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  1. Outside of using somebody else with the same code, I do not think you can. If you know what rooms were going for in other rates when you booked, you could check those again, and see if things are down. You could start doing that now, as well to watch going forward.
  2. No, that was part of the promotion you booked under. You will get the money ($0) back you paid for it, however.
  3. My kids are old enough (16, 18) that kids free would not help. I am not even sure they will be interested in carnival, but willing to give it a shot. They loved allure of the seas and spent quite a bit of time at the flowrider, rock wall, and zip line. That was the only cruise they have been on, and by the time we do another, they can fend for themselves! Thanks for the comparison.
  4. Just know that the only (small) downside is if the cruise is cancelled, you cannot get an actual refund, it will be gc. We used them for our march cruise that got cancelled and would have liked to have just got a refund, but it made no sense, as we would have just got gc, so we went for the fcc/obc. Not a big deal if you know you will be going on a carnival ship at some point. Most times I would be happy with with using them, and it does not stop be from buying more (if I needed them).
  5. Haven't even been watching this, since our cruise got postponed 364 days, but had to come and thank you for this one, that is a lot of points.
  6. It might depend on how new the booking is. I put 5 rooms on hold, then called up and had them move all money over and the obc as well onto those bookings. Would be worth trying.
  7. Not that I know of. If you fall under the cancel options, there may be a link the email you should have gotten, otherwise, you need to go through whoever you booked it through. TA's, PVP have options to cancel right in their systems, but I do believe the public site does.
  8. Thanks for the comparison. I plan to try celebrity at some point, when we don't have the kids in tow, as their ships look incredible.
  9. I am no expert (not by a long shot), but financials is probably part of it. The average spent per person is much higher on RCCL. You also have to look at how much stock is actually out there. There could be 10x more carnival stock out, there is no set number of stocks.
  10. How big are the kids? With a king sized bed, you could probably put three kids in it, and then you would have 5 in there. Put the biggest kids on the other 2 beds (usually pullout and pullman).
  11. Most are figuring they are going to announce more cancels - probably for the month of April, and then it would most likely tank again.
  12. Same here, red robin here always asks - "some pink or no pink", basically asking medium or well.
  13. This is not really any different then what I need to scuba dive since I have a condition that needs doctor approval. I just take the form in and have him sign it once a year.
  14. Many people (ourselves included) use gift cards to pay for cruises to save 10%. In that case, you get back gc if you get a refund, so we decided it was better to take 100% FCC and an extra $600 obc than to just get gc back for 100%.
  15. I could also see hcl doing the same, since the average age is like 65, and many would be at high risk.
  16. When you booked, it was $50 deposits, now the rate you booked under is no longer reduced deposit.
  17. If you take it outside in florida, you would probably end up with allot of false positives, since people would be waiting out in the sun, and for us northerners with our nerd tans, it doesn't take much to heat up and start sweating in the sun. Once inside in the ac, it should be much less false positives. In a perfect world. there would be a way to verify everybody before they come to the port, but not sure how that would work. There does not seem to be a great solution. I hope that offering free postpones might make people that would have gone otherwise think twice, especially knowing that they are taking temps.
  18. What do you mean doesn't allow obc? If you sail, you should get it.
  19. I have not gotten one for mine (through a big box store) or for my clients on the same cruise next week, tried to call and was on hold for an hour, so figured I would try later.
  20. Hoping a bunch of people cancel, so we have plenty of chairs, waiters, etc! That extra $200 will add to what we thought was already too much, so we will have a good time!
  21. yes, we can have a few coronas!😀
  22. The demographic is older, and probably a bit more traveled.
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