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  1. There is the issue of crowds and guides as you stated. My hope is that there will be fewer people traveling this year and during the winter in 2021. It may be a good thing that people in the U.S. cannot go to Europe since the places that you mentioned can definitely be crowded. Our November cruise (if it sails) would have to change embarkation ports (currently scheduled for Barcelona). Turkey is open for us so perhaps we can embark there (the last time we did the same itinerary, it began in Istanbul). It is easy to look at reasons not to cruise but, at least for me, being at home is riskier (not specifically in my house but when we leave the house). Some people in the U.S. are intentionally not wearing masks and are not social distancing. In many cities there are protests (people yelling - without masks or social distancing). Yelling (or singing) is the worst thing that you can do in the presence of others (I guess sneezing or coughing or another person is worse but thankfully that is not a behavior that I've seen). The ship will be constantly sanitized and protocols will be followed. So, IMO, being on the ship is a true vacation from being home for the past four months. If we cannot go ashore, I would still rather be on a ship in the. middle of the ocean - watching for flying fish, or other sea life - having meals prepared for us, being able to talk too people (while maintaining social distance and wearing a mask), etc. This is not for everyone but it is for us. For those discussing gloves, obviously this is a personal choice. All health care workers are wearing masks and gloves (and many are also wearing face shields). I put on gloves when I get out of my car and wear them until I return to my car. In between, I disinfect them (I carry a small spray bottle). Before I open my car door, I disinfect them and remove them "properly" when I get into the car and dispose of them immediately leaving me with clean hands. I'm not sure where everyone else is washing their hands but where I live I would need to go into a restroom to wash them. At the moment, I am avoiding restrooms. It is up to each of us to be diligent and to pay attention to what we are touching and who we are too close to. No one needs to advise us in this area as there are plenty of protocols that the medical community has set forth. I'm not suggesting that others wear gloves but it works for me and I definitely feel safer doing so. As an aside, I did purchase a UV light wand and use it on surfaces in the house.
  2. Perhaps you should have read the Crystal, Seabourn and Silversea board before posting here. If you read the threads on refunds on those boards, you might change your tune. They most definitely did not “get the job done”. As far as Celebrity (a premium cruise line - in their words - not mine), they canceled our cruise one week and sent bills for the remainder of the payment the next week and the week after that. Fortunately they only have our deposit that I do not expect to see again. The deposit was only $200 and we do not typically throw away money but do not want to deal with Celebrity at this point.
  3. Actually cats have a keener sense of smell than dogs do. However not that many people know how to train cats. Cats are highly trainable and respond to both verbal commands and hand signals. Having dogs go thorough the crowd before boarding a plane (or ship) could be very helpful - especially if it is true that they can detect the virus before a person becomes symptomatic.
  4. Agree that it is simple. What we do not know yet is the effectiveness of whichever vaccine a person takes. It is great that both the U.S., U.K. and Israel (possibly more) have fast-tracked their vaccines and I believe that they will not cause harm. However, won't it take time to determine how long the immunity will last? We will learn more when the vaccine(s) are available but I would not feel 100% safe being around groups oof people for a while (which means that we'll cruise but will also social distance).
  5. I appreciate MomC's reminder - it helps keep people grounded. Questioning people is also a bit rude IMHO. Although we have yet to sail on Splendor (our cruise was canceled), our favorite ship is Explorer (sister ship to Splendor). We do not care for the small regular suites on Mariner and, as said, she is a much older ship. Suites on Mariner (below PH) are 252 sq. feet with a 49 sq. ft. balcony. Suites on Splendor (ignoring categories G & H as they were originally supposed to be for solo travelers) 332 sq, ft. plus 83 - 132 square ft.' balcony. Splendor suites F1/F2 have large walk-in closets with a large bathroom (large shower and bathtub plus 2 sinks and tons of storage) Mariner suites G - E - small walk-in closets, small bathroom with bathtub (many consider the bathtub dangerous as it is very difficult to get into or out of) or a large shower. Shower only suites go first so anyone wanting to sail on Mariner should book early. Splendor also has Pacific Rim (an Asian Fusion restaurant that is only on Explorer and Splendor). We have taken 34 Regent cruises. In 2019, 2020 (if our cruise actually sails) and 2021, our booked cruises were/are all on Splendor or Explorer. We would sail on Mariner or Voyager IF there was an itinerary that we absolutely had to take (this is unlikely since we have visited all of the places on our bucket list). We will not sail on Navigator.
  6. It sounds as if a lot of the future for some people will be the vaccine - a vaccine that many people already state that they will not take. Even if Regent required all of their guests to provide proof that they have had the vaccine, it likely will not be 100% effective (or even close to that number) so precautions will still need to be taken until enough time has passed to see how many people get the virus after being vaccinated.
  7. Just read this on the Regent Facebook page. I wasn't sure where to post it but decided on one of the "too many" refund threads would work. :posts on supplier groups and closed TA Facebook groups. The posts are painful to read, but here on this page, it pains me the most. I not only sail Regent with my family, I am also a travel agent and sell it. And, I sell a ton of it. Why, because the brand is so superior to others, those that sail Regent are some of my most liked humans and friends and the people that work behind the scenes have a love for it like no other. Let me tell you a little about the people in the corporate office. Their pay has been slashed. Their staff has been cut. The remaining folks are on four-day work weeks, yet still working six days a week FROM HOME, while taking care of their autistic and/or challenged children, sick spouse, elderly parents, kids with activities and no camps in which to send them to, etc. all while trying to keep up with the bills and the demands of their job. They still show up EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR YOU, despite the daily berating from customers and agents alike. NOBODY is singling anyone out. There is no conspiracy to not refund anyone or change a future cruise credit policy because they don’t like your last name. We are in a WORLD CRISIS and everyone is doing their best, including me as an agent, mother, friend, daughter. We need more positivity, hope, sharing of dreams, unity and understanding as we navigate these unprecedented times. I hope you’ll agree and focus on the things we all love about Regent and look forward to.
