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  1. Eglesbrech

    New Year Cruise to Bruges & Amsterdam J921

    Thanks, I’ll have a look at that.
  2. Eglesbrech

    New Year Cruise to Bruges & Amsterdam J921

    I have had a look at the port timetable and there still seem to be a lot of ships berthing there this year, including some big ones eg for Costa, RCI, Aida, Viking, NCL etc etc. Unless the timetable has yet to be updapted the disruption does not seem to be having a major effect on every ship, unless of course these are all small vessels but I doubt if the RCI ones are. P&O are missing from the list as are some other lines. Makes you wonder what is actually going on.
  3. Eglesbrech

    New Year Cruise to Bruges & Amsterdam J921

    The timing is strange then for Amsterdam to have imposed this tax if very few ships will be able to use the port and so pay it. I also wonder why P&O did not tell passengers if this was the case, providing a reasonable explaination would surely have stopped a lot ofupset, phone calls and emails.
  4. Eglesbrech

    Oriana comparison

    I agree with the above as a fair assessment of the difference. Food is generally a bit better in the MDR and very much better in the Cunard buffet. The cabins on Cunard are also slightly nicer IMO. The real difference is if you are in a suite where Cunard then wins hands down with the extra services it provides to Grill passengers. Personally I prefer P&Os extra pay restaurants as they are proper restaurants. P&O charge for room service (except breakfast). You may notice some slight changes but you will have an enjoyable holiday on Oriana. (If you had been sailing on one of the newer, bigger P&O ships then I am sure the advice would be completely different).
  5. Eglesbrech

    New Year Cruise to Bruges & Amsterdam J921

    I have never travelled with MSC but this kind of thing does make me wonder if I should look beyond the normal companies I tend to cruise with and try out others. Face it the loyalty scheme with P&O is not worth hanging around for and the customer service is patchy at best. Nice to hear that MSC have taken a more customer friendly approach. It will be interesting to see over the coming weeks if P&O become a bit more accommodating and / or if someone affected challenges the, formally.
  6. Celebrity is more expensive than P&O for onboard prices and tips and of course all dollar charges to subject to currency fluctuations. Drinks prices in particular are high however they do offer some lovely choices and excellent selection of cocktails, try the ice bar for martinis. If you get the “free” drinks package drinks are limited but still a reasonable choice, the best ones are on the premium package which is an extra charge. I prefer the buffets on Celebrity, a much larger range and better quality of food IMO. They also offer a lots of healthy option foods. The Celebrity stage show productions are really good but there is less overall entertainment than P&O. The Celebrity ships have different features eg a grass lawn for playing cricket or having a picnic listening to jazz. The have more wow factor. Like P&O Celebrity also offer good quality extra pay restaurants which are well worth visiting. Most things on Celebrity are just a slightly higher quality than on P&O, just small things like thicker towels, better quality beds on the sun deck etc. You are however paying a large premium for things that are nice but perhaps not worth the much higher Cruise package cost given, as John says above, the drop in the pound. The passenger mix is more cosmopolitan, not all just Brits.
  7. Eglesbrech

    New Year Cruise to Bruges & Amsterdam J921

    40 minute journey if you are lucky. We have done it with the ferry and depending on the time of the day it can take significantly longer, just like any other major city in the world. I think this is so unfair on passengers but P &O don’t seem to care (along with other cruise companies who are doing the same).
  8. Eglesbrech

    Select Dining on Britannia

    I would agree with AndyMichelle, we really did not like the afternoon tea at all. It was all far too sweet for our tastes. We generally love afternoon tea but not that particular one. If they like Indian then Sindui is lovely and the food is not too hot, it has lovely spiced dishes. Epicurean is a great experience and the menus would suit most tastes. The Glass House is a more casual experience but also has some interesting options on the menu. They also offer wine tasting or occasional wine pairing dinners. A voucher would allow them to choose. You may already know this but P&O offer a Bon voyage package which is always a lovely surprise for people when they get onboard, we have used this for friends and family and they have been delighted with it. Even if you don’t know the cabin number as long as you have a name, cruise date (and a date of birth for someone travelling helps them find it) P&O will track it down for you and make the arrangements. Hope you find something that suits you
  9. Eglesbrech

    Will they let us embark early?

    You got lucky.😀 If people go before their allocated time they won’t be kept hanging around for the sake of it and if possible they will be checked in as you were. That said if the place is busy and people with the correct time come through you could have to wait the full period until your allocated time. Our last cruise we went for our allocated time and were through in 15 minutes, all very prompt. A couple of cruises back we went for out sllocated time and had to wait for ages, it all depends on what has occurred on the day. On balance the process seems to be getting much better as most reviews on here are now a lot more positive than they were, say 18 months ago.
  10. Eglesbrech

    P & O cabin allocation

    It is a difficult one as it is unfair on people who need the disabled facilities or need a scooter for mobility that appropriate cabins are so limited and /or expensive. I can however see why P&O restricted scooters as on some cruises before the policy change, there were far too many, they blocked corridors by being parked outside cabins etc. John,s idea of having some for hire for on shore could solve the problem if the “fleet” was stored on lower decks so did not cause the previous issues. It could be a commercial proposition as well as helpful to customers.
  11. Eglesbrech

    P & O cabin allocation

    You can google it and see it for yourself.
  12. Eglesbrech

    P & O cabin allocation

    That’s good news. Glad P&O were obliging.
  13. Eglesbrech

    P & O cabin allocation

    This is the description on the web if you book a delux cabin on Brittania, whether you look via a select or a saver fare route. •Balcony, lounge area, bathroom with full-size bath
  14. Eglesbrech

    Think that P&O is going downmarket? Try Virgin!

    Well of all the things you could put on a cruise ship this is the last one I would have thought of. I also wonder how many people who have one done while in the holiday spirit (figurative or literal) will regret this once back at home.
  15. Eglesbrech

    Water bottle with fruit infuser

    Yes as Grooviechick says you can take a water bottle but fill a cup then fill your personal water bottle from the clean cup. I know, just common sense but it would amaze you how many selfish people you will see putting a water bottle they have been drinking from right up to the water point, so cross contaminating it with their saliva. You won’t have problems keeping hydrated on P&O as they also offer chilled tap water at meals etc.