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  1. I agree about the British Isles report. I can't remember the guy's name, but another person whose threads I've enjoyed is the young gay man who travels with his husband and posts great photos. I hope that my live threads are helpful. Lately, I've always tried to include photos of the Patters and menus in them. And I always try to answer people's questions whenever possible. I've even told specific crew members "hi" for people. Sometimes I've received a blank stare back, but I don't report that.
  2. I'm glad it worked out for the OP to pick a specific cabin. I have gone with guarantees a lot of the time because I usually book late. We've had had great locations most of the time. On my last cruise, I did not like that the cabin had berths jutting out from the walls. Fortunately, I received my cabin assignment when there were other available cabins in the same category, and I was able to get it changed. We couldn't on another cruise--but we managed.
  3. My old price point was $100 per person per day for the cruise fare (including taxes and fees). Sometimes this got us a balcony cabin, and sometimes it was an inside. It depended on the itinerary. I don't know exactly what my new price point is. I was fortunate to find some great deals last year on single cabins when DH had to work. My back-to-back Alaskan cruises still came in at around $100 per me sailing solo per day. Those came with some nice OBC that paid for the gratuities. My 10-day Panama Canal partial cruise in December was slightly more per day sailing solo, but Princess was offering
  4. On our transatlantic cruise last fall, they had free shuttle buses to take us from where the ship docked in Le Verdon-sur-Mer to Soulac-sur-Mer. The passengers who wanted to go to Bordeaux could arrange their own transportation or book a Princess excursion. Bordeaux on your own was $110 per person. In Bilbao, they had free shuttle buses from the port into the city. It was around a 25-minute ride. It was great going, but there was a long line we waited in to get back. Some people were impatient and took cabs back to the ship.
  5. I've been in June, July, and August. All three months were wonderful.
  6. There was a great singer who had performed in some West End shows in London on our transatlantic last fall on the Crown. Her name was Rebecca Lisewski. There was a wonderful Irish singer/guitarist on one of our recent cruises. I think her name was Ella.
  7. I decided last summer to eat more in port. I enjoyed a lunch at Olivia's in Skagway and food from the food trucks in Juneau. On our first cruise, we had lunch at the Bamboo Room in Haines. I had the Dungeness crab, which was wonderful.
  8. Not according to this website, which says: "Depending on the cause of food poisoning, the duration of the majority of food poisoning usually ranges from a few hours after exposure to contaminated food or fluid to several days." Our symptoms were definitely gone in the morning. Whatever cause us to be ill passed through our systems quickly. Princess had also discontinued the health questionnaire so we did not have to be examined before getting on board. I don't think it was noro because our symptoms were different from what I experienced on the Sun Princess several years earlier.
  9. We have enjoyed all of our HAL cruises as well but tend to find better deals on Princess for some reason. The smallest HAL ships we've sailed on were the Maasdam and Veendam. We've also sailed on the Westerdam and Zuiderdam and liked that size ship a little better for cruises that are not port intensive. Our Veendam cruise was from Quebec to Boston with nearly every day in a different port, so the itinerary was the attraction instead of the ship. The lack of activities did not matter as much.
  10. All HAL ships are smaller than the Royal. The largest HAL ships are about the size of the Grand Princess, with 2,650 passengers at double occupancy. I thought all the one-way Princess cruises included Glacier Bay and that it was just the round-trip cruises from Seattle that sometimes went to Tracy Arm instead. I did back-to-back cruises (northbound then southbound) last year on the Island Princess and went to Glacier Bay each way. It was amazing how different the experience was just a few days apart. The northbound cruise went to College Fjord, and the southbound one went to Hubba
  11. I've been to Totem Bight and the Totem Heritage Center. Both are interesting. There's a public bus you can catch to Totem Bight. You'll come out a lot less expensive than doing an excursion through the ship or a private company--currently $2 each way for adults. I walked to the Totem Heritage Center last summer after walking along Creek Street and up to the hatchery. It was very interesting. On a previous cruise, our tablemates ate lunch at one of the seafood restaurants along the water in Ketchikan. They were raving about the food at dinner that night.
  12. They had two pub lunches on my Caribbean Princess cruise to the Panama Canal (10-day partial) last December. Here's the menu from the second one. On the Caribbean, it was held in the Crown Grill.
  13. Our dinner at the Duke of Wellington led to an unfortunate incidence of food poisoning for both of us. We felt better in the morning.
  14. Our flight arrived after midnight, and the Princess bus was ready for us. There were several of us on that flight staying at the Princess lodge.
  15. We took one of the regular tours eight years ago. We flew into Fairbanks for two nights, took the train to the Denali lodge for one night, then bus to Mt. McKinley lodge for one night, and bus to Anchorage for one night at the Captain Cook Hotel. Our tour included the steamboat excursion and gold dredge excursion in Fairbanks and the Natural History Tour in Denali. We paid to upgrade to the Tundra Wilderness Tour and were very glad we did after talking to others who stuck with the Natural History Tour. If I had to do it again, I'd look for a tour that included two nights at Denali
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