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  1. By any chance would have you purchased the FCD after you got home from your cruise? Those purchased within 60 days of returning home have a lower OBC amount. For a 7 day balcony it is $30 per person instead of the typical $50.
  2. She's right. We've had several cruises where we've gotten a lower airfare and the money has just sat there and sat there and sat there. My PVP had no idea what would happen to it. I started paying attention and found out it was being put back on the credit card 30 days AFTER I'd sailed. Now that I've become a TA I've found I can call Princess after I've changed to the lower airfare and they will initiate the refund. It gets put back within 10-15 business days. So whether you work with a PVP, a TA, or book on your own, someone will need to make the call to get the overage back in a timely fashion.
  3. When we’ve done B2Bs (and we do them a lot) we’ve always had to book separate tickets. My screen looks just like yours, too. It’s because the B2B bookings are linked.
  4. It depends on how hard your TA wants to make it work for you. Princess pays commissions right after final payment, so if you refare after the FP date Princess “recalls” part of the commission from the agent. (Meaning the agent has to pay it back to Princess.) Having to return a portion of the commission that had already been paid to the agent Is extra work for the TA. For less money. So many TAs will tell you no refares after final payment. (Also, sometimes they can’t be refared if the pricing is for new bookings only.)
  5. The Green Bar is quite the lively place. $3 beers or bucket of 6 for $14. Margaritas are $5. Here's their menu.
  6. At Walmart you have to pay for a dr consult before getting antiobiotics. I can't remember exactly what I paid, but it seems it was around $12 USD last year. The pharmacy in the mall right next door doesn't require a consult for antibiotics.
  7. Yep. It's the add-ons for existing bookings that are gumming up the system. If passengers booked on their own they have to call in to get it added on. If passengers used a travel agent, it's super-easy for the TA to add the codes in online without a call. But the TAs who don't work a lot with Princess are calling in to have them do it for them. Either they aren't paying attention to the directions or just aren't familiar enough with the ins and outs of the online booking system. So yes, you can blame some of the TAs, too.
  8. Correct. The $200 off is for a roundtrip flight. Even though you're booking one ways with a B2B, you're still getting the $200 off a RT flight.
  9. So you already have the $200 off air attached to your BSE booking?
  10. Awesome! Just be aware, the sale may be for new bookings only. We don't know yet. I have a webinar in a bit so I should have more info later today.
  11. They have been slammed. Even the TA line, which is usually pretty quick to get someone to answer, has had long waits. We've been told to do as much as we can online and only call in if we absolutely have to.
  12. Should be on the list. Which ones are they?
  13. For those who haven't received Medallions yet, here is all the extra packaging the OP is talking about.
  14. Coming next week we have Europe on sale with reduced airfare... Europe’s Best. Sale. Ever. (1/22 – 1/29) The Best. Sale. Ever. is getting even better with a special Europe deal – but only for a limited time! During the week of January 22 – January 29, when your clients book a Europe cruise or cruisetour sailing April 2020 and beyond they will receive all of the following: ^Save $200 on Airfare applies to a per guest discount off of flights booked through Princess on selected voyages with promotional cruise fares listed as such only. Additional airline baggage, change and cancelation fees may apply. Please visit princess.com/ezair for information and to book your flights. ^^Fares from $499 for 3rd and 4th Guests is a discount off third or fourth guest fares at Launch Pricing and apply to third or fourth guest booked in the same stateroom as first and second guest. †Premier Beverage Package applies to guests booked in all stateroom types. It is valid only for all guests in a stateroom who are 21 years or older. Guests who are under 21 years of age at the time of sailing can still book the Best. Sale. Ever. pricing, but will receive the Premier Coffee & Soda Package and will not receive any refund or otherwise for that portion of the Offer. A daily limit on alcoholic beverages will apply. ‡‡Wi-Fi included for one device per guest. Wi-Fi details will be delivered precruise or in the stateroom. All internet usage subject to Princess Cruises’ standard policies, which may limit browsing of sites due to network security and bandwidth usage. Applications that use high bandwidth may be blocked and offerings subject to change with or without notice. ‡Gratuities included are in the ships onboard currency. Amount of gratuities paid on behalf of guest may vary based on stateroom type. This amount is paid on the behalf of all guests in a stateroom. Gratuities do not include gratuities added to bar charges, dining room wine accounts, or Lotus Spa services.
  15. I don't have a teen but I do have the Beach House activity list from last summer's Alaska Royal sailing. Should give you an idea of the types of things they have going on for 13-17s.
  16. Yes, CC was in the Santa Fe from 5:15-9:30. If you are sailing soon and need WiFi, the Sapphire won't have MedallionNet until the end of July. With our itinerary the internet was super, super slow.
  17. We've done B2B2Bs with guarantee cabins still waiting for an assignment for the second and third weeks on both the Caribbean Princess and Royal Princess. You don't have to do anything to get it programmed for the next cabin. Before when you changed cabins for a B2B they gave you the new cruise card in the envelope of in-transit info. Now you still get the in-transit paperwork but they just change the Medallion's cabin access on their end. Easy peasy.
  18. You won't see one if you are booking online. Only Travel Agents and Princess reps have access to the option.
  19. The default choice in our system is the any upgrade choice. If the agent forgets to ask the client (or doesn't look at that section on the booking page) that's where it stays. It's easy to change, but it's up to the agent to be on top of it during the booking process. Absent of that, it's important for passengers to know what questions to ask. Not all TAs are experience Princess cruisers - some have absolutely no clue!
  20. That's probably because in our system we have three choices for clients: *Open To Any Upgrade *Only Upgrade to the Next Stateroom Type (ex. Balcony to Minisuite) *Do Not Upgrade Your TA must not know meta is the "only upgrade to next stateroom type" choice.
  21. Heads up. This promo is for new bookings only. It doesn't say it in the fine print but after trying to get it switched for a client, I found out. You can't refare - you have to cancel and rebook.
  22. Re: Pacemakers...Check out the caution section in the OceanMedallion User Manual you get when you receive your Medallion.
  23. Here's what it looks like with the bunks down. While this isn't the Royal, most quad inside cabins on Princess ships have this set up.
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