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  1. Honestly, if you live in Florida to escape the NE for half the year or more, you're not really hard core NE's.... Like Happy Cruiser says, enjoy it without all the snowbirds...will be a nice change. Good luck whatever you attempt, be careful on the drive if you choose that route.
  2. Bring back Topless Sundecks. With proper screening of course.
  3. Yes, we actually received two sets for the 3/29 Edge Cruise..I just a chuckle out of it, automated for sure.
  4. Booked on 10 day Equinox this Sept to the ABC’s. The Wife and have every intention of sailing is she goes..
  5. We all gonna die... Did cruising shut down during the swine flu outbreak? How many did that kill?
  6. Someone still has to manually go into the file and trigger the refund...it's not done automatically. Think of the thousands of times this has to be done. Oh well, good luck. I'm waiting on a refund myself for a cruise cancelled by Celebrity..Not going into panic mode. I applied for the refund around March 15.....opted for a refund instead of the 125% FCC.... Still have a cruise booked this fall on Equinox..if it goes, I'm on it.
  7. Same here..thanks for the help. I was thinking mid March... My Cruise was last week, dinner at The Fine Cut on the Edge would have been nice. The reminder they sent was a nice touch. 🙂
  8. When did Celebrity announce the cancellations? Trying to remember the actual date, because I asked for my refund about 2 days later with the online form..I guess I should have taken better notes...obviously no refund....was for 3-29 Edge sailing...
  9. Re a vaccine...they have a Flu Vaccine...tens of thousands still die from it every year.
  10. Sailed once in an OV..never again..balcony for me..I don’t even price anything lower.
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