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  1. My impression is that they are just getting business taken care of and as their offer is strictly a credit, then there is no need for you to have done anything. What did you think your options were? Was there really anything for you to decide?
  2. I am thinking they must have dealt with the backlog of FCC requests and just being proactive. I mean, there really isn't any option, is there? There will be no refund option (as per their website), and as the FCC is 125%, then actually providing the FCC and number might make it easier down the line. You can make your deposit and not apply the FCC until final payment, so this allows you to change your plans if you wish (or need to). Given the bad rep for MSC customer service, I am pretty impressed they are dealing with it without a 3 hour phone call or multiple enquiries 🙂 But, if you had wanted to fight them for a credit or have your credit card company work to get the credit back, then their proactivity could be considered a CYA move. I guess you could still try to get MSC to cancel the FCC and provide a credit, but it sounds like that doesn't always go well.
  3. I am in an internal struggle about when to consider returning to cruising. I had to cancel a great cruise set to leave in 2 weeks, but I can't afford the same cruise next April. It was a repositioning cruise, and even before this pandemic, the costs to do the same or similar routes were $1K more than this year. I now have a FCC to use so I promptly reserved space on a cruise for May 2021 for a region that I normally would consider 'too expensive' in order to lock in pricing I can tolerate. My take on this is that for the first number of weeks, there will be incentive pricing, and then once the fear factor is reduced, prices will increase to try and recoup losses. I see fewer solo deals unless within a very few weeks of sailing. As a Canadian, that means flights could price these out of consideration. Also, as I work in health care, I am reluctant to see these floating petrie dishes trying to bring back travelers as soon as possible. It is my opinion that it will be cruising that contributes to the next waves of COVID that is projected unless we continue to stay at home. Low pricing will entice those with a short memory, or higher tolerance to risk, but it won't ensure clean ships or countries to let a ship with an outbreak into their ports. Ultimately, I will walk away from the FCC if things don't settle down sooner than the worst doom sayers predict. Fingers crossed.🤞
  4. I'm on 'kit making duty' in our hospital Microbiology lab and am in various non patient areas of the lab and hospital. No masks for us. Given the nature of the specimens we receive all year around, we practice good hand hygiene and face avoidance all the time, so our fear tolerance level is pretty high. But as a sewist, I wanted to offer the option should people run out of the elastic asked for in so many of the patterns.
  5. In the 'old' days, masks were tied in 2 places behind the head. Any string, laces, seam binding, ribbon, lace, anything that ties, will work. Attach to the 4 corners of the mask. Or, if inclined, make matching ties from the fabric. Over time, the elastic might not withstand the repeated hot laundering in facilities, while ties will.
  6. Some of the videos are health care institutions who the send them on to other outlets like homeless shelters, but other say the hospitals would use them as a last resort. Other videos are clear they should be used by people with symptoms to avoid spreading them. If the hoarders would donate the proper ones, it would be more effective,but I guess if giving people a meaningful activity to do. As a hospital worker myself...though in lab rather than patient care, I would rather they sew something more useful. Pillow cases for women's shelters, quilts, money to food banks.
  7. This was the sewing machine I bought when my son was a year old. I won't part with it. I bought parts vefore they were totally discontinued. It has the best buttonhole attachment. Back in the day Inhad so many shirtwaist dresses needing 12 or 13 buttonholes and this was the most consistent. I taught my daughter to sew on it and found her one the same. She sews leather, vinyl, patches, thicker fabrics ajd this is such a reliable workhorse. Now I mostly use my electronic quilting machine for my seeing, but I regularly bring out my trusty Kenmore to oil it and make sure it runs well for when I need it. These are the machines that eill still be sewing when 80 years old.
  8. I wish, but I work in the Microbiology/Virology lab, so I have to work and am run off my feet making testing kits. I take public transit at this point, and things are fairly slow as it is school March break, but between bus/train/ hospital, well....I expect eventually I'll get it. I got H1N1 at the end of the pandemic (on a cruise) and the following pneumonia. Not worried about that again, but wishing I could be sewing instead. My Middle Eastern cruise was cancelled, so my conservative clothing designed and sewn for this trip are going to need to be altered to something not quite so covered up. They will be used in our hot humid summers, and when I retire and spend 3 months in south east asia, but I really miss that cruise. It is once a year, and they have priced the next ones too high for a solo traveler so I can't see it in the foreseeable future. I'll used the FCC for a Baltic cruise instead. Definitely a different wardrobe requirement. I also quilt. Our local quilt store has offered to deliver your orders to your stoop 😁
  9. I had intended to continue with my Dubai to Venice cruise in April, but this will will tell. I would just ship in Split (or stop before Venice) because work would put me into quarantine for 2 weeks upon my return from Italy. New work HR policies to be published this week. I am not currently essential staff, but once it reaches Ottawa, since I work in a hospital, I will be brought in if essential staff gets wiped out. I see the writing on the wall, but not ready to throw in the towel (quite) yet. Even if I go, however, I will drop my one ship organized land tour as it is a long bus ride to Jerusalem and back. Last time I did one of those I contracted H1N1 and pneumonia. I'll avoid close quarters on a bus for 10 hours, thank you very much.
  10. This makes sense to me. Thank you for checking it out and giving us a from the ground perspective.
  11. Carnival doesn't cruise that region. It was Celebrity....but I did see the CC entry (had to look 3 times for it though) I still can't find any back up on any of it either. It would be nice to have a little news bite about it. I am due to sail from there in April and arrive in Venice...so would appear to be a double whammy, but MSC isn't making anything clear. Good luck.
  12. Similar post on my Meet Up page. MSC USA agent said they expect new information on Monday with regards to policy. On a Grand Voyage arriving in Venice early May, is valid for the rebooking offer made last week. Was also told that the year available to use it was based on sail date not change date. But it isn't in writing and I wasn't told directly. If so, it is better news for some and we can hope for better news for more in a few days.
  13. Anne, thanks for confirming the other details and for the newspaper references. I'll check those closer to date then. Regards.
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