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  1. Here is some disembarkation paperwork that is pretty standard on Princess. It might help give you an idea of what to expect. This was for the Royal in Vancouver this year but don't pay attention to the disembarkation times, though. Our cruise arrival time was a one off. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-iqjhyO_bcQ1lWiKQM9SzEuZvQQIM_6L/view Here are what Vancouver disembarkation times are closer to. This was for the Golden last season. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hEX9YlHJg69ztRwedufD6soqInIImX_5/view Hope you find them helpful.
  2. Sure can. You can check and uncheck the "share my location" button anytime.
  3. Matt left the Royal on May 25. He is on vacation. Lexi is the CD right now.
  4. Two different milestone events. I'm a little ahead of my hubby and I celebrated mine last cruise and he'll get his on our cruise in September.
  5. Just to clarify, 500 days does NOT get breakfast at Sabitinis. Have to wait until 750 days for that one.
  6. They are going around Vancouver Island, too. What a bummer.
  7. If you're onboard you should also be able to see it on your stateroom tv. On the tv menu list (on the left part of the screen) is the list of things things like live tv, on demand, music, and a little down the list it has "apps". There is where you will find the ship location map that will look similar to what the website shows.
  8. Thanks for reading along on the blog! On the blog I did screen captures from the navigation channel when we are on the ship. Since we're home now I went to https://www.myshiptracking.com/ and did a search for the Royal Princess. I then clicked on the ship and went to "show track". I knew she was going to be back in Vancouver tomorrow so I did the screen capture this evening.
  9. The ship is again skipping the Seymour Narrows today and is coming around Vancouver Island on its way back to Vancouver. Hope tomorrow works out for you!
  10. Yes. She doesn't need wifi or a phone for the Medallion to get picked up on your phone or on the portals around the ship. My hubby didn't have either and I could find him just fine.
  11. Yes! There is also a makeshift ranger station, a place to stamp your National Parks Passport, and a Jr Ranger program for the kiddos. Here are some ranger-related photos from our Glacier Bay sailing last month.
  12. I can confirm that. And if you're a super slow walker like my husband it may lock again before you even get to the door.
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