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  1. WOW the blouse looks wonderful. Great fit. Very nice picture of both of you.
  2. I agree under stitching the scallops would have been a hair puller. A decorative stitch was the way to go.
  3. Looks great. I have made unwanted cuts ion some of my clothing. Most time I so a machine embroidery over the slit. Have you done under stitching? I started to use that in some case instead of top stictching.
  4. Looks beautiful. What size/type needle did you use on your machine?
  5. That is a great case. Makes it easy to carry. Enjoy your cruise and keep sewing/
  6. I don't know if you can do this, but can you push back your cruise for three weeks, so your child can go to Camp Discovery?
  7. I have a lot of sweatshirt fabric zip hoodies. But I really don't like the hoods. I then make the hood into a collar.
  8. Thanks for posting. I love all your pictures. Enjoy you cruise.
  9. Are you sure that it was maintenance? He could have just said that he was. I would report it.
  10. I did not have time to read the whole thread. But would your trip ins cover it?
  11. Did you tell the waiter that the food was not good and ask for another item to replace it?
  12. I have a funny story about skeet shooting. I was traveling with a friend of mine. This was towards the end of when they were having skeet shooting. She was a blond with big blue eyes. So, I went with her to the skeet shooting. The office in charge saw her and started to give her lessons on how to hold the rifle and shoot. He was treating her as if she knew nothing about it, a helpless female. (he did not know her) My friend let him say his lecture and show her.. Then she took the gun and hit every skeet. He was shock. Then she told him the truth that she was NYPD officer. We both had to laugh. I never forget the look on the office's face when she started shooting.
  13. thank you for taking the time from your cruise to post. I will be enjoying read about your adventure.
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