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  1. Now is the time. Make those pies for him right now. As the old song goes “For we need a little Christmas, right this very minute”.
  2. Unfortunately not around here. scones sound good, may just knock some up myself as I still have some homemade jam left from last year . Enjoy yours.
  3. I do it by hand as well, very therapeutic. I still have yeast but I am currently keeping a pet sourdough starter for use if the yeast runs out.
  4. I can get plain and self raising flour but not strong bread making flour. I would take a 10 Kg bag happily.
  5. You are correct. Once a day for exercise is actually only included on the statutory instrument for Wales, not the other UK nations. The one hour is only a suggestion.
  6. You are perfectly entitled to feel how you feel and I really feel your pain as we should have been away as well. At least you have some sunshine, enjoy it. There are a lot of sanctimonious, holier than thou, busy bodies around - just ignore them. We all know there are more important things but we are still allowed to be disappointed. Enjoy your Belgium beer, good company and sun.
  7. Andy, you do realise that it yoofff parlance that has a whole different meaning.
  8. Yes her and everyone else who has broken the rules. There are several people very much more high profile than her who have done so yet she seems to be getting the pellets.
  9. Some really old people on the islands genuinely have very little English but everyone else can speak it perfectly well when they choose to. It is however really handy when avoiding touts in holiday promenades, they back off quickly.
  10. If I visit now I’ll understand when I am being insulted. In some parts of Scotland they switch from speaking perfectly good English to Gaelic when they see a non local coming. It’s so funny when you wish them a good morning in Gaelic and they then wonder just how much of their conversation you have understood.😈
  11. The only meaning for that I know is a crawling beastie but I suspect that you are meaning something different? Educate us all.
  12. Indeed prayers for Boris and for everyone who has this horrible virus. I don’t like the mans politics but I fervently hope he fully recovers soon. Perhaps the fact that someone so high profile and relatively young is so ill will make some of the idiots pay more attention to the rules. Yes the Lake District is lovely and we like Wales but still have much to discover there. There are so many lovely places we have yet to visit in the UK so perhaps now is the time.
  13. Yes I saw some of the signs saying outsiders were not welcome on the news. Holiday areas need trade and people who can’t get insurance or don’t want to travel far need places to go so it will sort itself out. I knew the word but only because I had heard it on TV, Doc Martin I think.😀
  14. Our economy will need us all to holiday at home and spend our holiday money in the UK. There are so many lovely places to visit in the Uk, perhaps this is the time we should try to visit them.
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