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  1. Thank you. Does that mean on the Rotterdam there are "perks"?
  2. What is a "standard balcony"? We have never sailed HAL and on the Rotterdam (which we booked for February), there are only Lanai cabins and Balcony suites.
  3. Because of having to "dress up" for work for all those years, I now like to go on vacation, to warm places and wear shorts. I do this at home and when on vacation in warm climates, I also like to be relaxed in my manner and dress. I wear shorts to restaurants at home without getting glares or stares. No need for backhanded belittlement like " Like I said before, don't dress up or put the effort out, it's ok! But also realize it says more about you than you think. 🤣" Just because I like to wear shorts while on vacation says more about me than I think? What do I think and really what do you think about that? Why do so many have a problem with relaxed dress? This topic is in every cruise line forum and discussed to death. There are people that like to dress up and those that don't. In my opinion, the tide is turning significantly to those that like the relaxed atmosphere ,but there will always be those that cannot get away from the "old bygone days" when travel was exclusive and there seemed to be a need to dress up. Those days are gone fortunately, but, no one ever said you cannot dress up, just the "rules" have been eliminated so all of us can enjoy in a relaxing atmosphere..
  4. Absolutely correct "It is odd how experiences vary". Our experience on Oceania was excellent, including the crew. Everything was laud back, relaxed and first class. Our experience on NCL was varied. On the Jade, it was great but on the Bliss it was a nightmare (too many people, too many attractions and too little space, too many reservations required and if you got them you were lucky or you did not get to see anything). On Celebrity, while we enjoyed our cruises immensely, the cost and "extras" were wearing us out. Oh and, Oceania is completely different than any NCL ship. It is like saying been on Celebrity is like being on Azamara
  5. We also have sailed Oceania, on the Riviera and though it was a step above. The cabins were larger than all we have sailed on. The food was far better. The concierge lounge on each deck was a great place ot get a coffee or snack or a paper. The buffet was exceptional and, the specialty restaurants (which are included) are exceptional. Oh and, there was even a laundry facility for guests to use on each deck (washer and dryer). So yes, we think Oceania is premium compared to NCL, Celebrity and Princess. Now, we haven ever been on Holland America and are booked for the Panama Canal cruise on Rotterdam next February. I certainly hope that HAL is in the upper range of cruise lines.
  6. We are on Rotterdam next February for 16 days....any chance of things getting better by then?
  7. OK, the point was, the hotels in Venice are much more expensive but, as I said, you wake up in Venice. From hotels.com for end June per night Best Western Hotel Bologna Mestre = about $110 From hotel website Sina Palazzo Sant' Angelo (no breakfast)= about $388
  8. From Trivago for end June per night Best Western Hotel Bologna Mestre = about $190 Sina Palazzo Sant' Angelo = about $900
  9. Yup, all I was doing is providing information and alternatives. I never once insinuated the "only option if staying in Venice is an expensive water taxi or a lot of walking...." but that it is what what is there. If you choose a hotel you can certainly lessen your walking (those on the canal are quite a bit more) and if you wish to take the aliaguana, it costs a bit more too. https://www.alilaguna.it/en/tickets1/fares. Just offering other solutions.
  10. I agree that staying in Venice proper had advantages but evenings can still be enjoyed and there is not much in the mornings except for the market (Campo San Barnaba or Rialto market). I would like to add, if deciding to stay in Venice proper, be aware that the streets are all cobblestone with many bridges (Venice is actually 118 islands connected by little footpath bridges) and there are no vehicles there. Getting to the hotels can be very expensive if you have to take a water taxi. The vaporetto (water bus) can get you near but, dragging baggage is a real chore. I have seen many people struggle and even damage their luggage in Venice. I mention Mestre just because of the cost and convince. From hotel in Mestre to dock can all be in a vehicle taxi. From hotel in Venice to dock is combination of walking, water bus, more walking or a walk and then an expensive water taxi (50 euros+). We have been to Venice and Rome a number of times and just passing on some experience.
  11. Getting into Venice early is a smart thing. It is far and away one of the places to check off your bucket list. Getting off the train at the Santa Lucia train station and stepping out to see the Grand Canal is one of the worlds great sites. You can book a hotel in Venice proper or for a lot less, in Mestre, on the mainland. Mestre hotels are more modern, cheaper and only a 2 Euro, 10 minute (train or bus) ride out to Venice. We have stayed at the Best Western Bologna, right across form the train station. Great place. Venice hotels are older, much more expensive but, you are in the lagoon and right there. Rome, well, it is about a 60 euro ride from the dock into Rome. There are many places to stay but I highly recommend that you stay in the center of the old city. That way you can walk ot most of the important sites. Our favorite hotel is in Hotel Campo de Fiori. Great location, the piazza is a market by day and a restaurant filled area by night. https://www.hotelcampodefiori.com/en/ Someplace around Piazza Navonna would also be a nice area to stay.
  12. That event and rescue brought all the memories flooding back to me. They did a spectacular job off Norway rescuing over 400 people in bad weather. Kudos to those folks. Interestingly, CHC Norway, the rescuers, were a Canadian company, Canadian Helicopter Corporation.
  13. It was an amazing operation. Picking people off the lifeboats and transferring them to a tanker and when we were low on fuel, back to the tanker loaded people onboard and headed to shore to refuel. A real good feel good operation and we never lost a single person. Our CH-113 Labrador (similar to a H-46 but with bigger fuel tanks) were up to the task, as were the Coast Guard helicopters. Everyone was proud of what was accomplished.
  14. I was in the Canadian Air Force in Comox British Columbia when the first Prinsendam caught fire and we assisted the US Coast Guard to airlift all passengers and crew off her....and then she sank. It was an amazing joint operation and I think the largest mairtime rescue to date. https://maritimecyprus.com/2016/10/09/flashback-in-history-ms-prinsendam-fire-and-sinking-4-october-1980/
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