja California Sur [6 knots] 24.91N 112.89W EDGE CoCo Bay [at anchor] 25.82N 77.98W EQUINOX CoCo Bay [at anchor] 25.82N 78.02W FLORA Galapagos – no data INFINITY heading to CoCo Bay [15.9 knots] 25.93N 78.26W MILLENIUM of Baja California Sur [9 knots] 24.22N 112.61W REFLECTION CoCo Bay [at anchor] 25.83N 77.98W SILHOUETTE CoCo Bay [at anchor] 25.82N 77.99W SOLSTICE Manila Anchorage [at anchor] 14.56N 120.89E SUMMIT CoCo Bay [at anchor] 25.82N 78.00W XPEDITION Galapagos – no data So we have six of the fleet in the CoCoBay area of the Bahamas plus two others [Eclipse and Millenium] heading to join them. Solstice has been dropping off crew in Singapore and the Philippines and appears to be waiting off Manila for further orders.
  7. Here's a screen shot from AIS Marine Traffic showing the flotilla formed at Stirrup Cay Anchorage just west of the Berry Islands, Bahamas. Whole group from Mariner to Grandeur covered by less than twenty nautical miles.
  8. Here are a couple of shots from Captain Kate's Instagram page - quite an flotilla forming!
  9. Hi again Picked up some more information on where all our ships are and when and where they might start their seasons! [info courtesy of Cruise Industry News] Ship where it is now potential start date and place APEX Saint-Nazaire 13 June Civitavecchia CONSTELLATION Agean Sea 12 June Civitavecchia ECLIPSE San Diego 5 July Vancouver EDGE Coco Bay 15 June Civitavecchia EQUINOX heading for Coco Bay 14 June Ft Lauderdale FLORA Galapagos Islands 14 June Galapagos INFINITY Coco Bay 13 June Venice MILLENIUM San Diego 3 July Vancouver REFLECTION Coco Bay 6 July Dublin* SILHOUETTE Coco Bay 13 June Southampton SOLSTICE Java Sea>Singapore 3 July Seattle SUMMIT heading for Coco Bay 16 June Cape Liberty XPEDITION Galapagos Islands 4 July Galapagos* XPLORATION 11 July Galapagos* * Cruise News Estimate To all - Keep Safe - Keep 2 metres apart - Keep the faith and we will cruise again
  10. Got an upcoming cruise with Celebrity and wondering where your vessel is just now? This will be an occasional update of where your cruise liner is docked or anchored until restrictions are lifted. Summer deployment should be APEX - still docked in St Nazaire awaiting her maiden voyage Europe CONSTELLATION - Akrotiri Bay, Cyprus Europe ECLIPSE - docked in San Diego, California Alaska EDGE - off CocoCay, Bahamas Europe EQUINOX - off CocoCay, Bahamas Caribbean INFINITY - off Tampa, Florida Europe MILLENIUM - anchored off San Diego, California Alaska REFLECTION - off CocoCay, Bahamas Europe SILHOUETTE - off CocoCay, Bahamas Europe SOLSTICE - off Bali, Indian Ocean Alaska SUMMIT - off Tampa, Florida Caribbean
  11. Andy CAn you not just get the Prince to pop round to P&O's new office in Nigeria and pay it for you directly. Seems to make sense to me and cuts out all those money transfers!!
  12. Captain Tasos Kafetzis has posted on Instagram that he is now on vacation and will be back on Equinox on 13 May, adding that his brother will be on Apex then.
  13. There is a video out there on YT of Eddy Jenkins and Guiseppe - click on the link to check it out. Eddy sings and "thatcrazysicilian" as he is known on Instagram does the fooling around!
  14. "So, a slightly delayed start to vacation...I'm heading to Celebrity Summit to fill in until March {six weeks}." Posted by CD Eddy Jenkins on Instagram yesterday. CD Giuseppe Jay Moschella is currently CD on Edge.
  15. Arno More info for you - Giuseppe Jay Moschella is off on his vacation from Reflection. He states on his Instagram page that he will return as CD on Reflection on 1st November 2019 and will be aboard from then until the beginning of May 2020. Keep up the good work. Has anyone information on who will be captain aboard Solstice at the end of November 2019?
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