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  1. Why is Munich airport a no go with Viking? What airport do they use if the cruise begins or ends in Nuremberg or Passau?
  2. I did the 9-day Amsterdam to Basel on the River Empress last year. It included the Jewish Heritage optional excursions. Let me preface my remarks by saying I'm not Jewish, but took the Jewish Heritage tours in all but 2 port cities. I was the only non-Jew in the tour groups. I've always been interested in learning about and studying different belief systems, and we've found that there were probably members of my mother's Southern Italian family who were conversos. 2018 was the first year the Jewish Heritage option was available on Uniworld. I would say the excursions ranged from OK to good. A lot depended on the tour guide. There were places such as the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt where I wish we would have had more time. It was nice to hear from members of the local Jewish community in some of the cities as to what their experience has been. At the end of the cruise one of the ladies commented she was "mikvahed out". 😄 In Speyer and Cologne I did the "regular" excursion. I wanted to go to the vinegar estate outside Speyer, and I thought I'd better visit the Cologne Cathedral or risk excommunication. 😜 If you have specific questions about tours, please post them and I'll answer to the extent I can.
  3. I've had a couple of Neptunes that weren't on the Neptune Lounge deck. This was probably good, because it's too easy to slip into the Lounge for snacks if you're close by.
  4. On my last river cruise there were 4 passengers, including me, who knew about CC.
  5. Gnome gave you good advice. There's discussion about things such as where to stay pre-cruise and what to do, booking thru cruise line vs. doing it yourself, same with airfare, etc. Whether your questions are specific to your line or itinerary, or general in nature, just post in this forum. I've found folks here to be friendly and helpful.
  6. Definitely stick with a river cruise in this situation. Hope you can find a good substitute that works with the dates you need.
  7. I'm doing a full transit on the Miracle next February. The Journeys cruises do tend to sell out fast. I sail solo, so on longer cruises like this I can only afford an inside. Fortunately, Carnival has roomy insides. I couldn't stay in a tuna can for 13 days. I'm in a 4D on Empress deck, but have had cabins on Riviera deck and enjoyed them.
  8. Confirming that it's flat, and an easy walk. Very doable, even with a suitcase.
  9. I think that's a contradiction in terms. 😀
  10. Why is it a silly question? I usually get my nails done in the embarkation city. Less expensive than on the ship.
  11. We went to Restaurant Puri Mas. Here's the address: Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 37-41, 1017 NG Amsterdam. Phone is +31 20 627 7627.
  12. They're all over the place. I'll try to find the name and location of the restaurant we went to. If not, you could check with your hotel for the nearest one.
  13. Didn't know HAL did this. Went to a Rijsttafel restaurant in Amsterdam last year and loved it.
  14. I ask to be seated with others in the DR. I would do this rather than avoid the DR. No one will stare. Their faces will be in their plates. 😉 You should expect the same level of service as a couple would. Visit us over in the Solo Cruisers forum.
  15. I pre-book and pay for anything I can, and always get mariner credit for my purchases.
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