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  1. For me it’s not such a conundrum. If Carnival execs pay attention to guest satisfaction surveys, which of course they do, the takeaway is that there’s some brand loyalty to HA but escalating dissatisfaction with changes initiated under OA’s leadership. That said, at this point no one knows why he was fired. But it sure wasn’t because they thought he was doing a great job. And, as long time HA cruisers, neither did we.
  2. Of course they took our input. Ok, have no idea if they follow these boards, but surely they pay attention to the passenger surveys given on every cruise, where we voice many of the same concerns expressed here. Who knows if it was a contributing factor or not, but I’d be very surprised if CCL didn’t keep tabs on what their customers are thinking.
  3. How can anyone say OA was unsuccessful? I tell you who: Carnival management..the folks who fired him! I doubt they would have made a change if he were viewed as wildly successful. My wife and I are four star mariners, and have cruised with HA many many times. We like the fact that it’s low key, with interesting itineraries, but it’s also dull, stodgy and really not so much fun. I’m not suggesting bellyflop contests, but the brand really does need new life and a new vision, especially considering the challenges cruise lines are going to be facing soon to bring passengers back on their ships. For me, I wish HA were more like Viking, with interesting and informed lecturers, discussions, star gazing...all sorts of smart unique activities. What did I get with HA? A boring cruise director reading a bland port description from a teleprompter for the places we were going to visit. Also, for what it’s worth, I felt the quality of food in the main dining room plummeted on our January cruise on the Westerdam. That cruise, by the way, was from Singapore to Hong Kong, the one right before the cruise to Tokyo and China that was turned away from every port. Boy did we dodge a bullet!
  4. One difference. Four people died on the Zandaam. The ship became a poster child for the new horrors of cruising. For better or worse, it happened on OA’s watch.
  5. I’m sure if HA had shown a substantial increase in profits over the course of Ashford’s tenure, he’d still be there. One other element that we haven’t discussed might have figured into his dismissal as well, the guest satisfaction survey. We all know how important that is, because we’re reminded by practically every crew member that there will be hell to pay for them if we don’t check every box as excellent. Maybe those numbers were down. Also, though you certainly can’t blame him for what’s happening worldwide, the events on both the Zandaam and Westerdam were certainly not bright spots on his resume. Maybe he took the fall for letting them continue to sail.
  6. So many people are assuming OA left and collected some huge pay day. My guess is that he was just fired, and probably received a reasonable but not huge severance. Whatever stock options he had could very well be worthless.
  7. And for another $50 you can watch it cooked in Club Orange.
  8. Ha! Very funny! I think we’re all so glad he got the boot that we’re giddy.
  9. We’re four star mariners, and over the last few years have just grown so bored with the lack of any meaningful activity on board the HA ships. At night, Music Walk just wasn’t our thing, and sadly the remaining entertainment was really subpar.
  10. Finally! Couldn’t agree with the general sentiment more. The ships need more life, better entertainment, the return of production shows, more activities during the day, and less annoying money grubbing like Club Orange and the monumentally pricey thermal suite, whose cost in the last year skyrocketed.
  11. This was just announced this morning. My thought is that he was let go. Does anyone have any thoughts?
  12. I’ll assume this is true. But I still wouldn’t give them any money.
  13. After today’s announcement regarding the possibility of a Norwegian bankruptcy, I certainly wouldn’t give either a Regent or Norwegian any additional cash.
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