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  1. If you have taken msc to venice 1) do you remeber what terminal number you used? Or was it a long walk to the people mover? 2) i have read that some cruise lines have thier own boat shuttles from port to st mark’s square. Does msc offer this? And if so what was the cost? tia
  2. If you have taken msc to venice 1) do you remeber what terminal number you used? Or was it a long walk to the people mover? 2) i have read that some cruise lines have thier own boat shuttles from port to st mark’s square. Does msc offer this? And if so what was the cost? tia
  3. On the usa website it states that service charges can be removed. when I am on the add on page for my cruise i noticed you can prepay the service charge. And when I clicked on it it stated that the service charge is manadatory and can not be removed. I booked with us website and am going on a med cruise. Which is correct? Tia
  4. On msc’s website it says that you keep the experience you originally booked. It sounds like it maybe different with yaht club because once you are in you’re in. However that is not the case with aurea.
  5. So I booked an inside bella on magnifica last year. Early this year I was assigned to a fantastica balcony. This was before they started the upgrade program. My cruise is coming up soon and I was offered to bid on the upgrade to a suite aurea. The starting bid is $240 per person. However it is my understanding that even with the paid upgrade I do not recieve the benefits of aurea just the suite. Am I missing something why would I pay around $500+ for just a slightly larger room?
  6. I booked my upcoming cruise over a year out. I booked an inside guarantee. About 8 months before I was upgraded from inside to a balcony. I was very pleased and surprised. However I wonder if this would ever happen again now that you can pay to upgrade.
  7. My cruise will have 2 boardings. First venice then the next day at Bari. I am not boarding until bari. I think that the cruise maybe sold out for the bari port. I am doing this cruise as my first trip to Europe so I do not want to give up any time in port. What do you think the odds are of being able to get a time while out of port? I know it is cheaper to prepay but if I can not get a time while out to sea I will have to skip the spa. Does the spa have long hours? I am willing to go pretty mich anytime that the ship is not in port. What would you recommend? Tia
  8. 1) I was looking at booking the spa. But i got all the way to check out without seeing anywhere to book the day and time. Do you have to wait until you are onboard to book the time? 2) as a american on a med cruise i get the free bottled water at dinner. Wondering if i can get a second one to take with me. 3) Also if i were to eat at the buffet would I get bottled water as well? Tia
  9. Around a month ago we called royal to redeem points towards the balance of our cruise. Never recieved an email confirmation. And today I see the balance has not changed. Is this normal? Or do i need to call them back? Tia
  10. I am going on a med cruise in italy this fall. Our cruise will have people disembarking on 2 different days. Sunday people are disembarking in venice and on monday i will disembark in bari italy. The time listed on msc is 11am. Also if for those that are staying on the ship the time listed in port is 11-5. My original plan was to disembark grab the train from bari to rome in the early afternoon and the have one last evening in rome before my flight home the next morning. Well i just found out that my choice for trains is either 1pm or 630pm. If I take the 630pm train then I will not arrive in rome until 1030 pm and that will give me only enough time to check into a hotel and get some sleep before my flight. If i take the 1pm train then I would have time to enjoy one last evening but I do not know if it is even remotely possible to make the train with so little time. Another option is to fly it would end up takeing roughly the same amount of time as the train when adding all the time in the airport but they have more available times. flying would also triple the cost. I am the type of person that is ussually one of the last people of the ship becuase I live near a port I can just drive home. But this is not the case here. I have no clue how long it would take to disembark and get out of the terminal and with it being one of two ports how does this effect timing. I thought about getting off a port early in venice to have a little more time there but someone told me that msc will charge you $100pp for leaving the ship early because they consider it lost revenue. Please let me know what your experience is disembarking with msc on a med cruise with multiple ports to disembark. Tia
  11. Rjh8842


    I have a few drink related questions. 1) Was talking to an agent today. And they said they no longer add water bottles for americans traveling in europe. And that they had to be added once on board. Can anyone confirm this. How and where did you do it? 2) i also asked about upgrading to fantastica. She said if i wanted it for the drinks not to do it b/c the new fantastica does not include them. Really? If that is the case i am glad i booked bella since we were in the dark about what it would include. 3) as a silver member I see that we will recieve a welcome back cocktail. How does that work? And will i have a problem giving my sister mine since i do not drink?
  12. It is now officially canceled. Now I get to figure out what to do for vacation instead with only a few months to go. I will say I will probably be back. Because we do have a nonrefundable cruise for 2020 and I am not losing $500. And the agent that I talked to did manage to accomplish something I needed. Due to a death we had to cancel a cruise last year. And when we recieved the future credit certificate it was in 2 names. One of those people had passed away. so I had previously requested that it get changed to one name. And it never got done. And today it did get changed to one name and the time to use it was extended. Of course I was asked for a death certificate for proof. Sadly she informed me that even with her working at the corporate office she had to get a surpervisor to approve it getting changed into one name. I did think it was a bit funny when thr agent was looking at alternative cruises this summer trying to get me on another and realized nothing could touch the deal I got for symphony. Anyways I know that a lot of people post on here for questions so i hope that in the future if you ever see any single aunts, uncles, grandparents or what not that you will remember what happend to me and advise them to not listen to the royal agent and they must be in one room.
  13. Well I just got off the phone with them. They offered to give me my nonrefundable deposit back. Or the same offer I was offered before. Then then after I said something they oh so generously offered to give me the full on board credit. When I asked if they would upgrade me to a suite they said no ( they still have 16 empty). And at one point the rep made a comment indicating they were upgrading me to a boardwalk. I then had to explain that I paid for 2 boardwalks. I discussed it with my nieces and nephew and they all suggested I just take my nephew and refund the rest or cancel and do something else. Going to sleep on it but not the solution I was hopping for.
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