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  1. I always hope for a crowded plane and a “gate check” offer just so I don’t have to lug it on and off the plane. I’ve scored preferred board and drink tickets on the flight by taking them up on the offer
  2. I agree, math isn't hard to me. (actually after doing the math, it ended up $200 plus the $27 PP PD, I misspoke on the upgrade amount) so less than $600 total for the Bride and I) ...My last two cruises have been on NCL...I enjoyed both of them, took full advantage of the drink package....I am looking forward to the MSC cruise because I know it will be different. Sailing on an 11 day Celebrity this fall, I don't want to get in a rut with any one line. A free meal, or early embarkation isn't enough to get me to just cruise one line.
  3. I'm sailing MSC Seaside on 4/27...so very soon...I expect to have a nice time. But yeah, you paid extra to get the Easy Package when I booked...this was in Jan...I could have saved about $200 on the cabin by going without the Easy and Internet...I thought it was worth the upcharge...I recently upgraded the Bride and I to the premium package for $33 PP PD...
  4. I take the harsh criticisms with a grain of salt. NOTHING can be as bad as some of the things I've read on this forum and other lines forums...folks just like to think they are being heard.
  5. You can, but even with a carry on sized bag, I wouldn't want to haul it all around till cabins were ready...but yeah, it should work. I'm just glad everyone doesn't take this tact...bags everywhere.
  6. I guess I am lucky, I was on the phone a total of 5 minutes upgrading the Easy drink package to Premium....
  7. I’ve never analyzed the juice they used for a Mimosa...but never been charged either...
  8. Yes.....give it a shot, you may find it just right.
  9. No doubt, just a much smaller quieter version of the big ship buffet. I found it was the best place to get fresh hot over eggs on the boat.
  10. Is that a good or bad thing? IYO? Who sits and counts others dress? Maybe a drinking game...I could possibly see that.
  11. It was good when it was a la cart. IMHO...bar is still good for drinks....breakfast in the morning was nice on The Escape..and Getaway.
  12. Agree, strange, I did the same, made the flight more better. 🙂
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