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  1. Not true. With the exception of a few countries that do not expect tips, the rest of the world does. Tour guides do not make much money in many/most countries and depend upon tips. Unless a tour was really bad, we always tip and tour guide and bus driver.
  2. The posters that I know on CC have a great life. CC is simply a hobby for many of us. It is not our life but is interesting and sometimes can be fun. Personally, I enjoy answering questions on the Regent board where I am very patient with newbies. Many times people new to a cruise line have the wrong impression - whether it is because they read information on the boards that was either incorrect or old or perhaps they have not done any research. Being kind, helpful and patient with newbies is quite satisfying. Many become regulars of the cruise line and end up helping others.
  3. So, you wouldn't mind going on a cruise ship where the chefs do not know how to use the equipment? Some people think that hotels are the same as cruise lines. Simply put ....... they are not! Others think that if you can cook something at home, it is the same as cooking on a cruise ship. Obviously, it is not the same. The issue here is that Ritz Carlton Yachts are wooing their hotel clients thinking that they will love their yachts/boats as well. Some may but others probably will not. Ritz Carlton, Marriott, etc. do not have hotel guests that must eat at the hotel for all of their meals. The hotels do not have to provide entertainment for them. Until/unless you have actually cooked on a cruise ship (as we have - but only for 3 days), you may be posting things that you know nothing about. Not having this experience is not a problem but trying to convince others that it is no big deal does not make sense. They are cooking massive quantities of food, and, on a luxury ship/boat/yacht, the food - whether it be a steak, soup, or oatmeal - they had better be able to prepare it perfectly! So, if you don't care what food on cruise ships taste like, you're right - it should not be discussed here! P.S. This reminds me of crews on ships like Oceania where they are used to working for tips and have lower salaries. Oceania used to take their servers and put them on Regent when they were needed. They were clueless as to what luxury cruisers expect their service to be. At one point (when Regent was purchased by Prestige Cruise Holdings - several years ago), top management did not understand what luxury cruisers want. It took them a while to understand but they "get it" now. So, people interested in Ritz Carlton Yachts should hope that the crew and chefs are from luxury cruise lines (note: Viking Ocean was stealing crew members from luxury cruise lines before they launched their ships and they are successful). Without a lot of training, one cannot come from Carnival, Royal Caribbean, NCL, etc. with experience and expect to provide what Ritz Carlton Yacht passengers expect.
  4. It doesn't really matter (there is a current thread on this topic). The ship is not close to the shore but there are times (on the inside passage) where there things to see on both sides of the ship. Also, when the ship goes into places like Hubbard Glacier, the ship goes in (not a short journey) - turns around and goes back out. No one misses anything.
  5. Wow - you are finally going on Regent! Hope that you enjoy the Explorer as much as the rest of us do! Looking forward to your comments.
  6. Obviously I disagree with you (based on my discussions with onboard chefs) however, while I enjoy a good debate, if you are going to argue every single comment that I make, it is pointless (and it does not make either of us right).
  7. In my opinion, this is not a productive discussion. It is almost like we are speaking different languages. Enjoy H-L and I will enjoy the rest of the luxury cruise lines!
  8. For posters that were discussing Ritz Carlton yachts, it is related. You cannot take a cook/chef used to cooking on gas or electric cooktops and have them cook on an induction cooktop without practice. This is but one difference between a luxury hotel and a luxury cruise line.
  9. I have learned what luxury passengers like (or not) - having spent almost 500 nights on luxury ships. However, since this is a sore topic for H-L cruisers, I'll be happy to ignore H-L posts on the luxury board (I would not be responding to anything H-L if they were not on the Luxury board and had their own board as most of us do not visit boards of cruise lines that do not meet our requirements)............ English Voyager and Princeton - I am taking about passenger capacity - not tonnage. In terms of passenger capacity, luxury cruise lines are not getting larger. P.S. Sorry but I am not a fan of Berlitz.
  10. Thanks so much! Joel does sound like a fun person to have as a server. It is a shame that have won't be on Splendor with us. Don't want to forget to thank you for the warning that eggs have eggs in them! That is so important to know🙃
  11. You can likely find others on your cruise on Roll Call. I would have linked the area for you but you didn't say what cruise/ship that you will be on.
  12. Thank you for bringing up the other half of the menu - that is an important piece that I missed!
  13. Appreciate the civil way in which you explain things that I may have not understood from reading the boards. While I do not see Regent as a "booze cruise", when they went all-inclusive, the formerly quiet lounges with few people in them changed. I rarely see people over drink on Regent but most people in the lounges do have a drink that they are sipping on - along with canapés. The lounges are now comfortable places to meet before or after dinner - enjoy a quiet drink and chat with other passengers if they choose to do so. Agree about the ever-changing market. However, what I am seeing so far is small "yacht type" ships with fewer passengers. Would you mind sharing which cruise lines are building larger luxury ships (I know that Regent's Explorer is newer and holds 50 guests more than their typical ships). Silversea and Seabourn's ships are quite a bit smaller than Regent's and they are generally newer. Crystal, on the other hand, has two old ocean going ships (reportedly in excellent shape). They will not have a new ship until either 2022 or 2023 and it will be interesting to learn what the size of that ship will be since both Crystal ships are considerably larger than Regent. In any case, I do not doubt the service, luxuriousness of the ships........ it is just isn't for us.
  14. Wow - quite angry and harsh. There is no need to yell - really! Your experience with a lot of English speaking passengers is not what I have read on CC but understand that each cruise can be different. I have not even tried to speak for others - I post/report on what I read. Obviously I am speaking for my DH and myself. While we do look for 100% people from the U.S. and Canada (Regent has approximately 80% North American passengers), we do look for a English speaking crew (In my opinion, this is very important in case of an emergency -- I want announcements to be in a language that I understand). In terms of children, based on personal experience on Regent and Silversea and what I have read on the Seabourn board. When the subject of children comes up on CC, we/they try to suggest other cruise lines as the majority of posters on these lines prefer not to sail with children (but understand that they need to avoid cruising during the summer as ships are full of children). In any case, your message could have been more effective if done with a bit more thoughtfulness and my post may have been a bit harsh regarding H-L
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