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  1. We certainly get enough and very regular marketing….but no surveys and we always got them in the past.
  2. The interview I read quoted the CEO as saying two to three years after agreement is reached at government level. There will also be primary and secondary legislation requirements, which are outwith the gift of the airport authority. And he said two years last year as well, I think... so I wouldn't take that as a firm timetable just yet, more just putting pressure on the government! That’s why I said “apparently”.
  3. You must be special. We have had none and neither have any of our travelling companions.
  4. Great description of the process from the Juggle above. Edinburgh airport will apparently be providing this service in 2 years time according to their press releases.
  5. Surely listening to feedback is part of good customer service and part of a managers role? anyway each to their own.
  6. And the coal out in the yard in a bunker or coal hole. I used to love the stories my grandpa told me about the fire fairies. Simpler times.
  7. Like you I give feedback, good or bad while onboard but not in response to the Ents manager in the theatre. I don’t think I have ver seen anyone stand up and say “no”. Sometimes immediate feedback is simply ignored anyway making it a complete waste of breathe. We stopped at the desk to speak to the Maitre,d to give very positive feedback about our waiters in fixed dining (having been moved from freedom days before as it was nothing but long waits) and she all but ignored us. We gave the names I suspect they went in one ear and put the other. I used to give feedback on the survey post cruise but I haven’t had one of them since before the pandemic. Do they still do them?
  8. Glad you enjoyed it Jean. I kept a note of the company in the Azures for future use. Sounds ideal
  9. You are not alone, I have been up since 2am after about 3 hours sleep.
  10. My friend used her on line banking to show available funds in addition to cash she had and that was acceptable. Helpful information though Snow Hill as it would obviously depend on how strictly the regulations are applied by each officer checking.
  11. Just discovered that travel blog Jamie was on this particular cruise. He has posted a 3 part review. He comments on the poor food and the long waits and pager situation so obviously not just me.
  12. We are just off Aurora and passports were checked at La Rochelle on the way back onto the ship. It caught out several people in the queue. Some French ports have been doing this for a while now.
  13. Good idea @zap99 Its just one more thing to add to the list of preparation when travelling, which has become a lot less of a pleasure than it used to be. Next year may see the biometrics and visa requirements being implemented as well, unless they postpone yet again. The queues are already long enough at passport control. We were ages in January getting into Madeira as they only had 2 people on for 3 full flights, we were all British so couldn’t use the E gates anymore and they were taking longer to ask about booked accommodation (but not checking funds etc).
  14. For younger folks who are struggling to even pay for a holiday that’s a lot, particularly if they have paid in advance for example for all inclusive.
  15. Good question. In terms of legislation it probably does but whether they would apply it or not is an unknown.
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