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  1. 15 drink cutoff....would keep me from trying different things..and would probably keep from drinking after dark. 🙂. So I'm not sailing Carnival unless it's free.
  2. I stand corrected...thanks..memory is not as good as it once was.
  3. I am looking at booking the Sun for a 4 day Cuban cruise this summer....yes, the ship is "open bar", but that doesn't include everything. One of the "free at sea" offerings on my cabin is an upgrade to the Premium Beverage Package....the cost is only 20% of the $35 PP PD or so they put on thus package. Seems like a fair deal to me to get the upgraded spirits, coffees and bottled waters, etc....
  4. Came here to say exactly this...ports are missed...a good bit in hurricane season. I would make alternate plans.. Are you on the Sept 23 cruise? I am booked on that one now...our wedding anniversary is Sept 23. our 30th...good luck with your wedding, whatever you choose.
  5. I think it took around 5 days to get to Cadiz....if my memory is correct. That may give you a clue..
  6. Speaking of Miami Hotels..I like the Intercontinental.
  7. Well said, sailing Equinox 9-23...
  8. Yes, you can get ice water, tea, etc....with your meal.. and the bottles you order by the 6 are large bottles...
  9. No matter the line, I always asked about my perks, etc....when upgrading... on the surface something seems amiss...
  10. LOL, that’s new one on me... what type of group?
  11. I sailed Seaside 4-27-19... Bartenders had no trouble making my Woodford on ice..even a can of mixer on the side..Premium Package...my card read with The Easy numbers, but I had called pre cruise and upgraded...once they scanned the card, or recognized The Bride or I, no issues. Purple Rain and the Hemingway Daquiri were on point at times too..never any upcharge for any liquor drinks.. it it wasn’t perfect, but bar service was the least of my issues... Agree on the bar at the specialty restaurants, it was on point...and you didn’t have to be eating to get a drink...
  12. When in doubt, I say upgrade. I have never regretted it...
  13. On Demand exists for a reason..enjoy the cruise, watch the dragon show when you get home on the big screen.
  14. I don't blame the cruise lines for going to non refundable deposits...reading that many like to book multiple cruises, then cancel all but one.
  15. Sounds like many boarded this cruise determined to be unhappy..and succeeded.
  16. IF the drink package is off no value, I see the point...to me, it is the value...nice to have options..
  17. Dry dock damaged in Freeport, ship had to sail to Cadiz Spain for the work...lost time at sea over and back to FLL.
  18. The Bride and I are on the 11 night southern sailing right after yours...Enjoy!
  19. It is eerie how dark Cuba is at night vs an island like Puerto Rico...
  20. The Equinox was docked beside my MSC Cruise ship in 3 places on it's last cruise (well, around the corner in St.Thomas)....it could use a refresh on the outside for sure, hull paint was dull in many places. I was hoping they would get to all the cabins, as the Bride and I are sailing her on 9/23 for the 11 day Southern Caribbean. Hump Balcony, deck 9. Not sure what now, if any changes will be made to the cabins in that area. Hopefully at least new soft goods, etc...
  21. Just sailed on Seaside, Full Price for sure plus the grats.
  22. Yep, inside the shower, fairly short...because the shower is fairly small. This was on a balcony cabin.
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