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  1. We were supposed to cruise in April. We filed for our refund April 13th. our future Cruise credit still remains in our accounts and we haven't seen any money. My question is, has anybody seen their refund come through yet? Or is it just a pipe dream?
  2. Uniqeni

    Taxi prices

    Thank you, I know cost wise it's smarter to do it that way. I was just wondering how much Tim you would actually save taking a cab direct from Port and back. I know if you miss a run by 5 minutes on ferry that could throw you off a bit. Maybe ferry to St George with taxi back up if we miss a run by a few mins.
  3. Uniqeni

    Taxi prices

    Hiya, we will be docking for only 1 day Friday late April 24th. I know Bermuda has a great public transportation system and it's cheaper than taxis but due to time constraints I'm wondering if it saves more time. How much would it cost for 5 of us to go from Kings wharf to the caves ... And how long would it take? I'd like to be back for 1pm lunch and some shopping before we head back out.
  4. I know that for the price of 99$ per stateroom we get a 50$ spa credit for each person in our room on a port day. My question is, can we use that to access the thermal spa for the port day 8am-10pm? If we can't use the 50$ to purchase a pass can we get the spa service and would that in turn grant us access to the thermal suite the day of the service? Not sure how this will work.
  5. I'm trying to go on a sailing to the Bahamas 2021 with the grandbabies next year. 1 of the kids are going to be born next month. So he will be just a little thing when we'd sail. I can't see paying full price and full deposit price on a toddler, so my question is when is the next sale that would be most beneficial in my situation? I should also note that I will be paying for the whole family (12 of us) and am looking for my best bet.
  6. Hi!!!! I just booked two connecting balcony staterooms on the new encore. My question is is there a door in between that you can go between both rooms without having to use the front doors kind of like a hotel room I've never seen the interiors of the connecting staterooms before
  7. That is amazing, good on Royal for being so quick to offer relief and step up.
  8. Any idea on when we will find out what ship or ships they will be using for their relief efforts? And kudos to all of the cruiselines for stepping up so quickly, I'm sure the 1 mil pledge is just the beginning.
  9. Anyone know what ship or ships they will be using to station in Bahamas as part of relief efforts?
  10. I'd be so afraid some mad woman/man would kick my .... And that they would catch me mid removal.
  11. Yes, I'm just wondering monetarily, which is wiser? I know the prices do fluctuate.
  12. I'm booked a year out with family ... I got good deals on gty balconies 4 to a room. I'm not sure now I can come close to filling the last room. I think I would take a big hit if I wait and remove 3 people that are really unsure. Should I just grab a solo room while it's available and cancel the balcony or would I ever see a rate as low as sail away rates again if I take my chances and remove them later?
  13. Does anyone have any pictures of this I just upgraded an inside room to this for a pretty good price and the representative said it doesn't look like there's any obstruction in this room although it says obstructed Sent from my BND-L34 using Forums mobile app
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