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  1. Why? I venture a guess the majority of cruisers are middle income. If fares double, cruising will no longer be a viable vacation open for a lot of people, only for the well off. Is that what you're wanting/suggesting, that we go back to the days when cruising was the domain of the rich?
  2. When we come out of this (and we will) there will still be a demand for all types of vacations, whether it be cruises, all inclusives, casino resorts, amusement parks, camping, rail trips, etc. Some cruise lines may fall by the wayside or be bought out or merged with others, and the cruise experience may be somewhat different. There are always investors looking for opportunities, and the pent up demand for cruising may be one of them. I'm optimistic.
  3. A lot of travel insurance policies aren't covering Covid related stuff, so I don't know that insurance is the answer, especially if you test positive at the terminal.
  4. @Reagan0712, I've had the same experience. Must better in most cases to book the domestic flight on your own.
  5. I agree that "haters" is pretty strong language. Even before Covid-19, I found that most people opposed to cruises had never taken a cruise themselves. I don't think that's changed. The bad press cruises got at the beginning of the pandemic didn't help that opinion. I don't care if I ever hear the term "floating petri dish" again. ☹️
  6. @steamboats, add me to the list of CC members who thought you were a man! I've pointed at menu items more than once when in a foreign country. Sometimes I've been surprised at what ends up on plate. 😄 My reading ability in French, German, and Russian is much better than my speaking ability, and I'm able to decipher signs and menus in several languages due to having a base in a Romance, Germanic, and Slavic language. Off to read your review....
  7. As I indicated in my post, the lowest rate was the Hilton Honors discount. I just mentioned the AAA and AARP rates as a frame of reference or for those that aren't HH members and don't want to sign up.
  8. If travel opens up next year and there's a spike in demand, who knows which way hotel prices will trend.
  9. My cruise isn't until next December, but I just did a mock booking for this coming December for 3 nights in the first week - check-in on Friday; checkout on Monday. 35,000 pts. per night for 1 person in a queen bed. The same room with the Hilton Honors discount rate is $132. AARP or AAA are $149. Obviously more expensive if booking during the spring or summer.
  10. Thank you, @d9704011. I didn't see any ocean cruise ships when I was in Amsterdam, but I was river cruising late in the season which is probably the reason. I'm a Hilton Honors member and checked out the Doubletree across from Centraal Station for the next time I'm there, which hopefully is going to be next December. I want to do a 3-day pre-cruise stay, and I have enough points to cover that.
  11. Where do the ocean cruise ships dock in Amsterdam? The river cruise ships dock east of Centraal Station.
  12. Thanks, @kwb101. I agree, $300+ per night is too much. Lots of nice hotels in Amsterdam in convenient locations for less.
  13. @seniorladycruiser, I went to Amsterdam by myself in 2018 prior to a Rhine river cruise. Very easy city to navigate whether on foot or using public transit. I agree with the advice to pick a hotel (there are hundreds in and around the central area) and just take a taxi to the hotel post-cruise. Like @Mary229, my TA helps with me with hotels and only books me into places she or one of her co-workers has stayed at. @kwb101, I'm not clear from your post how many nights the $1,275 covers.
  14. I've done both, and they're both great cruises but very different. Eastern Europe nothing like Western Europe. Eastern Europe still digging out from 50 yrs. of Soviet domination. Influence of the Ottoman Empire can still be seen.
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