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  1. For a long cruise a bit of private outdoor space is pretty much essential, for me at least. I like the fresh air and a bit of peace and quiet to pass a few hours reading or just staring at the waves o sea days. There is only so much “joining in” you can do on a 35 day cruise so a private bolt hole is a god send. I would certainly recommend a balcony.
  2. Do you have a price for the 11day crossover back to Soton in late March?
  3. Eglesbrech

    Pub Grub

    Sounds not too bad then, seabass is a personal favourite. We have been in some lovely pubs in England and Wales. A couple of weeks ago we stopped off on a journey and had a platter of local foods which was really excellent and washed down with ale from the area. The place was heaving with local residents, we were just lucky to find it. Also love the crack in Irish pubs along with A pint of the balcony stuff.
  4. Eglesbrech

    Pub Grub

    Same in my area, most are family owned and run, they tend to use local produce for their specials along with the more usual pub food. They also have guest ales which change regularly. Brian1 is correct about the chains which you tend to see in the bigger towns up here, they all have exactly the same on the menu - burger, fish and chips, mac cheese etc.
  5. Eglesbrech

    Pub Grub

    Definitely, our locals do really nice menus with everything from a small snack to a 3 course meal. The food is what keeps most of them busy The very strict drink driving laws have killed most rural pubs as drinking places. It has meant that they have much more interesting non alcoholic choices now though which is good.
  6. Which ports are you visiting? What are you interested in doing. Many Scottish ports are easy to do DIY without a ship excursions or tour company, depends where you dock.
  7. I agree that some of the geography is out a lot, like in the examples you have given. The difference is at present when an itinerary says Venice it means right in the middle of Venice. If that changes then that’s fine as long as it is made clear at the booking stage and not just changed at a latter date. I agree that the change would be good for Venice and personally I would also enjoy visiting some of the smaller Italian towns which may appreciate the tourist money (and not charge as much as Venice does).
  8. I had a survey in from P&O in March this year with the usual stuff but also questions about ports. One of the questions was about visiting Venice however the berth was Trieste which they stated was “Venice” but is 1 hour 50 minutes away which they also mentioned. Perhaps this will be the option for bigger ships, berth elsewhere, go I n by bus and passengers then pay the taxes for entry etc as part of a tour excursion fee.
  9. Venice now has some strict new bylaws about eating in public places and dress as well. News article about it last week, the tourists were fined on the spot and told to leave the city.
  10. I would agree, some cabin types need to be booked early. I would also agree that If you book a saver then be aware of the potential risks and don’t moan if you don’t get what you want in the end. If you have specific needs then book select. There will however always be saver fares at great value because they would not be profitable if they did not have them, no cruise company does it out of the goodness of their hearts, they do it to fill ships.
  11. It really does not matter which cruise line it is, it is just a real shame if cruises are disrupted and passengers inconvenienced.
  12. We had a GA (top of balcony grade) saver fair for £80.71 pppn earlier this year, which I agree Jean is amazing value for what is provided. When you compare cruise fares, be that select or saver, to what you would pay in an equivalent hotel with just DBB rather than all meals, snacks, entertainment and most importantly ports of call then it is always good.
  13. Have you considered booking a suite and sharing with your dad instead? Depending on the design on the ship selected you can get a lot of privacy and you often find you both get a better space for the money paid. Certainly better value than £2100 for a tiny cabin. Some lines also offer the third person for free / a reduction when sharing a cabin.
  14. No one has the capacity to track every cruise from opening offer to last minute late saver, people tend to only follow the ones they have booked/ the ones they are interested in booking. I know for a fact that some early bookings will never be beaten when you consider OBC etc. I also know for a fact that some early / late savers have represented excellent value and certainly beat the opening price. I only however know this about the very small number of cruises I have followed for my own bookings. I have no idea what the general trend is. My gut feeling is that in the last few years I would have said early was best as a general rule but more recently the late offers are getting much better again, back to what they were 10 years ago. It all depends on the individual cruise, where it is going and how well it is selling etc. If you are happy with your booking then that’s all that matters really. Happy cruising.
  15. We had a cruise booked with TUI when there was all the carry on in Egypt, they kept the cruises running right up until the government issued a formal warning. They kept going presumably because their insurance, like most private polices only kicks in at that point when the the instruction not to travel is given. I was not happy with the prospect of waiting to see and perhaps having to go to a place that I might not feel 100% safe so decided to change the cruise myself for a small fee, rather than wait for a change at the last minute. That way I was able to choose an alternative that suited me. We are all different and for me the prospect of being there was not going to make it a happy cruise before we even left, others are made of sterner stuff and were quite happy to go I am sure. P&O will obviously take government advice and move the ship (as TUI did) and ensure passenger safety once a directive is issued. The alternatives however re a replacement cruise are anyone’s guess. Hope it all settles and folks can just enjoy the holidays they have booked.
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