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  1. I leave my phone, aka ball and chain, in the safe. 🙂
  2. If you can afford to cruise, you can afford to tip accordingly, otherwise stay home... That said, I’m ready to cruise & tip... 🙂
  3. The CDC has stated that merely walking past someone is not going to transmit the Rona...you need to be in close contact for more than 20-30 minutes...and by close contact, they mean close.
  4. More mumbo jumbo recommendations from the CDC, I’m not surprised...
  5. I suppose you believe any old mask works...it’s all a farce...I wear a Gaitor type thing when required by stores, otherwise, nothing...I’m not walking around outside wearing a mask anywhere..
  6. March 21, I think, Western I know. 👍
  7. Yes, booked on Edge next March...if it goes, I’m going...
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