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  1. Not one of the ships mentioned but Gem June 7 to Bermuda, $1410 got 3 of us from balcony to H4. cant wait to see the surprised faces! 30th Anniversary splurge. I got email 1 week before YO
  2. So just won Haven 4 🤩 2 bedroom bid and looking for advice. On Gem to Bermuda with wife and 23 daughter we are celebrating our 30th Anniversary . What are the perks and what should we and can we ask for or do as a Haven guest. I don’t want to miss out on anything, but do not want to be obnoxious about asking for things. What advice, tips, comments or must do’s do you all have? Thabks,YO
  3. GOT IT! I’m so excited. Leaving on June 7 on Gem for Bermuda! Booked a balcony for the 3 of us and bid on the Haven 4 2 bedroom, $1410 and was notified by email Fri at 6:57 am. A full week before we leave. It was in the high poor category of bids. Now tell me everything I want and need to know to get the full, best experience. Thanks, YO
  4. Thanks Mike_DeA for the info, 25% seems a little steep, but might have to check it out a little. Never know how the fish are biting. Thanks, YO
  5. So in Bermuda you’re saying I would have $150 in credit towards excursions? I was told only $50. Which is it? Any recent Bermuda cruisers out there?
  6. Do they play only tournaments or do they have cash games going too? if only tournaments how many will they play on a 7 night cruise? Ship is the Gem going to Bermuda in June. Thanks, YO
  7. Dicenator, Thanks for the information I’ll look into doing that when I can. YO
  8. We are sailing on our full day in port June 10th. When does Escape leave port?
  9. fourofakind, great review and info. So glad to hear you had such a good time. We are booked for the 5 hr special at 8:00am, as I read how in the morning the water is much calmer and less people out. Thanks everyone for your great information and advice. I’ll post once we get back. YO
  10. Dicenator glad to hear that. I’m heading out June 7 from Boston on Gem and was looking forward to time on the tables. Hope I can get a couple nice runs like yours.
  11. Thank you Laszlo & Tammyd549 for all your thougths. I am going to book today! Have a great day! YO
  12. Wow, thank you all for the great responses. This is a must do for us now. We are on the Gem going into Bermuda June 9, 10, 11 so going to book today for the June 10th day . Gonna do the morning as suggested. Tammyd549 - thank you so much for all your input that was great and look forward to any other thoughts Laszlo - thank you so much for sharing this place and your help and pictures. I can't wait to get out on the water! One last question. (maybe, until I think of another one or the wife asks me to ask 😉 How is it getting back into the boat from the water? I have a special needs daughter who is a little clumsy sometimes and struggles with some physical upper body strenght activities? Thanks again everyone, YO
  13. Laszlo, thank you so much for the info. Your post was my reason to post asking about this. It seems so fun. Your response was great , I really appreciate all the info. My lovely non-risk taking wife is even considering it! Are the waters pretty calm in the morning and early afternoon? Anything else is greatly appreciated! Thanks, YO
  14. So saw a mention of this place and thought it looked like a great idea. I am looking for people who have done this and what their experience was like. Was it easy to navigate around to various places? Can you find coves to pull in and snorkel and look for fish and turtles? How was equipment? Is there a store near by to get refreshments before heading out? Anything else you could offer up would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, YO
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