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  1. I agree. It confounds me why passengers continue to eat in the line, lick their fingers, and then pick up the tongs. Even with what is going on now it hasn’t curbed their poor habits. I also feel obliged to say this...we were on the Royal Princess for three B2B cruises. We joined the Royal two days after the Regal's failing score, were still on the ship when the Caribbean Princess had to return to port early because of norovirus, and were on during the Diamond quarantine time. Based on the problems on the other ships I would have expected to see enhanced cleaning measures done by crew on our ship. We didn’t. And believe me, we looked for them! I could give some specific examples of the lackadaisical attitude around cleaning we saw happening in many areas around the ship, but I won’t. There are so many preventative measures they could be taking but aren’t. Just know, as passengers we really do have to assume every surface we touch on the ship isn’t clean. The ship isn’t going to keep us healthy - we are going to need to assume that responsibility ourselves now more than ever.
  2. We just came off the Royal Princess yesterday after doing three B2Bs. We did have to fill out the new health form, but otherwise things were as they usually are. Passengers doing their thing and crew doing theirs. And yes, we had people with colds onboard. Talking to the crew, some are a bit stressed as they have friends on the Diamond. One thing to note - Princess just this week has given all crew across the fleet access to use WhatsApp without needing to purchase WiFi. They now can message, call, and video chat for free through the app. Kudos to Princess for providing open (and free) communication between crew and their families.
  3. When you use a travel agent that person becomes your Princess contact. She/he will purchase the transfer for you. There are some things you still can contact Princess directly about but the transfer is not one of them.
  4. Princess transfers aren't sold through other parties - it's a Princess transfer so it is purchased through Princess and only runs the days Princess has a ship in port. If you want to book a non-Princess transfer, there are companies who run the same route on ship days. Those you can buy elsewhere.
  5. Sorry to say, but just like when transferring to a TA, transferring to Princess has to occur within 60 days of the booking and before final payment is made.
  6. Yes, avoid the quad inside cabins on the Royal. The upper beds do stick out from the wall quite a bit. Space wise, the twin set up is better for two.
  7. This week’s is a bit different... CORONAVIRUS TRAVEL ADVISORY We're monitoring the situation with the coronavirus that originated in mainland China, and our medical experts are working with global health authorities. As a precaution, anyone who has traveled from or through mainland China, Macau or Hong Kong (including airport transits), or has had contact with a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus (2019-nCoV) within 14 days of the start of this cruise will not be allowed to board the ship. If this applies to you or your client, please contact us with proof of this travel for a full refund of the amount paid to Princess Cruises. All guests will also be subject to pre- boarding health reporting and enhanced screening at check-in. Due to changing circumstances, it is possible that authorities in the countries on your cruise may change their entry requirements on short notice. Please check all entry requirements prior to your arrival to the ship to ensure you are not impacted. Guest passports will be scanned to verify compliance. False responses on forms will result in immediate debark at the next opportunity, and you may face legal consequences. We may change requirements to safeguard guests and crew.
  8. Does the Star have the on demand tv system or is the old standard few channels?
  9. Yes, they are requiring health forms. As I wrote on my blog this week, we had to fill them out when boarding the Royal Princess on Thursday.
  10. It applies to passengers #3 and #4 by default. If you don't want the kids to have any of it, call Princess (or your TA who will then call Princess) and ask for it to be taken off their booking.
  11. Good point. Yep, BEST2DG is still a valid code.
  12. Ask to have the BEST3 promo code applied to your booking. Then the 3rd and 4th person will pay the $1 fare plus $40 a day for the BSE. You can’t do it yourself online so you’ll need to ask your TA or call Princess.
