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  1. Easy solution here, leave kids at home... 🙂
  2. I can’t imagine needing more than a carryon size for a 7 day cruise...50 lbs...LOL
  3. I learned the hard way on the snowflake button too...don’t touch it...I just crank mine down to as cold as it will go and forget it.
  4. Sailing in Sept..I plan on trying for at least one port day out of 11 day cruise.. my guess is the 9-9 is consistent.
  5. Thanks for the link....will be looking for those...
  6. Drink package includes Pepsi products from the bar gun... 20% will be the gratuity charge on the $109 meal package...about $22. So around $131 all in for that package. Assuming you do not choose the free at sea option.
  7. You only pay the gratuities on the packages you choose. This will NOT be removed when you board. You will not owe any more gratuities on any drinks/meals etc you chose with the said packages.
  8. Most all cruises structure pricing this way. My Celebrity cruise this fall costs more because I took the cabin with 2 perks... Just look at the bottom line, if it makes sense..go for it. I'm also guessing the cabin without the perks on NCL is a sailaway..you will have no say on where the cabin is, to most people, this can be bothersome...to others, like you maybe, who doesn't want the drink packages, etc..it may be a boom. Again, bottom line.
  9. I do like the Bulleit Rye.... Shame on the Knob Creek, it has a nice bite....101 Turkey is my go to at home bourbon....totally different than their 80 offering... That said, I probably have 15 or so varieties at any one time..
  10. Good point on the Bourbon allocations, supplies on high end stuff are tight. And you you can have the Tennessee swill. 🙂
  11. Agree, not sure OP understands who “they” are in this situation.
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