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  1. We did an independent kayaking excursion on Mendenhall Lake in 2012. It was a drizzly day, but we still had a great time. There were lots of icebergs floating in the water then. I was shocked at how few there were when I was there this past summer. The glacier has retreated 4,000 feet in 20 years. They say it won't even be visible from the current visitors' center in another 30 years.
  2. For me, even a balcony cabin was not a necessity. I had one once out of my five cruises to Alaska and that was due to being upgraded for free. I want to be outside on the open decks and moving around to see different things. All five of my cruises to Alaska have been on Princess ships. We have sailed on Norwegian, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Holland America on other itineraries. I would consider HAL for Alaska at a great price. There weren't any hidden fees on my Princess cruises. I knew about the daily gratuity charge, so I don't consider it hidden. I bought a few drinks and one excursion. I am comfortable planning my own activities in the ports. I did not eat in the specialty restaurants or buy photos. I thought my overall expenses were reasonable for me. A lot of the people on my cruises this summer were first-time Princess cruisers, and they were indulging in spending a lot more than I did on board.
  3. National Geographic Destinations: Treasures of Alaska: The Last Great American Wilderness by Jeff Rennicke. I was lucky to find a copy at a thrift store before my cruises last summer. You can get a used copy for under $10 on Bookfinder.com or Amazon.
  4. It depends. The places that are normally cheaper up their rates around the holidays. We did back-to-back cruises one year, and I discovered they do this during periods of high demand. We got lucky. Our first cruise departed from T21 but returned to T2, which allowed me to walk to Total Wine for reinforcements on our second cruise. The second cruise returned to T21. I felt sorry for those who had taken just one cruise and had to get back to their cars at the other terminal.
  5. Thanks for posting. Makes me hungry for my cruise next week on the CB.
  6. It does cover trip delay and baggage.
  7. I had no problems bringing two bottles per adult on my b2b cruises this summer. Half the time, the security people don't even mention it.
  8. Mine showed up on the travel summary and not on the payments and credits page.
  9. I wish the cruise lines would do away with the costumed crew members posing for photos. Doing so would speed up getting off the ship even for those of us who never stop to pose.
  10. It's not a full orchestra. It's around 10 instrumentalists playing along with the sweetener track. We did not have any problems getting seats together for the shows, but we always went to the second show after our late traditional dining.
  11. Why would anyone think the shower curtain would need replacing before it's worn out? It seems wasteful in terms of physically as well as a waste of time.
  12. The latest we've booked was three weeks before a cruise. I keep looking for last-minute bargains. Most of the time, though, I book five or six weeks before a cruise.
  13. Our limit has been three weeks away. As long as my mother-in-law is alive, I doubt we'll go for that again. We did 19 days away this fall with a night on the flight, then two nights in London, and 16 nights on a transatlantic.
  14. I had problems with my onboard folios on back-to-back cruises to Alaska this summer. At the end of the first cruise, it showed me having refundable OBC of $24.26. I had prepaid a portion of an excursion ($99.95) on the first cruise before all of my OBC showed up. That amount (credited against the additional OBC I was receiving on the second cruise) plus the $24.26 showed up as rolling over as refundable OBC on my folio on the second cruise. At the end of that cruise, it showed me as having $90.09 in refundable OBC left on my folio. When I didn't receive a check in the mail after several months, I called. A Princess rep told me that the ship's accounting procedure was wrong. That the amount I paid toward the excursion should not have been reinstated as refundable OBC on the second cruise. And that instead of being owed $90.09, I had a balance under $25, and they did not mail checks for balances under $25. Eventually I received a goodwill credit to use against a future cruise (which I'm taking next month), but beware if you have refundable OBC to make sure you use it on the ship.
  15. Our transatlantic cruise this fall missed two ports. Some of the people on our rollcall who booked excursions through other companies had trouble getting refunds. I always like to make sure that when I book excursions with other companies that they'll refund any money paid if the ship isn't able to dock. A couple of years ago, we had a great experience with a tour company in Ireland. They found out that our ship was delayed and rearranged the schedule to meet our revised itinerary. That's a company that received a glowing review from me.
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