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  1. Totally agree - I can only think that anyone who says anything else is mixing him up with someone else, Love him!
  2. Look out for HAL with Mustafa and Errol and plenty of others joining.
  3. Totally agree with you about Stephen J. I am not sure what is unlucky about meeting one of the nicest people. He is very quiet but the staff love him. Notice the poster does not say why it would be unlucky. I dare say that if I made the same comment about his beloved Bruno he would ask me why. Stephen is lovely man whom we met on many many occasions and love him. Not many HD help the team clearing up in Manhattan room.
  4. Good advice but Jerusalem is subject to Jewish holidays and the sabbath and beware Mondays and Thursdays when Weddings and Barmitzvahs take place. Its not just busy its full in the mornings and early afternoon .
  5. Jerusalem - the golden city. Tel Aviv does have a lot to see these days but agree its more of a city/ beach resort.
  6. We have just been in Israel - I speak the language fluently and there are some train announcements even at the airport that were solely in Hebrew. The train services are good but when the screw up they do in typically Israeli fashion - who cares There are limited services on Friday afternoon and Saturdays.
  7. The weather in Israel and Europe has been unpredictable so whilst a fair question no one here can answer. All I will say is we were on a med cruise last summer and the ship was thrown around. It was a mega Ship!
  8. This is of course true at this time but the changes are rife at this time which is why this forum is great but can no longer sadly be relied upon Any news on current Epic team
  9. This is a perfect answer. For all the people who think the likes of Errol/Mustafa/Melvin/ Yannis will be back - dream on!!!
  10. Best comment of all!!! But it has done what they want created opinion For my part its hopeless if it is true
  11. Correct analysis indeed …. I bought on listing even better now Xrate!!!
  12. I agree with Spanish Guy and never thought I would agree with you 100% but you are spot on the money with NCL. The loyalty scheme is an illusion - concierge service outside the suite -never. They can not cope with what they have got in suite let alone loyalty passengers. I am not sure of the relevance of how many times you cruise each year to the OP. I have to say dinner with the photo shop manager - really - I bet they had a snappy time!!! When we have dinner it was with the HD. Have to say though our friends were with Bar Manager and had an amazing time
  13. You are right no need for that reaction. Maybe the reply was saying "can you not do anything for yourself?! only a view but there ways of replying
  14. I will bow to your knowledge of course but this summer you could only drinks in POSH or ask the Butler but we just went downstairs to the Epic Club - all very civil. Yes you go it right with the kids
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