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  1. Can you ask to have the mini fridge emptied? I do on other cruise lines.
  2. You completely contradict yourself. Even you admitted each contract is discrete. A contract is for the duration of that contract and then a new contract is signed....with anyone they choose. Basic training is done for every person onboard. If they have qualifications on one ship, I am quite sure it carries over. It would be indicated in their resume. Certification could even be given. Having said that, training onboard a ship is ongoing....all the time. There are "new" employees all the time. This is not the Navy that makes you sign up for 5 years LOL. You seriously need to re-think your position. A cruise line does not have exclusive rights to any employee.
  3. I do not know what you are trying to say. Why is this big deal for you? You say it is not yet you go on and on. Who is Cooper? LOL I have actually seen a contract and it is for a given period of time. It says nothing of having to work for that line exclusively. The contact I saw was for 4 months but as the person told me, they are 4, 6 and 8 months. The person I spoke with had worked on many ships and several lines over 10 years. They chose a contract based on time of year and locations of the ships.
  4. No I don't but, what's the big deal anyway. Anyone that ever though the staff is with a particular line for life is living in wonderland anyway. They are all on contract and pick and choose their line and schedules.
  5. Your responses are moot then. I made a general comment about non spenders, of which you are one, and you took exception.
  6. Are you somehow feeling guilty? I made a general comment. What you do is none of my business but my comment is valid. It is not a matter of what Orlando wants, it is a matter of is it profitable to stay in buisiness.
  7. Huh? What is this. First time HAL cruise coming up. What s this? Pay fr dinner at MDR?
  8. Perhaps the "lack of entertainment" and diminishing amenities is the result of people that "spend very little". The company needs folks to spend so it can afford to provide amenities. There are many examples of companies that have undercut prices and quality to retain business..... until they failed.
  9. And how would you know that without reading? LOL
  10. We are going on a Rotterdam cruise. We are thinking of getting the Thermo Suite for couples package. The "Detail Overview" does not provide much information. I tried to find photos but with not much success. Is there a hydro pool (hot tub, jacuzzi)? Is there a pool? Do you need to book times or is it walk up? Any information is welcomed. Thanks
  11. Nope, seems you did not understand. Been elsewhere beside HAL and thei forums?
  12. New to the cruise line forums? As if this topic is not discussed over and over and over again on every cruise line forum???? It is with the old time, never change crowd against the change with the times and I am on vacation crowd.
  13. I am from Canada and you perpetuating Canadians as simple rule abiding peoples is and insult to all Canadians. We change as well and we change rules and we question authority as much as any nationality. We challenge unnecessary and inconsequential rules otherwise we would still be living in fiefdoms. Please stop insulting Canadians. A ship is a platform, a vessel, a means of transportation not a country or culture. Females don't have to wear a hajib in a Muslim country or a sari in a Hindu culture. Men do not have to wear a kurtu in Malasia or a sherwani, bandhgala, bungi in India when visiting there so don't even try to compare that. Dress codes change continually, everywhere in the world and from cost to coast in Canada and the US, especially for women...why not for men too. Those claiming how a front desk clerk dresses is a very simple response as there are many workplaces and situations that require a uniform to work (Police, fire, Military, even McDonald's employees, your ships crew) so, that excuse is moot. Anyway, all this backlash because we ask to wear shorts in communal dining hall? Makes no sense to me.
  14. Obviously there was still lif eleft in the horse you are using LOL
  15. Where did I say anything about wearing shorts and a T shirt? You are getting my discussion mixed up with someone else. Gotta keep your arguments with people straight LOL. Yes, I have seen shorts in offices, even Government offices. "Casual" seems to be the way forward; Dress codes at work are a thing of the past . No employer can tell you what to wear anymore except for safety reasons. You really do not have a case there.
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