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  1. And in addition to the layers of clothing remember the smelling salts for the first time you try and buy something in Norway - if you have not been there before then be prepared as it is very, very expensive. It is also very safe and friendly so using a rucksack has never been a problem for us. There is a handy section here on CC for port information if you want an idea of what to do in each port. The folks on here are a helpful bunch so just ask about anything you are unsure of and someone will be able to help.
  2. 14 April 2016 and we have never booked a cruise with this port included again. In our case we were never offered either explanation or apology. It was not bad weather. The ship was however at anchor quite a distance out and the tenders seemed to take forever. At one point they just stopped completely. (My husband has just reminded me that a couple of times the tenders just stopped was to allow private yachts to manoeuvre but at other times nonapparent reason) We actually went back into town for a drink when we first saw the que but when we came back it was even worse and out in the open on a very sunny day. Luckily I had carried a hat, sunscreen, water etc but people in the que were getting badly burned. Nothing at all like your horrible experience but they could still have learned some lessons.
  3. Absolutely. I did not in any way mean to imply that what happened to you and others was in any way acceptable, lessons should indeed be learned. I just didn’t want any new cruisers to think that it happens a lot. P&O were already aware of issues at this tender port. The last time I was there we were stuck in a queue for hours in the sun with no shade and no water. Staff from Viking cruises took pity on us and handed out water. Some of the older guests really struggled. We did eventually get back onboard but it was unpleasant, so P&O already know that it is an issue and worse when the Grand Prix or boat show are in town. They should have learned lessons from that incident but clearly did not which begs the question why.
  4. Yes, I presume that the bigger brochure has all the prices. For those who got the bigger version how are the prices looking compared to previous years, just curious if the fall of the pound has had any impact.
  5. Looks most uncomfortable, one picture we won’t be seeing on P&Os marketing. Can I ask what was the “tone” like on the ship and then later if you have contacted P&O back at home. Were they apologetic about it onboard / back home or defending the situation?
  6. Interesting. I,ll look forward to receiving the big one next week then.
  7. While this situation was not fun for those involved to put it into perspective how many of us have ever been stranded overnight like this. In all the cruises I have done (Stopped counting at 100 😀) I have never been stuck on shore. I may have had very long tender queues in the sun, rain or cold and been annoyed by that fact but I have always got back onboard. I would guess this is not a frequent issue and I’m sure we would not want those new to cruising reading these boards to think that it happens a lot. So other than the contributors to this thread who had this recent issue on Azura, how many of you have actually ever been stuck overnight?
  8. They are offering 2 departures that day for Azura, 14 nights and 28 night Caribbean fly cruises (and the same options again the next day on 11 December). Sorry I only received the small version so can’t detail the ports
  9. “We are currently experiencing a technical issue which is affecting our Cruise Personaliser website. Please rest assured we are working on a priority resolution. Whilst we look to resolve this issue the system will be unavailable. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience” The above message is on the front page at the moment.
  10. Your are right as some may, personally I won’t at least not for this port given my last experience which was bad but nothing like as bad as the recent debacle.
  11. The longest journey starts with just one step as they say. Based on the bad experiences and publicity of those caught up in the recent debacle who knows
  12. Personally I would never book a tender here again based on previous experience. Once bitten.....
  13. Not true. Monaco is perfectly fine for ships at berth.
  14. The “reality” is that passengers should never have been placed in this situation in the first place.
  15. But you should not have to, as some can’t.
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