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  1. We are on the 5/15/21 cruise on Koningsdam. Its our first HAL cruise and I'm really hoping we can go!!!! 🤞
  2. therefore.....i am still making plans and having a blast doing it! Since this will be our 1st HAL cruise and only 2nd overall, I'd love to hear what everyone's favorite cocktails are aboard ship! I'm not a huge drinker but I do enjoy trying different ones when I'm on vacation..........so please share ur fans! 🍸🍷🍹
  3. I was given the option of a 2 person or 4 person. Its just my hubby and myself but I'm wondering.... if u pick the 4 person table, do they add extra ppl to ur table or do u just get some extra room?
  4. and thinking of booking a signature suite on the Eurodam. Is it better to be on the right or the left side of the ship roundtrip out of Seattle?
  5. round trip....do you recommend the left side or the right side of the ship? Thinking about a signature suite on deck 6 on Eurodam
  6. I cant thank everyone enough for your insight! Thankfully, shopping is not a big deal to us, so Sitka sounds beautiful!!!! Now my next question, lol........do we get an aft on deck 8 (only afts available) or do we get a signature suite midshipman left side??? Oh my goodness.....so many choices, haha
  7. What all is in Sitka? Details needed please 🙂
  8. Do you get off the ship at Icy Point or is it a cruise thru type thing?
  9. I have a couple of questions. I have it narrowed down for May 2021 to Alaska on Koningsdam, leaving from Vancouver, with stops at Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay and Ketchikan OR Eurodam out of Seattle, stopping at Stephens Passage, Juneau, Glacier Bay, Icy Strait, Sitka and Ketchikan. Looking to book aft cabins on either deck 6 or 7 on Koningsdam and with Eurodam, they only have deck 8 available. So my questions are this......Do you feel one itinerary is better than the other? And is deck 8 on the Eurodam extremely loud because its below a pool? I'd love to hear everyones opinions! Thank you
  10. Thank you so much. Ive been working on excursions and that one just had me puzzled, lol
  11. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.I am super excited about this cruise and just pray ( as everyone else does) that we can take this trip!
  12. but are there normally excursions in Glacier Bay or do you just stay on the ship?
  13. I am looking at the Koningsdam on HAL and Solstice or Eclipse on Celebrity
  14. Did u do this trip thru the ship or some independent group? Been trying to figure out who to book excursions through besides the cruise line.
  15. Thank u all for ur replies! I will see what we want to do in ports first 😊
  16. Looking at Alaska next May and I'm down to 2 choices.......celebrity or Holland america. Itineraries are very similar. Which would you prefer and why?
  17. That sounds fantastic. I will definitely look for that one! Thank you
  18. And what are they? Looking to hopefully go to Alaska next year, staying in an aft cabin and was curious what everyone's thoughts were. Also....how are those aft cabins? 😉
  19. Surprisingly the SS was cheaper but that trip was also earlier in May, by about 2 weeks. And yes, I did mean a vista suite. Sorry about that.....still learning 😉
  20. Y'all have been wonderful with the information. Another question......I was thinking of getting an aft cabin on deck 7 on Koningsdam or a signature suite on deck 6 on Nieuw Amsterdam. I think I'm leaning towards Koningsdam. Is it worth it to get an aft facing cabin? And are they really noisy?
  21. I would've never though to check to see how many ships were in port. How do I do that?
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