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  1. August. I did a live thread but would be happy to answer any questions I can. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2873693-live-caribbean-princess-to-canada-and-greenland-august-15-31-2022-geoherb-goes-solo-again/
  2. I booked a guarantee inside two days ago for a cruise that's in 16 days. I'll be checking two or three times a day until I get a cabin assignment. My last cruise was 10 days in an inside cabin, and I had a great time. But an upgrade to an ocean view or balcony would be great. I received a great upgrade to an oceanview from an inside guarantee the last time I sailed on the Island Princess Princess has already sent me two emails about the availability of bidding for an upgrade. Like you, I'm booked as a solo and don't want to pay double for that opportunity. It was $170 for me to bid for an upgrade to an obstructed view cabin and $720 to bid for an upgrade to a balcony.
  3. We've found it easy to do most of the ports on a cruise to New England and Canada on our own. I just booked the June 4 cruise on the Island Princess. I barely glanced at the excursions offered. Everything is way more than I want to spend. I'm going to have a great time doing my own thing--always making sure I get back to the ship in plenty of time. (The ship has three 6 p.m. departures and one 9 p.m. one, so that will make it easy.)
  4. I took the 16-day Greenland cruise on the CB two years ago. We had some dishes repeat on the menus, but not whole menus repeated. We missed our first port, unfortunately. That meant that the guest entertainers we were going to pick up there did not make it on the ship. The ones already on the ship performed additional shows of new material. When we've taken transatlantic cruises, we had guest performers do more than one show as well with the second show being new material.
  5. I sailed on the Island on a partial Panama Canal cruise before the refurbishment. When I booked back-to-back cruises a couple of years after the refurbishment, I was concerned about the lack of public space. The Universe Lounge was one of the places we had loved on our first Island Princess cruise. But I had a great time. I enjoy the wide, walkable outside Promenade Deck. That's the feature I miss the most on the Royal and newer ships. I'm booked to sail on the Island on June 4. It's a strange itinerary--Halifax, Boston, Norfolk, and Charleston. There will be some passengers disembarking in Boston--and others getting on the ship that day. The great thing about the itinerary is that the port days alternate with sea days. One bad thing is that we'll be in Norfolk on a Monday, when the Chrysler Museum of Art is closed.
  6. It's sad. There's no way to fall off a balcony under ordinary circumstances. One has to be fooling around, jump, or be pushed. A friend of mine in college used to climb around on the outside of the balcony rail of our dorm. It scared me to see her doing that, but kids don't realize how dangerous such stunts can be.
  7. This is the first time I've heard of a major cruise line bumping people involuntarily since the Carnival debacle out of Baltimore several years ago. Usually the cruise lines will keep upping the offers to people until they free up enough cabins. For example, we once received an offer from Princess to cancel our cruise and receive a free equivalent cruise two or three months later along with the cruise fare we paid as refundable onboard credit. We were already on the ship before we knew about the offer--and could not have taken them up on it because of our vacation schedule. But we heard from people on our roll call who did.
  8. Will NCL allow a bottle of liquor to be brought on the ship at embarkation and store it until the end of the cruise? It doesn't look like it on the FAQ page. The cruise leaves from Iceland.
  9. Here's the Patter from a sea day on our transatlantic cruise in 2019. There were lots of activities. They offered the pop choir, pennywhistle lessons, trivias, a book club, lectures, and a wide variety of other activities. I enjoyed having the teen center open occasionally to play skeeball. There weren't many teens on that cruise. Someone on our Cruise Critic roll call organized a separate book club. We read Where the Crawdads Sing and Dan Brown's Origin. The a large part of the plot of the latter book takes place in Bilbao, one of the ports on the cruise.
  10. Here's a link to the list of prizes that lists this experience: https://www.princess.com/cruise-deals-promotions/plus-premier-cruise-packages/princess-prizes-terms-and-conditions/
  11. One of the prizes listed on the Princess website for Princess Prizes is "Chef's Ultimate Pizza Making Experience." Has anyone here won it and can describe it for us? Is it something that people not playing for prizes can purchase on board?
  12. On my last cruise, the Love Boat Dream varied from night to night. I never ordered one, but several of my tablemates did from time to time. The Pistachio Dome is not what it used to be either. Apparently Princess severed its relationship with Norman Love.
