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  1. 166 for WiFi does nothing for me, I cruise to disconnect, i will analyze the math, I remember cruising before drink packages, credit card on fire. 🙂
  2. Math is not hard, bottom line and the experience matters...govern yourself accordingly
  3. I really want to try Virgin....but the lack of a “drink package” gives me pause...
  4. I’ve sailed on both lines....NCL is more crowded for sure, agree on the narrow hallway compared to Equinox for sure... Its a small thing to some, but I love not having to worry about pool towels on deck...get as many as you want...NCL makes you do the towel dance. Solarium pool is a big plus on Celebrity I actually prefer the shorter shows on Celebrity.. BUT I must admit the drop slides on Escape are a nice change of pace...get the blood pumping... really different experiences, and that’s a good thing to me..
  5. I could see the room grats possibly catching someone who is new to cruising by surprise, they show up after embarkation, but not a prepaid drink gratuity...


    Same with Bourbon....I just realize how hard it would be to please everyone on the ship with a specific spirit...and cruise on.
  7. Found this in the FAQ And speaking of both food and embarkation day, there’s a good chance you’ll soon be hungry after boarding the ship. Have no fear; you don’t need to wait until dinner that evening to eat. As soon as you board the ship you’ll be able to head to the Lido deck for some al fresco comfort food bites by the pool, or up to the buffet for a variety of options. Suite guests on our ships can dine in Luminae for lunch on embarkation day as well.
  8. IF on a ship with Mini Suites, they are usually in good locations...think about bidding up to that level, if possible.
  9. I just consider that someone’s IQ...not my style.
  10. I suppose you could go to guest services and tell them you had no idea the Cruise had any cost at all...See how that works. 🙂
  11. There is some great snorkeling to be had there.
  12. It's highlarious when they walk into walls, signs or water fountains, etc.....DA's.
  13. Looks good over the last 6 months....hard to tell about one day.
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