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  1. Or butterflies, man about the house and mind your language etc.
  2. Or enjoyed a riparian picnic with the Lady of the house, (this is she). 😀
  3. Most of the “on your own” ones do however have a decent little local town to visit as an alternative to the named place. As others have said there is nothing to see or do at this port. That does not however mean that you are wrong, in fact I think it may well change once the marketing has been updated.
  4. Yes I make mine with leftover roast beef as well. I suppose we all use a different recipe but the same basic concept. I am judiciously avoiding the undergarment debate 😀. Anyway as Andy et al will be on the fully repaired Ventura for the bells I doubt Stovies will be on offer to them.
  5. Don’t worry about rumours, they are seldom correct however you would be welcome to a plate of stovies, some black bun and a dram or 3.
  6. I wouldn’t expect it but I would always check it.
  7. To make you feel even happier it is blowing a gale here, streets and railways are flooding and it is freezing cold. Enjoy your lovely sunshine then safe home.
  8. That’s a good question. 20% off as a general rate could be pretty valuable if it were to be applied to a long cruise or top cabin grade. 20% off based on the cost of the short cruise probably would not even cover the difference for those who booked early and got a good discount or obc.
  9. What a real shame for the wee ones. It may not suit you but have you thought about something like Center Paris, they have good facilities and at this time of the year they do a winter wonderland with lots of activities. Just had a quick look and they do have some availability but depends where you live for journey length. There are also day flights to Lapland available this weekend, husky rides etc I hope you get something sorted out.
  10. I would like to think they would provide some sort of cover but personally I would be checking if I didn’t have annual insurance. Presumably you would have to make contact to activate the extension or at least inform the insurer, (you have to contact when using the medical element over a certain amount). Every policy will potentially be a little different.
  11. People are not “jumping in with both feet”, they are discussing scenarios and as this is a discussion forum they are quite entitled to do so. If you are retired or have a reasonable employer and have appropriate annual travel insurance this would be absolutely fine, a little sunshine bonus. Some will not feel that way and be in a panic about a number of issues. A good refund though.
  12. Depends how accommodating employers are for those who still work. Lovely if you are retired, not so good if you have no annual leave and face having the time deducted from your December pay as some employers have been known to do (remember all the fuss with the ash cloud).
  13. Well I had vaguely thought about booking this as my husband quite likes one of the acts, then I saw the price and the small print below. Not worth what they are charging for a one week cruise in my opinion, particularly when the headline acts could change and you are not guaranteed to get into events even if they do appear. First come first served according to the blurb. I’m sure it will be fun for those who do decide to go and look forward to hearing about in in reviews. “Acts performing at Ionafest 2020 may be subject to change without notice”.
  14. Those who have their holiday extended may also need to consider their travel insurance which may run out before the voyage does among the other practical issues they will face.
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