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  1. Hello Anne. I hope you have weathered this pandemic well. Last April I had to cancel my Dubai to Venice cruise, but considering rebooking a Venice to Abu Dhabi cruise late October/November. I would hop a bus and visit Dubai then fly home from there. Expo should be happening and I will have more time for Dubai as I will be retired by then, so looking for a new city location to consider for accommodation. I had been looking closer to the port or by the Burj before, but I could look closer to Expo and the Gardens, or beach now. I would still want to visit Old Dubai, Glow Garden and areas
  2. Perhaps the tone depends on the person reading it, but I don't feel it harsh at all. Some are repeat offenders, so clearly don't read the rules and regs unless it is more 'in your face'. Often the posts are just removed and they haven't learned from it. As there is no option to private message, an reminders are front and centre.
  3. interesting. Thanks. I am looking for whatever info I can get as I rebooked a cancelled April 2020 cruise for April 2021 and having some doubts about the port 'bubbles'. Of course, it is all moot if Canada and work require quarantine upon return. Being essential services there may be more restrictions.
  4. Thanks so much Petra for providing this post. I am scheduled for an April Dubai to Genoa MSC cruise and on the fence about it. I tend to be an independent traveler and like to arrange my own port activities, so the extensive list of port options, pricing and how they run them is very helpful. Of course, the excursion list for my cruise is pretty limited at the moment, so not sure how or what they can add for some of our ports. I guess it will all hinge on if Canada, and then work (I am essential services) will let me cruise, and or return without quarantine requirements. In the meanti
  5. That may be your preference for a cruise, but not everyone's. Social isn't my cruise requirement. Introverts love social distancing.
  6. So, yes, it seems the upper window does open. The design does have appeal. I read a November extensive post on the Celebrity board with explanation, pros and cons. Interesting. Seems the only shelf is under the safe and no drawers. Bring some travel cubes or similar for your underwear and drawer items. (That was an unfortunate design). And enjoy the trip.
  7. Take a look at photos from the infinite balconies again. The outside edge is all glassed in. So a sunroom, not fresh air balcony. Ships dissuade fresh air flowing into a cabin as it messes with the AC for you and your neighbors. There are always reminders to keep the balcony doors closed for this reason. So I doubt they will design one to allow it. Yes, a bulkhead is like a Carnival cove.
  8. ...but don't you like the warm tropical breezes blowing through your hair, and feeling the seaspray in your face? Yeah, there are 2 sides to these, but I don't think I can do a hermatically sealed sunroom on the high seas. Some itineraries would benefit from it - maybe the transatlantics for the mid ocean days, but I don't think I am sold. Chances of heavy rain also makes an open balcony less usable. As I know you are still finding your way, don't be put off by some balconies that are 'bulkhead balconies' which have a steel framer around the 'edge. It actually provides some weather protect
  9. Hello Anne. Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the information of how things are in Dubai at present. Because of my work, I read the WHO reports daily, but it is such a big picture, it is somewhst surreal and we compare it to our local lives. Canada has managed well, and my city numbers are lower than the major cities with denser populations and less space to distance so I may be guilty of sanitizing the risks in order to hope for future travel. One challenge for travellers is learning about a city's hot spots, but now you describe Naif, I can see how it is highly populated. The souks wou
  10. Prices start to drop shortly after final payment is due. I bough soon after and could still get flights at a good price. some waited until much closer to sail date and couldn't afford the flight bsck from San Juan so didn't book at all. My Canadian flight dynamics are different than yours but while you are waiting maybe do some flight price testing. chose a date, any date, about 100 days from now, and choose a port airport. Start checking airline prices at 90 days, 75 days, 45 days......you get the picture. It doesn't mean that price changes will be the same when you do want to fly, but it mi
  11. Yes, Roz, I take it for granted readers know their country rules. I am aware of the general US situation, and didn't say to gk tomorrow just 'if'. However, given that farmersfight is retired, he may have alternatives and time do quarantine or travel on a different passport. I don't presume to know, just encourage. 😊
  12. "Plants". Oops. Must be the gardener in me....and I am terrible about not reading before hitting 'send'. Yes, I am aware of the plum site., and actually sort it by cost per day to see whether to bother stopping to read the deals. It is prudent to have interests outside of travel for when travel or cruising isn't an option. I have plenty. They force me to be social at home, as well as creative. Regardless, it sounds like you are set up for making quick decisions once thungs get moving again. You can always keep a cruise bag packed and most cruise lines accept bookjngs 24 or 48 ho
  13. I am willing to share details 🙂 My original cruise was on MSC Lirica, which now isn't doing any sailing until the Med in Summer 2021. I am booked on MSC Fantasia for Dubai to Rome. Baltic is on Splendida. MSC still charges double for solo travelers, but it is so low priced, that I choose by itinerary and price per day. I also prefer a smaller ship and European flavour, but I have enjoyed NCL when a repositioning with fewer people and off season. On the RollCall for the April 2020 cruise, there was a woman who decided to winter in Dubai and did numerous cruises. She moaned
  14. Unlike you, I have one cruise booked. The rebook of the MSC annual repositioning from Dubai to Venice.....except that last week that got changed to a repo from Dubai to Rome on an entirely different ship with a lot fewer port stops. At this point, I will take it as they cover the Middle East ports of interest. I expect it to 'go', but I wouldn't be surprised if there are more changes. As a back up to use the FCC, I have a May Baltic cruise booked. I hope to retire in Nov 2021, so limited to vacation days between April and Nov so I will wait to do one of those Pacific repositioning cru
  15. Thanks Simon. This is helpful. I don't arrive until almost 9pm after a full day flying from Canada, so I won't be using the metro from the airport. I had hoped I could get to the BK area in time to catch the last fountain show but I might be cutting it fine. Alternatively, I would use the next day to mid afternoon to poke around the area, then get to ship, check in and spend the rest of my time around Burj Dubai. Alternatively, I would stay in BD area and metro to BK for a few hours. Last year I had a great room booked with window viewing of BK and fountain show but now that room is price
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