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  1. Lisa, You have a wonderful positive outlook. Go with the flow. There is still a chance that you could have a warm weather cruise. Time will tell. It is wise to pack a few cooler weather clothing pieces. Maybe even a shrug to be worn over a sleeveless dress. You and Walt will have a new adventure together.
  2. My skirt just came now. I opened one and put it in the washer. Later I will try them on. So far the fabric is beautiful. Itf they don't fit, my niece will be the new owner.
  3. I have been on 4 or 5 Canada & New England cruises. The coldest one I was on was in the beginning of Aug. It was so cold and rainy. Another cruise was in late Oct. We had beautiful weather. So, you just don't really know how it will be. I would bring a pair of gloves. The kind that can be brought for about 1 to 2 dollars, that stretch to fit your hand. They are small and easy to carry. You can check on a weather app to see what the weather will be like closer to your cruise. Just remember to look at the whole forecast, just not the temp. A 65 degree day with wind and rain will not feel the same as sunny and 65 degrees.
  4. The length of the skirts that I brought is 36 inches. Which I hope should be fine on me. I am 5 ft 8 inches. The one I have is now is longer. So for me I am hopping at ht the ones I ordered are long enough for me. I know they come in three lengths. At the bottom of the link is shows 36, 30 & 22 inch lengths. I am really sari πŸ˜‰that if did not work out for you. They are so light and east to pack Will post when I get mine. https://www.amazon.com/Maple-Clothing-Wholesale-Layers-Womens/dp/B01CN0USTW/ref=sr_1_4?hvadid=77927939285801&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvqmt=e&keywords=sari+skirts&qid=1568918022&sr=8-4
  5. Oh no. They did not even look good as a skirt? How was the fabric? Were the prints nice? I am waiting to get mine. For me, unless there is something wrong with the length or cut, I should be fine. Well, as long as they are like the one I have, then it will be fine. I brought the XL size, so I would have more to wrap around me. I will wear then only as a skirt. Will let you know. Really sorry to hear that you did not like them.
  6. I cant't wait to see you in your outfits. You might want to bring one warmer outfit, if the ship goes north. There is Hurricane Humberto ( cat # now) that is going close to Bermuda. And after that one there is Tropical Storm Jerry, which should be a hurricane in a few days, also heading that way. But you could still go south. It up in the air.
  7. I was so happy to see this thread. I thought not many ladies wore these skirts. But now I see that I an not the only one who like and wears them. Has any one brought the pants?
  8. What type of blouse do you wear with your? I use a tee. What about the pop corn blouses?
  9. In the past 40 plus years that I have been cruising, cost was always a factor with food choices that a cruise line makes. But over the years with more relax the PAX are dressing the food has gone the same way. Could the cruise line be playing to their audience, thinking that PAX would be happy with less. I am not saying that it would be right, but maybe that is what they think is now wanted. Would dressing up for dinner change anything. Well, I don't have another 40 years to see the change happen.
  10. I am throwing out a thought of mind to see what all of you might think. Two things that I have noticed over the 50 years I have been taking cruises. The way PAX are dressing (more relaxed) and the type of food served. I am wondering if there is any correlation between the two. Now, for a while there is meatloaf, mac and cheese and hamburger/sandwiches served in the main dinning room for either lunch or dinner. I see a more casual dressing going along a more casual dinning. What do you think?
  11. The picture of the one I posted is from Amazon. With that choice I got to pick the one. The second skirt I did not get to pick the color. It ended up costing more that way. But I did get the larger size to have more to wrap around me.
  12. I don't blame you for not wanting to do laundry. I have a wash in right now. We will be looking at HAL this year for cruises too. We don't get free laundry on HAL, we are three stars on Hal. But Princess we do . Where did you buy the one in the mail from? I would send one of your skirts out while on board to see how it comes back.. If OK then send the rest. I have ask for cold water gentle wash. I don't know if they really did that, but my clothing came back great.
  13. I know some of HAL ships have self serve washers and dryers. Does your ship have them? On Princess I get free laundry service too. I do write down special instruction for them to follow. So far, so good. PS The second one I brought they did not let me choose what color I wanted. I will take the chance on it for the price.
  14. Why did I ever look at this thread!!😊 😁I just brought two more Saris skirts from Amazon. I have a cruise in Oct. to the Caribbean and these are perfect. This time we have to fly, so, these are nice and light, and look pretty. They will be coming with me. Now I have three of them. What kind of top do you wear with them? I wear a nice tee/pull over top.
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