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  1. If you are on a charter arranged by P&O as part of your booking then you will be delayed along with a lot of late guests so they are likely to hold the ship for you. (Are all the grumpy people in the queue going to the ship, ask a few of them) If you made your own flight arrangements I would contact them immediately to let them know about the delay. Try not to let it spoil your holiday, these things tend to work out fine.
  2. Personally I like formal nights, as do many, many regular cruisers, some of them fairly young so not likely to disappear in under 5 years (no matter how much you wish they would😀) I think it will polarise and the modern family ships may dumb down the dress code and the adults only retain it but who knows for sure. That sort of compromise would at least give the for and against groups a choice. The senior staff do (quite rightly) try to apply the dress code on formal nights and people are turned away if they have not made at least a bit of an effort. Some do slip through the net and of course there will always be acceptable exceptions eg people who have lost baggage.
  3. So sorry to hear that, it is frustrating when you are looking forward to visiting a place. Are they offering an alternative port or are you just bobbing about?
  4. Yes. Both are in the middle of Bergen. The ice bar is across the water from the Bryggen (the old coloured houses). You can walk round by the fish market if your ship docks in the near port. You probably need to pre book as some ships take tours to ice bars and can book it up for the whole day, we had that issue in Oslo. The funicular is also right in the middle of the city, diagonally across the road from the fish market. It gets busy so I would suggest going up and back down early in the day and the ice bar PM if you have time to do both. If you are at the berth that requires a shuttle you are still near to both from the drop off point. The Bryggen museum is also worth a visit if you like history, it makes wandering round the old houses more interesting once you know what the features are for. Its a lovely place to DIY, enjoy.
  5. Thanks for that but I can’t see it on my iPad. Are you using a desktop?
  6. Professional organisations should not go live with a website without proper beta testing. It does not give the best impression. While testing will will never discover absolutely every issue it appears that they have missed quite a few.
  7. If you scroll down from where it asks for the code there is another search button but it is not in view (I missed it at first as well).
  8. Probably very wise, I have given up.
  9. I wonder how much business they are losing with people getting so frustrated that they look elsewhere.
  10. They seem to have switched the old site back on. I wonder if this morning was just a test / if it has crashed / too many initial issues. I have just gone back and it’s changed again. Really confused now.
  11. I have had a play around with it and it is confusing to say the least. They appear to have removed some facilities (or they are so well hidden I have not found them yet). Can anyone find the list of available cabins for example? I tend to use an iPad and now have a lot of scrolling around to do. It seems to now be optimised for mobile phones. They have added some bits in eg acknowledgement of the new alcohol and dress policy before making a booking which at least ensures that people are aware of the policies. **Important Information** We hope you are looking forward to your cruise. Ahead of your arrival, we wanted to advise about changes to our alcohol policy. As of 1 February 2018, guests can only bring on board a single bottle of alcohol (up to 1litre in size) as they embark the ship for the first time only. And alcohol bought at ports along the way cannot be consumed while on board. “Another policy change, as of 1 January 2018, means fancy dress, novelty or clothing personalised with images/slogans will not be permitted (a change from the policy wording in the January 2018 - October 2019 brochure). Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to welcoming you on board very soon. Find out more: pocruises.com/code-of-conduct I've read and acknowledge this notice.”
  12. What do you think, is it any improvement on the older version. Has anyone found anything new and useful?
  13. You are assuming that people in foreign ports would actually know what Rule Britannia or the Dam-busters tune is to be offended or indeed care about the music played on a departing ship. If offence was caused then presumably port authorities or other ships captains would complain and call time on the P&O sail away. Respect is (quite rightly) shown on ships to their ports of call by using the appropriate flags while near or in port. While I am personally not into the flag waving etc on Fred it is just one show on one night that can be avoided easily by those who don’t enjoy it and attended by those who do. What it is not is “dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries” which is the definition of xenophobia. It is people celebrating their country, in a theatre, in the middle of the ocean usually.
  14. So has anyone tried the drinks packages as yet? They started last week on some ships. What did you think about it?
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