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  1. I really hope that people are able to get a second chair for their cabin. We need to each have a chair to sit on. I can not move a chair in from the balcony, nor wash it to get the dirt off. I take a cruise to relax, not to wash down chairs. Really Princess, is a chair to sit on too much to ask?
  2. Thank you for showing me that there is a hot chocolate machine on Regal. I have been on Regal many times and just never looked for one. I am going to try it this cruise. I am not a hot chocolate drinker, but this may win me over☕!
  3. It is really a shame that this chair thing happened. I was really a very happy Princess cruiser. Every one who I have come into contact with, from the crew, staff, shore side workers, phone reps, the people who I spoke to from MS. Jan's office, have all been wonderful. I enjoyed the ships, some things were not perfect, but all ways corrected. But unfortunately, the "chair thing" has made me go else where when booking a cruise. I have my new method for cruise shopping now, and our next cruise after the one on 10/31 is on HAL. We will see what happens. I like HAL and have three stars with them.
  4. I find that the best thing for me to do is to know my cruise prices. I do now a lot of comparing between cruise lines. I add up all the perks,( if a package is offered and my loyalty perks). Then I also look at what each cruise line cabin (in the same cat and location) has to offer. Then I pick what is better for me. I have seen the packages offered, but at time the price goes up for the that cruise.
  5. What is next? The bed. Bring your own sleeping bag. It is much safer, you can't fall off the bag in rough seas, like falling off a bed,!!🛏️
  6. What about this and some hot water from the buffet. It might due for a cruise. https://www.swissmiss.com/classics/milk-chocolate
  7. I agree with you. A cruise ship is should give it PAX s place to sit in their cabin. I would not have people come into my home and stand, or have to sit on a bed to eat, etc.
  8. I agree. Let me please tell you about some wonderful people that I met once on a Princess cruise. My DH and I met another couple and started to chat with them. They ask us what type of cabin we had. At the time we had a outside cabin, which I told them. She then ask us how many people did we have in our cabin. I told her just my DH and me. They then told us that they were traveling in a group of four couples, 8 people, four men and four woman. They had four people each in each inside cabin. So, they had two cabins with four people in each cabin. They said if they did not do it that way, they would not be able to afford to come on a cruise. She said that they all had to budget their cruise money. And it took them time to save up for the cruise cost. They were wonderful people. Very happy to be on board. I was very thankful after speaking with them, that we can cruise. I have never forgot them, or seeing how happy they were to be on board.
  9. I understand what you are saying about booking in advance it can really help with the price. It is doable for some, but for me, I really don't know what is doable for others. All I am saying, if people have a budget and they have to strictly stick to it, they are only going to pay what they can afford, be it over a year to save for it or a life time.
  10. Pooh, Maybe be the deluxe balcony or mini suite is out of their budget. Maybe the person with medical reason does not have the extra money to spend Not every one can spend the extra. It is a solution for those who can and want too. I am sure that you understand this.
  11. Would they enjoy a spa treatment? Chef table, ship's tour, a shore excursion?
  12. That is a good solution for you. I just can't manage bring in a chair from the balcony. I feel "to come back new" I should have a place to sit. We have stopped going to the production shows on Princess because for us the are too loud. We enjoy the lounges with music more now. Even the atrium for us is becoming too noisy at times. That is just us, others seem to enjoy it. I can't chance not getting a second chair when I ask for one. There is no gty of getting one. We mainly cruise in the winter in the Caribbean, so a lot of cruise line can fill that bill for us. I hope that if works out for you. With me it is two seats and price now. Happy cruising.🛳️
  13. Because Princess has been told by me in a letter to Ms Jan and I received a phone call back from them and it was discussed Plus after I booked with HAL, I sent a letter to Princess. Also, I have been doing 3 to 5 or more Princess cruises in the winter, Now I am down to only one. And that is because I had a very large cruise credit with princess that paid that cruise in full, (with money left over). This time I booked with HAL, next one it could be another cruise line with any Parent company. Who ever gives me the best deal with two chair/sofa.
  14. When I book my HAL cruise because of the Princess chair thing. I was worried about loosing my Elite free laundry. Well, I ended up getting a HAL cruise with two places to sit at a price that was way cheaper than Princess. I was able to get the unlimited laundry package with HAL for $49 per cabin for the whole cruise. The mini bar set up from Princess did not matter to me. I drink diet soda, one can a day. To make up for that I brought a HAL soda card. I paid $25. for a $50. card. My DH drinks only one beer a day. So, in the long run we are doing much better on HAL and the cruise on HAL leaves one day after what Princess offered. And I get to go to Key West.. I just check around now, and add up the total cost, to see what is better, and go with that. If I can get a better deal with Princess, and Princess can beat the price with HAL, X or RCCL, then it is Princess. Of course, we have to have two chairs / or sofa to sit on.
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