  8. Just a quick post ... Regent added some included excursions to the Regent Choice list about a year ago so it was unrelated to Covid-19 (at that time). As I understand it, if the cost. of an excursion reaches a certain price point, Regent charges for it. In terms of Covid-19, it will cost Regent more money due to the additional number of buses that they will require for social distancing.
  9. Glad that some of you found it funny. Obviously, my point is that posters that do not want to cruise keeping posting reasons why and seem to find the proposed protocols so horrendous that no one in their right mind would pay money to cruise under those circumstances. Those of us that want to cruise as soon as it is possible to do so, only comment that we are willing to accept the protocols. I do not recall posters that want to cruise making negative statements about those that want to wait for a vaccine before they cruise. My only comment for posters that are waiting to cruise, I hope that you are all following protocols now (washing hands, social distancing and wearing masks) so that you can cruise sooner rather than later. Note: Agree with Wendy - life is easier when you use the “ignore” feature. P.S. In an earlier post I mentioned RCCL. What I failed to do was link the article. Apparently, according to RCCL, their buffets will still be running when they resume cruising.
  10. Just noticed this post. Yes - I did know that Colorado was the first state to legalize cannabis. It is so good to learn that it is helping your wife. My mom had MS (passed away when I was 16) so I have a special interest in people that have it. When I had knee surgery, the doctor gave me a prescription for OxyContin. Instead, I got a prescription for medical marijuana and it helped with the pain (which was more intense than anything I ever felt). After being a smoker for 20 years, I no longer can tolerate smoking anything so the edibles were the only thing that I could take. In the midst of the craziness in the world, I was genuinely happy to see that Texas is now requiring all people to wear a mask. That is a step in the right direction. Hope that Florida will follow suit. On a less positive note, Seattle is still crazy and we are practically back on lock-down.
  11. I agree with you. First of all, the crew will be so thankful to be back to work on the ships. And, Regent wants the experience to be as positive as possible and will do everything within their power to make it that way. A year and half ago, Regent had some issues with gastrointestinal illnesses. So, Captain Serena (their only female captain who is amazing) said that there will be no hand shaking as the palms of our hands carry a lot of germs. It was okay to elbow "bump". Rather than being upset by this, most of us did our own dance that included elbow bumps as well as hip bumps. Believe it or not, it was tons of fun!
  12. Bob, While we like the FCC's, I do understand where you are coming from. I have to wonder if South Africa (one of my favorite places on earth) will be open in January? We are more or less in the same position with our January cruise to New Zealand and Australia (that we paid for with our FCC's from our March canceled cruise). I do not believe that Regent knows any more than we do in terms of what ports will be open in January. If the U.S. stays on the same path that they are on, the world will likely be closed to us. On the other hand, if we start doing the right things, we could be in good shape by then. I haven't followed the most recent cancelation policies. So, if Regent changed the cancelation date to 90 days prior to the cruise and you decided to cancel then, would you receive a cash refund? I thought that one had to pay in full and then have Regent cancel the cruise in order to get a refund. Jackie
  13. I find your comment most interesting. Hopefully, seniors will be able to have the vaccine from Oxford University and it will be safe. My DH and I are really looking forward to this particular vaccine as we have the utmost respect for what they do at Oxford. cerise - apparently, even if we wanted to go to the U.K. to get the vaccine, we would no longer be permitted to do so. Well, maybe my DH could since he is a dual citizen (U.K. and U.S.) but thankfully, he would not go without me In your previous post, you mentioned that you switched your cruise from Zanzibar to La Palma. Is that also in November?
  14. While I do not like to post what other cruise lines are doing, this article blows a big hole into what we have been reading. Is it true? Who knows but RCCl seems to believe it. Maria, while I do not know what most people are doing, all of my cruising friends cannot wait to get back onto a Regent ship.
  15. IMO, what is getting ridiculous are the people in this country ignoring the pandemic guidelines/laws and continuing to get others sick. Going out when you know that you are sick - gathering with others, etc. is, IMO, attempted murder. There are some of us that will sail as soon as the CDC says that we can - regardless of restrictions. We tend to be the more silent group on the Regent board. The vocal "I don't want to cruise until there is a vaccine" group are as entitled to their opinions as much as we are. The answer is simple...... if you are not comfortable cruising - don't. If you are - go for it. Also IMO, restrictions will differ depending upon the ship. There are ships where distancing is nearly impossible while it is easy on other ships. The notations about elderly people being separated from younger people will work on some cruise lines but, on Regent, the non-senior group would be a fairly small number. So, if Regent can accommodate open seating (or seating by reservation - even in CR and Sette Mari), they will doing so. It is all about staying safe and doing what is necessary. I understand that a lot of us are babbling about different scenario's because there is nothing else to do but we really do need to take comments, predictions and even most articles with a grain of salt. When we can sail, there will be protocols. We now have a fairly good idea of the best and worst case scenarios so we can make a decision. P.S. Special thanks to Texas today where the governor mandated wearing masks. Hoping that Florida is next. Living a healthy life is so much more important than whether or not people want to wear masks/face shields. As adults, we need to step up - do what is being asked/required of us and insure that our children and grandchildren are doing the same.
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