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  1. No need to rush there. They can print a card for you any time. In the meantime, your Medallion will get you into your cabin, allow you to be scanned for muster, and can be used to pay for your purchases.
  2. Cards are printed (and issued) at the Passenger Services desk onboard. Staff shoreside only have Medallions available to hand out.
  3. You can just go to check in as you have in the past. They will issue you a Medallion there. If you want a cruise card, once onboard head to Passenger Services desk and they can print you one.
  4. What number is on the back of your Medallion? I don’t have a number on the back of mine.
  5. There was, but we were told since we already had our Medallions we weren’t allowed to use it. The priority line was completely empty and the Medallion line was really long. They definitely needed a Priority with Medallion line.
  6. My email is cruisingandcrafting at gmail dot com.
  7. I would need to know more about everything included in the cruise package you purchased before chiming in on that. Yes, it is possible but highly unlikely that Princess would make a mistake like that. If it was a Princess error they would be working hard to make it right. I would suspect it was the TA who applied the paid cruise fare to the wrong things first (like drink packages or excursions). If you want to know more and don't want to share on a public forum, feel free to email me. My email is in my signature.
  8. I was responding to the OP who was talking about her TA randomly cancelling numerous bookings a week before the cruise. If it was because the cruise line hadn't been paid it would have happened at final payment time, not after. I do know that cancellations happen after final payment due to various reasons. But that's not what the OP is saying happened.
  9. It depends on your TA. Some TAs don't allow you to transfer bookings once you are with them and some do. Sometimes they may charge you an "administration fee" to transfer it and some are more than happy to send you on your way to someone else. Just depends.
  10. I know you don't want to share the TA or the group online, but would you share the ship and sailing date? There should be no cabins cancelled close to a sailing date as a cancellation would have occurred at final payment date.
  11. There are a few things that could have happened to make the pricing higher. If it was an organized group, like a themed cruise with planned activities, there could be additional charges for entertainment or an instructor/materials/supplies, or even a charge for a host. Like you also said part of the cruise price may also be because of an included drink package. A good TA would take those 200 passengers and discount the fare, since after a certain number of paid berths a free berth is available. With 200 passengers there would be several free berths. Some TAs keep the money as a commission and don’t pass along the discount to the group. If excursions are part of the cruise package that would make a huge difference. With large groups we can arrange for excursions through Princess that are just for group members. Those group excursions are at cost so TAs can mark up each excursion as much as they’d like. There are some TAs who will offer air, but then mark up the air cost to make up for the fact that air is non-commissionable. I could go on and on, but I probably have said enough already. To be clear, not all TAs are that way. But I do get bookings transferred to me and I’ve had to clean up messes other TAs have made. And one more thing - even for groups, payments should not be going to the TA. We take payments and enter them directly into the Princess system either online or by calling Princess and giving them the guest's credit card information over the phone.
  12. No reservations through the app. Still have to call. BTW, I just talked to the phone operator on the Royal this week and she said 20% of the Anytime Dining room is set aside for reservations. When those slots have been taken for the day, no more AT reservations are available. You just have to show up at the door. They do have four operators manning the Dine line here so there hasn't been a problem getting through to someone.
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