  13. 1. Breakfast at Sabatini's 2. Large room & large balcony 3. Specialty dining first night 4. Concierge Lounge and helpful Concierge 5. Laundry service 6. Club/reserve class dining 7. Bottled waters refreshed each day 8. MDR food as room service (breakfast, lunch, & dinner) 9. Fruit bowl that has fresh fruit each day
  14. When we did our cruise tour, we saved a lot of money by not having the meal plan. There are casual options available at each of the lodges in addition to a fine dining restaurant. Back then, Princess posted the menus with prices online. I don't see them now on the official Princess Lodges website, but Open Table has some available. They may be out of date, but here's one example for Fannie Q's Saloon at the Denali Princess Lodge: https://www.opentable.com/r/fannie-q-saloon-denali-princess-lodge-denali-national-park
  15. Did you invite her along? Will you now be sharing a cabin? Were you paying double for your cabin or was there a reduced single supplement? Shelly did the math wrong. Solos don't usually pay double for Plus, just for the cabins. If you did get a reduced single supplement, perhaps you should have her book a separate cabin. That way she wouldn't have to have Plus.
  16. I saw go for it and ask for a refund for any days when the internet doesn't work well. On my cruise to Greenland, they automatically refunded people for 10 out of 16 days.
  17. I had to cancel my cruise (November 28, Caribbean Princess) on November 16. Princess automatically refunded the port fees to my credit card. I had DH's doctor fill out Aon's form. I submitted it and the other required proof on November 28. I received an email three days later saying my claim had been approved and that Aon would be issuing a check within the next two business days. I received it December 5, one week after submitting the claim.
  18. I booked Plus on my February cruise when it was $40 a day. I did not book Plus on my 16-day cruise in August. I did the math. Princess also wanted to charge me more than the $50 per day. Back then, the price varied when booking last-minute cruises. I ended up spending less than $80 on drinks. I had my minibar beers (after trading in all the liquors) and two bottles of wine and a few free drinks (Captains Circle party, champagne waterfall, and martini demo). I had booked Plus at $50 a day for the Caribbean's 10-day cruise after Thanksgiving to the Panama Canal. I had to cancel that cruise, though. I doubt I will book it at $60 a day unless I get a great fare on a 7-day cruise. I find it disturbing that the price has increased 50% in less than a year.
  19. I noticed the Love Boat Dream varied on my August cruise on the Caribbean. I never ordered it, but I saw it when others ordered it at my table. I did get the pistachio dome. It looked and tasted right.
  20. There wasn't a card with the menu, but the schedule was included on a handout of all the Elite activities on the Caribbean in August. The strange thing was that even the loyalty and events manager said she did not know the menu ahead of time. I thought it was moderately well attended, but we had more than 1,600 Elite and Platinum passengers on that cruise plus any suite passengers who were not already at one of those levels. I did not have the drink package.
  21. You can also ask for reasonable accommodations to the menu. Neither of us like asparagus. They give us broccoli instead. I get my salad without the pear and DH gets his without the nuts. We tried the dessert once and decided we'd rather have something else. We received flourless chocolate cake once and raspberry creme brulee another time. When they found out we were celebrating DH's birthday the last time we had the UBD, they brought us chocolate-covered strawberries in addition to the rest. Unfortunately, DH can't eat them, and I was too full to do so. I dropped them off at the photographer's station when picking up our photo. We made the choice to have the UBD on the last night of the cruise to coincide with his birthday. I wouldn't recommend doing that. We had passengers who were staying on for the next cruise. I took the flowers to them so they could enjoy them the following week.
  22. On my couple of cruises last year, the evening service was optional. You could request it for the whole cruise or for particular nights. I requested it just when I had laundry ready to go out. On my cruises in February and August, my cabin stewards did both morning and evening service without my requesting both.
  23. Thanks for posting. I sailed on the CB in August and am going again after Thanksgiving. I'm sad that Kristoff will be leaving before I get back. I'll see Bravo and Broadway Ballroom again. I'll skip Born to Be Wild.
  24. Military OBC is refundable. Anything you paid for and receive a refund for is refundable. One example would be paying for a shore excursion that gets canceled. On my cruise in August, we received a refund for the poor internet and a refund for missing one of the ports. They added up to around $100. I also received a refund for the poor shuttle bus service from LaGuardia to the port.
  25. I had more in my carryon bag (a backpack) when I flew to New York the day of my cruise in August. I was worried that my checked bag would not make it. I don't think I could have managed with just a backpack and a carryon bag. For one, I wouldn't have been able to bring my bottles of wine with me. They had to fly in the checked bag. But overall, I'm packing lighter than I used to. I knew there would be a lot of Elites on my cruise (and there ended being 836 of us). Laundry usually came back on the third day. I sent out small loads every other day. I'll use the same strategy on my next cruise. It's only 10 days long.
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