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  1. There are times I can't remember my room number. 🙂
  2. I doubt you'll need reservations. I never have on Celebrity.
  3. Correct, and the amount of kids that sailed on the lines had a lot to do with the original protocols requested from the CDC. IMHO.
  4. Algebra..you have 3 kids...you need how many boxes of cereal to last a week....solve for X.
  5. Celebrity and Royal applied with the CDC with different rules to start cruising. Celebrity went the 95%+ for anyone 12 and over to be vaccinated...Royal did not. Hence the different mask rules. I sailed on Celebrity out of Florida on Aug 1..no mask required...although you could have been denied boarding if you had no vax proof, ie putting the ship at less than 95% vaxxed. Royal did not go this route...mainly, because Royal attracts more children.... Now all the Royal ships out of Florida that visit the Bahamas or USVI have to have 100% vaccinated guests 12 and over to sail. All ships for that matter. IF they had know the Bahamas and USVI were going to mandate to this to enter port, I think Royal would have made a different choice back earlier in the Summer.
  6. I’m just south of ATL in Fayette County..things are fairly normal here..cases dropping rapidly…although our County has one of, it not the highest vax rate in the State. I shop, eat out etc, I feel no need to mask up. Life goes on. Flew to FLL first and boarded Celebrity Equinox for 7 day cruise the first of August…stayed a night in Fort Lauderdale, Riverfront Hotel, no issues, ate at two different restaurants, did some window shopping…did I mention no masks at all for pax on Celebrity..kudos…crew was wearing them inside.. Sailing Allure with extended family this Sunday, will be driving to port Saturday and staying the night pre cruise.
  7. Agree on the Riverside...nice Mexican restaurant just across the street and down a block or so is good too....
  8. Is the $1.99 fee for each person using the app to text, or does it cover all parties?
  9. We moved here almost 20 years ago....life long Southside people.....I dig the golf cart paths.... We are driving to Canaveral...it's about 7 hours...going down Saturday. My Son and his Fiancé are riding down with us...Bro In law and his Wife and 2 kids are in Marietta, meeting us in Canaveral. Bride and I flew to FLL in Aug for a 7 nighter on the Celebrity Equinox...it was great. Thanks for the good thoughts.
  10. Both. 🙂. 6 adults, 2 minors 15 and 17....all adults have the beverage package...we have traveled together before, just not all on a cruise. Now to just past this pesky test Friday.
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