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  1. So if, as you have indicated, a large number of people have not received their refunds and it is because Princess is being dishonest and in fact not issuing any refunds, the group should get together and solicit the services of an attorney capable of handling a "class action lawsuit". The OP has said that her cruise was cancelled in mid March, it is now mid May, obviously 2 months. I am still waiting for reimbursement from two class action law suits that were settled over a year ago. At this point, what other choice do you have but to wait?
  2. Since you didn't state when your cruise was cancelled it is hard to determine just how long your have been waiting. Here what is clear to me: COVID-19 caused the cancelation of 100's if not 1000's of cruises; 16 ships averaging approximately 3,000 passengers; lower work force to handle paperwork; Princess has acknowledged that they owe the refund. I know it is easy for me to say but try to relax and give Princess some time. You are 1 of tens of thousands of claims to be processed.
  3. Can you be more specific: was the refund for a cancelled cruise? When did you apply for the refund? When you filed for the refund, were you told approximately how long it could take?
  4. You hit the nail on the head. Regulations strictly enforced and people who cooperate fully. But all of us experienced cruisers know that getting everyone on a ship to follow the rules is impossible. Some will not like "being served" at the buffet, they will not wash their hands, they will not cough into their arm or keep their fingers out of their noses. We have all seen that person who exits the bathroom without washing their hands, the person standing in the buffet line eating off their plate then picking up the tongs and dishing more.
  5. The current Health Declaration on the Princess web site suggest that anyone who has traveled to any of the listed countries or "a location currently subject to lockdown (quarantine) measures by government health authorities (including transiting through an airport in these locations)" may not be allowed to board. So my question would be; isn't the US currently subject to lockdown (quarantine) measures and if those measures or some form of them are still in effect when the cruise lines begin operation again, wouldn't that prohibit boarding? And there is no mention of chronic illness.
  6. Go to Cruise Line International Association web page; front page says "CLIA Statement COVID 19" click "read more", scroll middle of page and click on "Sample Travelers Heath Declaration/Questionaire.
  7. Sorry, can't get it to post. Go to the web site and their suggested form is on the front page.
  8. Try this one. If it doesn't open, just go to their web site Cruise Line International Association. 883060277_Physician-Fit-to-Sail-Form-mcelebrity.pdf
  9. The CLIA (Cruise Line International Association) posted a proposed health questionnaire on their web site on April 21st. It has nothing to do with chronic illnesses. cruising.org:.webloc
  10. I'm with AF-1. We are booked for a Jan 31st cruise and looking forward to it.
  11. The second paragraph I would describe as "discriminatory". The COVID virus is a respiratory virus yet this form leaves out asthma, those who may have had a lung removed, smokers and alcoholics, just to name a few. And now that it has been shown that animals, such as dogs, can carry the virus, will all those with certified "service animals" have to have the animal examined by a veterinarian? A new report this morning indicates that the "poor community" has been very hard hit with numerous deaths, so will the cruise line make passengers produce their tax return to prove their income level? I would be both very disappointed and surprised if the cruise industry ever adopted this policy.
  12. AF-1, I love the positive attitude! I too believe that cruises will begin again in the not too distant future and that "everyone" will be allowed back aboard their favorite ships.
  13. Well after reading this form I can see the Class Action Lawsuits being filed. Age discrimination, making someone, because of their age, go to and pay for a visit to his or her physician to have this form filled out even knowing they have no medical condition. Will they also discriminate against those that travel to the United States from Asian countries who have been hit hard with this virus? Will they discriminate against those of a certain ethnicity who were hit hard? Will the airlines follow this type of discrimination?
  14. If we accept your theory and believe that only 80% of "cruisers" will be allowed to cruise, what do you believe will be the criteria that will be used: age; person from outside of the United States; person deemed most susceptible to viruses? Just wondering what your thoughts are.
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