  13. The Spring on Sale promo has been extended to February 29.
  14. A new Best Sale Ever promo is starting Feb 11. While BSE has been covering Alaska sailings all along, the difference with this one is the “up to $200 off” Alaska cruisetours. Alaska’s Best. Sale. Ever. (February 11 – 24, 2020) For a limited time only - get drinks, Wi-Fi and gratuities included - PLUS up to $200 off on select Alaska cruisetours^! Book your Alaska vacation now. Hurry before this offer sails away! Disclaimer: General Terms (applicable to all portions of the Offer) – ONLY available if all guests in a stateroom elect to participate in the Offer. Offer is only available to residents of 50 United States or D.C., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Offer and its parts are non-transferable, is not redeemable for cash at any point, and may not be combined with other offers or other onboard credits. Offer’s Drinks, Wi-Fi, and Gratuities are only available on board the ship (not applicable to land portions), may only be used on a single voyage, and expire at the end of such voyage. Offer Available on select Alaska cruisetours departing May-September 2020. Offer is only available on cruisetours indicated as “Best. Sale. Ever.” Offer is capacity-controlled regardless of availability. *Fares are per guest and apply to minimum lead-in categories on a space-available basis at time of booking. Fares are non-air, cruisetour-only, based on double occupancy and apply to the first two guests in a stateroom. Fares and other values quoted in U.S. dollars. ^Up to $200 off per guest is based on a discount off applicable Best. Sale. Ever. fares on a space-available basis at time of booking on select Alaska cruisetours. Best. Sale. Ever. fares are offering fares and may not have been in effect for the past 90 days or resulted in actual sales in all categories. Intermediate discounts may have been taken and fares may remain at discounted levels after this promotion. †Premier Beverage Package applies to guests booked in all stateroom types. It is valid only for all guests in a stateroom who are 21 years or older. Guests who are under 21 years of age at the time of sailing can still book the Best. Sale. Ever. pricing, but will receive the Premier Coffee & Soda Package and will not receive any refund or otherwise for that portion of the Offer. A daily limit on alcoholic beverages will apply. ‡‡Wi-Fi included for one device per guest. Wi-Fi details will be delivered pre-cruise or in the stateroom. All internet usage subject to Princess Cruises’ standard policies, which may limit browsing of sites due to network security and bandwidth usage. Applications that use high bandwidth may be blocked and offerings subject to change with or without notice. ‡Gratuities included are in US Dollars. Amount of gratuities paid on behalf of guest may vary based on stateroom type. This amount is paid on the behalf of all guests in a stateroom. Gratuities do not include gratuities added to bar charges, dining room wine accounts, or Lotus Spa services. Deposit of $100 per guest is refundable. Full Suites require a $200 refundable deposit per guest. Deposits are required for guests 1 and 2 only. Reference promotion code: NZV Alaska’s Best. Sale. Ever. offer valid: February 11 - 24, 2020
  15. No word yet on the Crown officiant from my TA sources. I do know (since I'm a passenger on the voyage, not because of TA sources) that those couples participating on all three ships (when registered ahead of time) will receive a $250 gift certificate to the Effy Store. They really want us involved! So far my hubby and I haven't signed up for the renewal. Since the only thing I've ever picked up at Effy is the free pendant, the gift certificate is a bit tempting. But so far not tempting enough.
  16. I interviewed an 11 year old (and her mom) last year on the Royal Princess about the kid's club. You can take a listen, as well as look at the kid's club programming here: https://www.debsdays.com/2019/09/all-about-kids-club-on-princess-cruises.html It may be helpful in giving you an idea of what to expect on a Princess Cruise to Alaska.
  17. It’s your travel agent (or agency) telling you no, not Princess. It’s a hassle for agents to have to give back part of their commission when refaring after final payment so many issue the blanket “no” answer. But many of us do it for our clients because we want to get the best deal for them. I’ve never had a problem refaring a client after final payment. It usually is refunded to the credit card with 10-15 business days. Princess usually tells me it can’t be done if the specific category is sold out or if the new fare is for new bookings only.
  18. It does look like they adjusted the route. Good for them for being transparent this year. When we arrived late in Ketchikan the excursions were pushed back to later (or earlier, depending if we were going north or south) and some, because of the length of time needed, were cancelled. Here is the letter we received last year on the southbound voyage. (Click on "idahospud replied to a topic".) I didn't post the northbound letter. While the times for your voyage up will be completely different, it should give you an idea of what to expect if the port times are changed. Just a reminder, though...most port times on the Royal Princess last year were not affected by the Lions Gate Bridge timing.
  19. Way more complicated. On my TA system, we have a huge number of promo codes to apply to sailings. For example, for many of our Europe 2020 voyages we have promo codes for: Flash Fares Drop and Go Deals Best. Sale. Ever. with a Refundable Deposit Best. Sale. Ever. with the Air Disc + Ref Dep Best. Sale. Ever. with Air Disc + Non refundable deposit Princess Savers with a Refundable Deposit Princess Savers with Air Disc + Ref Dep Princess Savers with Air Disc + Non refundable deposit Unfortunately for passengers, most of these promos (with their varied pricing) can't be accessed without a TA or Princess offering them up to you. Just by looking at the Princess website you won't find all the options available. Even for our system we have to click to a separate screen to see all the promos available and are only able to look at two at a time - even though there may be eight of them. Make sure when you talk to your Princess rep or TA ask them to check on all the promos for you. It will take more time on their part (and your part) but it could save you several hundred dollars in the long run.
  20. No worries. Wasn't sure if it was a TA or Princess direct you were dealing with. With that you would still come out ahead though, right? $200 off airfare per person for an increased cabin cost of $83 per person?
  21. I don't know who "they" are, but yes the Europe Best Sale Ever is a different promo code than the original Best Sale Ever. Some cruises (and in some cases, just certain categories) went up in price and some stayed the same. Sounds like yours went up. Is that $165 per person or per cabin?
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