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  1. @J80crew, thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed review. I think your assessment of river vs. ocean cruising is accurate. Sounds like you had a good experience.
  2. @TomBeckCruise, thank you for your kind responses. All the Walgreen's, CVS, Kroger, etc. around me are sold out of the tests, but I haven't looked beyond my immediate neighborhood. I realize things can change before December, but I have to make a decision before final payment is due in October. Your post made me realize I may be suffering some post-surgery anxiety I wasn't aware of.
  3. I understand that. Notice I said "before this", but there are still the testing requirements.
  4. The whole cruise industry is up for grabs. All these requirements, some imposed by the cruise lines and some by the airlines and countries being visited. And they seem to change by the hour. The cruise lines (including HAL) could make it a little easier for folks and put their minds at ease if they offered pier testing or at least some testing options in the embarkation city. Let's suppose you tested at home but don't have the results by the time you're supposed to be board. Wouldn't it be nice to at least have the option to test at the pier if your best laid plans fell thru? We're in Year Two of either no cruising or limited cruising. How much longer can the cruise lines (not just HAL) hang in there? And the cruise lines that depend on family cruisers are out of luck with children not being able to be vaccinated.
  5. I'm calling my TA today or tomorrow to see what I'm out if I cancel. Before this, not only were there all these requirements, but the Netherlands wanted us to quarantine for 5-10 days. I booked this cruise to celebrate a successful open heart surgery and now it's turned into a real sh*t show.
  6. I'm supposed to sail from Amsterdam in December. First I have to find a test site in Nashville. Not easy because most either require you to have a doctor's referral or be symptomatic. Then they have to assure me they can send a negative test result to me within the required window before my flight. When I get to Amsterdam where I'm spending 3 days, I have to find a test sight that's open on the weekend and can assure me they can send a negative test result to me within the required window before my cruise. Coming home Tauck cruise line is offering tests onboard (for a fee) which I'll take in order to fly home from Brussels. For those of you who live in big cities with low Covid rates, that's great. For those of us who don't, it's a very stressful situation. In Nashville we can't even buy the home tests that are accepted. They're all sold out. The few test sites I found where I can pay for a test don't have any appts. left. They're booked solid. My cardiologist told me to avoid stress and this whole situation is stressing me out. I'm traveling by myself and am afraid of being stranded in a foreign country.
  7. @Psoque, thank you for your detailed response. Yes, the lack of tests is due to TN's status as #1 in the country for new Covid cases. With a shortage of tests and test appts., going on a river cruise isn't a high priority in the medical community here. Tauck already indicated in the info they emailed me that I'm on my own in Amsterdam as far as finding a test site, but Tauck requires one to board. At the end of the cruise Tauck provides a test for an extra fee. I assume United will accept it but I don't know how to verify that. I'll check to see if possibly the Nashville airport offers tests.
  8. But how do we do that? The way it stands right now I'll need a negative test to get into the Netherlands 3 days before my cruise, another test while I'm in Amsterdam to board my Tauck ship, and yet another test in Brussels in order to board the plane home. Just for the heck of it, I checked Publix, Kroger, and Walgreen's, and no home tests are available that are accepted by the powers that be. No appts. available at any walk-in clinics or drugstores, and no guaranteed test results within a 48-72 hr. window. Yesterday I read on Tauck's website that some places in the Netherlands will only accept a digital vaccination record. All I have is a card with a QR code on it. Is that digital?
  9. No update....this is concerning.
  10. Would your insurance cover this or would it be out of pocket? I don't have the financial resources to stay in a hotel for that long, as well as pay for room service.
  11. If it's included in the cruise fare, why would you get Mariner points?
  12. I enjoy hearing opposing views. Let's suppose one or both of you tested positive and couldn't get back into the US. What would you have done? I'm just throwing this out there as I try to mentally formulate Plan B, C, etc.
  13. My Italian mother and grandmother would make this too. I liked it more than the pie! Don't know if it's a European thing, or something they picked up from their German neighbors.
  14. @NavyCruiser and @lindalouT, it's all a conspiracy to drive us crazy! Honestly, I'm questioning if it's worth it.
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