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  1. The lunchtime news they are now suggesting that the UK government will airlift nationals. Other country’s have already done so for their citizens.
  2. Yes April and early May cruises will be paid in full. I think there will be some people who consider before making final payments, particularly for those with the low cost deposits.
  3. I agree, you could catch it anywhere and at least cruise ships are taking precautions. I don’t see many land based places doing the same. The issue is the potential to be confined in a cabin, although after the Princess experience perhaps the authorities may change that approach and disperse people for their quarantine rather than keep them all in one confined space.
  4. You seem to have it all sorted already 😀. Just a couple of thoughts. If you want to try Poncha perhaps consider Bar No Two which is also on the ocean front just along from the Madeira Museum / opposite the landing station for the lift. It is called bar 2 because bar 1 along the coast was the first place to serve Poncha to the fishermen coming back with their catch. It is small with just a few tables inside and out but the Poncha is made fresh rather than from a mix and the whole place smells of the fresh citrus fruit being juiced. It is also incredibly cheap and they also offer traditional snacks free with the drinks like garlic and chilli flavoured flower seeds (sounds horrible, tastes great but only eat the inside not the skins). You can also just wander into the Blandys wine lodge with or without ordering a drink (but try the Madeira it is really reasonable here) and see the ground floor of a traditional lodge. (Upstairs is part of a paid tour). Funchal also has a really cute old fashioned biscuit shop which the girls might enjoy as they let you taste the biscuits before buying (and you’ll want to buy the lovely little traditional Madeira biscuits which are incredibly well priced for the quality). It’s called Fabrica Santo Antonio and you can google it for the address in the middle of Funchal. There is not a huge amount to do in La Palma for small children but there are lovely walks, just wander along the promenade and see the pretty coloured balcony’s. There is also quite a bit of public art in the side streets and you just fall over it when out walking including a replica ship.
  5. The piano player in Michelle’s Clube was called Perrie (and his sidekick waiter was Shelco). His act was definitely marmite, granite worktops, gated community’s and music by Judy!
  6. I know what you mean it’s not so convenient for folks in the UK . We have now discovered however that a major supermarket currency exchange does ready made up cruise tipping packs in small dollars denominations. The minimum pack size is a £20 pack.
  7. I’m glad you said that as I thought I had been able to book it previously but definitely not possible now. As you say perhaps a CP glitch.
  8. You need to book onboard as the cruise personaliser states that advance booking is unnecessary and does not offer this facility.
  9. Brilliant, glad you got the upgrade. The current health scare may have some influence on this but then again they may just have too many cabins to sell.
  10. I think it might, at least for the big ships. It has swung back and forth over the decades from early booking being best as it is at present to massive last minute bargains that came up just after the payment date. Try reading some of the really old threads on here on the subject. P&O used to have their own cruise forum which some of the older hands on here contributed to but they shut it down. My guess would be that the constant posting about a last minute suite for the price of a balcony or balcony for the advertised inside cabin price may have been a contributing factor, among other things.
  11. Hot drinks don’t affect your temperature significantly and alcohol actually reduces it, even though you may feel warmer you are actually getting colder.
  12. They don’t raise core temperature but they do raise skin temperature which could be enough to trigger thermal imaging.
  13. My taxi fare home would be significantly more! All joking aside a ships doctor would be aware of medications and conditions that can raise temperatures (that are not illness) and make allowances for them.
  14. True, annoying but true. Celebrity are now no longer dropping prices towards the sail date. They have a bidding system for upgrades rather than selling them off cheaply to new bookers which is at least a bit fairer.
  15. I don’t think it’s so much price parity as a matter of equality. I don’t mind so much if we all just retain the price we paid at the time we booked, as you quite rightly say standards will fall when the prices do. It is however a bit annoying being on the same ship where some passengers get the sometimes significant price drop and others don’t. We have been in this situation on RCI and Celebrity and you can’t avoid knowing about it as it is openly discussed. It’s not so obvious on P&O as mainly British passengers.
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