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  1. Steelers has the right list. We've never seen rum included. One the Island Princess this summer, they were out of the brandy and subbed extra bottles of vodka for it. You can exchange the sodas for any sodas on the room service menu. DH likes ginger ale, so that's what we get.
  2. I'm perfectly happy sailing on Princess and Holland America. One of my friends will only sail on Oceania. She likes the smaller ships and excellent food.
  3. My only case of credit card fraud happened after staying at a boutique hotel in Fort Lauderdale. My mother, though, was the victim of the Target credit card breach. There were several fraudulent charges made in Atlanta, which is about 400 miles away. She was incapable of traveling at the time.
  4. When I was there this summer, I walked through Creek Street, up to the fish hatchery, then to the Totem Heritage Center. On a previous trip, we walked up the Married Man's Trail and took the funicular down. We also took the public bus to Totem Bight. It's well worth a visit. On our first cruise to Alaska, we snorkeled in Ketchikan. If that's offered, I highly recommend it.
  5. I booked the Island for back-to-back cruises this summer with some trepidation. We had sailed on it before the refurb added cabins. I ended up having a great time and would book another cruise on the Island for the right itinerary at the right price.
  6. I hope you have a great cruise. I had fun on the Island Princess this summer. Are Natalie still the CD and Susan still the ED?
  7. I was disappointed in Vines on our Crown Princess cruise last month. They did not offer a Stammtisch. I asked several times. The answer I received was that they were planning one for the day after we were in Lisbon. The manager took my cabin number so someone could call and confirm.
  8. Sometimes people from other countries prepay to take advantage of a favorable exchange rate.
  9. 1) How far in advance of sail date was the offer made? 69 days and 13 days 2) asked to respond by call or email ? phone call 3) where there plenty of cabins available , including other categories not included in the upsell? no 4) had there been recent price drops , or did Princess just go straight to the upsell? recent price drops 5) direct or thru TA ? first one direct and second one through TA 6) number of previous Princess cruises ? 25
  10. It has been several years since we have been directed to the buffet, but I don't doubt that some people still get that answer. We just check the Patter to find out which dining room is open. One time, though, we dilly-dallied around, not realizing that it opened at 11:30 on that ship.
  11. We received an upsell offer about two months before our cruise: $1,099 per person to move from an inside to a balcony (16-day transatlantic on the Crown). About two weeks before the cruise, we received another offer of $899 per person for the same move. The number of cabins showing up as available may not reflect the number of cabins booked due to people who booked guarantees awaiting their assignments. We received a slight upgrade from a Cat. IF to a Cat. IB. On my last cruise, I received a true upgrade from an inside to an unobstructed view.
  12. Here's the menu from the first night when we were on the Crown last month. The flourless chocolate cake is one of our favorites. I had hoped to find it again during our cruise but never did. Bon voyage.
  13. Our tablemates had the drink package. Their problem was that the ship we were on (Crown Princess last month) was out of many of the wines that qualified by the glass. We brought several bottles and paid the corkage for those we enjoyed with dinner.
  14. That's a lot less than the upsell offers we received for the Crown's transatlantic cruise: $1,099 pp to move from inside to balcony (16-day cruise). We received a subsequent offer two months later (two weeks before the cruise): $899 pp to move from inside to balcony. No thanks.
  15. The crew members also appreciate any leftovers from your minibar if you don't trade it in. On my last two cruises, I've given my leftover sodas and beers to members of the cruise director's staff.
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