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  1. "Today we bid farewell to some friends that we made on the Joie de Vivre that were daparting. There was a group of about 40 of us who were continuing on to the Catherine. We were bussed to the Paris Gare du Nord train station to take the high speed TGV train to Lyon. The ride was a pleasant and comfortable one." Since there were 40 passengers doing the transfer, I assume Uniworld sold this as 2 separate cruises with the option to do back to back cruises? Is this correct? Did Uniworld arrange the transfer? Was it included in your cruise fare? Roz
  2. News to me. Thanks for letting us know. Price creep..... Roz
  3. Love the "Bar du Leopard" 🐆 Uniworld's décor is a lot of fun. Roz
  4. Thank you, Notamermaid. One of the things I noticed about Croisi is that they have mostly short (average 5 days) cruises in Europe. This makes sense for a cruise line with a mostly European clientele. I've thought about combining an independent land tour with a short Croisi river cruise. It opens up lots of possibilities. Thank you for the link to the article. Roz
  5. Based on recommendations from our own Notamermaid, I've been exploring cruising options with CroisiEurope. So of course I'm now on their email list. Yesterday I received a newsletter from them, and in it they announced they've acquired the MV La Belle des Oceans. It's an ocean-going vessel that carries 120 passengers. What intrigued me was that next year her summer homeport is going to be in Canada, and she'll be doing 10-day runs between Quebec and Toronto. Details aren't available at this time and the cruises aren't available for booking, but I'm going to keep my eyes on it. As much as I enjoy European river cruises, the flights and jet lag really bother me. This may be a way to enjoy a taste of France in Canada, especially on a French cruise line. Roz
  6. Thanks for the info, Obnxshs and Kira. I will put this on my Monday "to do" list. Roz
  7. Nothing, Dobiemom, I was just thinking about this and how long it's been. Thanks for asking. You're right, I need to do that. Are they open on weekends or do I have wait until Monday? Roz
  8. Actually, lentil and vegetable curry sounds pretty good. I'm loving the photos. France is so French. Roz
  9. You got good advice from Klfrodo. Keep in mind it's not your responsibility to make sure other people have fun. Roz
  10. Hours and hours on a bus is the exception, not the norm. I think you're dwelling too much on POSSIBLE negatives. The chances that your entire river cruise will become hours and hours on a bus are far, far less than the chance you'll complete the entire itinerary on the river without incident. Roz
  11. You're free to come and go as you please, but be aware you're responsible for getting back on the ship. There are times when it may move and the passengers have catch up with it. Since you're newbies, I would recommend you go with the included tours, but that's me. Plus you've already paid for them. Roz
  12. I wouldn't dismiss an entire country because of a few protesters. I did a wonderful cruise down the Rhine last year without incident. Roz
  13. Breaded Celery Picatta.....🙄 Excuse me, it's celery. Roz
  14. It shouldn't be so difficult for a company to accept payment. You would think they would make it as easy as possible. Grrrr.... Roz
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