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  1. You don't have to be a big drinker to cover the "tips" on the free at sea drink package....what is it? $20 per day....that said, math is easy...drinks probably average around $10 bucks per (if not more) once the 20% is added to each one, which is not done on drinks when using the free at sea perk.
  2. The vaccine was out there before this POTUS took office...not a political statement. Just fact. I just hope it works, and we don't have to walk around looking like bank robbers the rest of our lives.
  3. Not political at all, I laugh at all the politicos.. The wine reduction made me laugh for sure...
  4. I have not sailed in one up yet, but would like to try..sailing in a Sunset Veranda next on APEX...hooefully next spring, fingers crossed. Dont get me wrong, I like a lot about NCL, different vibe for sure, Escape is my current favorite ship with NCL.
  5. Celebrity doesn’t make you fight for towels, they just have them everywhere...and don’t get me started on the bottled water NOT being in NCL’s regular drink package...also like the solarium pools on Celebrity...
  6. I love the panhandle, frequent the panhandle and it’s beaches...the panhandle has nothing that rivals Trunk Bay and the like...IMHO... For sure, some don’t realize how far you are away from MIA etc...no real good way to make that drive...no good roads through the armpit of Florida. :)
  7. I just booked a 9 day ABC cruise in Sept of 22...price seemed comparable to me on what I've seen in the past, especially considering room grats and basic drink package is included...nice hump cabin on deck 8. In fact, it was less per day than the 10 day we sailed on in 2019. But I will admit, price isn't usually the first thing I look at. This happens to sail over our Wedding Anniversary...that carried the day. YMMV.
  8. Seeing as how I can easily drive to the Florida ports from the ATL area, I dig it.
  9. I suppose I’m just different, I don’t like eating in the same place day after day..I like to try them all...
  10. You mean the Gov’s of NJ and NY? Way to to go, making things political.
  11. Yes, in a heartbeat. I have already checked, airfare out of the ATL is about $600....
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