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  1. happycruisingUK - thank you posting that list. I can never remember how to spell Andreas’ name. BTW, be prepared for changes to that schedule. Changes were even happening when we were on the ship last week. Well, “real life” has taken over and the photos that I have not posted are really not that interesting. Just happy that I was able to upload in seconds once I got home. I’ll leave you with on more photo (probably posted earlier) - one that I am fascinated by. See you all in March - from Splendor. In the meantime, I can be reached at mitamejade@gmail.com!
  2. Will wrap this up as soon as I can. Real life keeps interfering!🐈
  3. I have no idea where I left off with the Connoisseur Wine list so I’ll just do the last six pages.
  4. Thank you for your kind comments - I really need to pst the photos and wrap this up so I'll get to it. califsealion (love your avatar). The seas were calm the last two days so I did not get a chance to try them again. I don't want to recommend something that costs around $100 (less expensive ones are probably from China - they look similar to the original ones from France but who knows what the difference is). It did seem to work except that one time. All I can say is that with the fairly rough seas, I only took 1/2 of pill for seasickness once which is a plus. Overall, the cruise was very good. Rather than rambling as I usually do, I'll try to organize my final thoughts below: 1. First, some comments about the crew. If you go to Prime 7, ask for Vishnu's table. He is one of the best servers that we have had. Pacific Rim overall has wonderful service (even from the new crew members). I had difficulty picking a "Shining Star" for this cruise. Anna in La Veranda is definitely a star and I was going to name her. She was recently employee of the month and guests rave about her. She is definitely a shining star but isn't THE "Shining Star". That would be Cecilia in the Meridian Lounge (she may be in another lounge now). She is from Mexico - makes great drinks - always has a big smile and remembers her guests. 2. Part two about the crew - the not so perfect part. As with any job, some people excel fairly quickly and others do not. While new crew members get in-depth training, no one can prepare you for working on a ship 7 days a week - long hours and some grouchy guests. In an industry where new ships are being built all of the time, getting experienced crew can be a challenge (for all cruise lines). We saw a lot of progress in the short time that we were onboard with the new crew. We also saw a couple of crew members that seemed a bit lost. This should be sorted out rather quickly. 3. I will not belabor the internet issue as we all know that there are issues. I believe that Regent will deal with it. 4. The officers were great! Despite the fact that Andreas (General Manager) came to Regent from Oceania a few years ago (something that I like to tease him about), he fits Regent perfectly. He was always available and did his best to calm the concerns of guests (particularly about the internet and missing Bermuda which were the major complaints). Must mention here that it is amazing to me that people blame Regent for missing ports. Had we sailed towards Bermuda, we would have to go through an enormous storm with very high waves and we still would have had difficulty getting to Bermuda. 5. Food is so subjective. We intensely disliked Pacific Rim for our first two cruises and now want to dine there as often as possible. We love the food (but have learned what to order that meets our palette). Some items in Chartreuse are quite good while others were not to our taste. Prime 7 has been a puzzlement since it was first launched. It can be top notch (as it was on this cruise) or a total failure. We always enjoy CR and this time we sat in John's section - excellent service. As mentioned previously, some people find the back of the venue to be quiet but we do not care for that area. The center of CR tends to be noisy but the sides (the tables by the window and the next row of tables) is no nosier than any other ship (in my opinion). 6. Volume of entertainment. Theater - extremely loud. Meridian Lounge - medium loud. Observation Lounge - generally piano music played at a reasonable volume (we did not spend time there this time). The night of the Beatles event, that took place in the atrium, was so loud that it could likely cause hearing damage. I was in the Business Center on the deck above and wondered what on earth was going on with the intensely loud music (I enjoy Beatles music but it does not have to be played so loudly.). Live music on the pool deck during lunch can also be deafening. 7. The ship looks like new. Almost everyone that I spoke with loves Explorer. She does have some quirks but don't we all? The reasons that we rate Explorer #1 in the fleet is because of the suite layout for regular suites (F1, F2 and Concierge), the extra dining venue, the seating areas on deck 5 where people can sit on sofas or chairs - work on their tablets/phones/laptops - people watch - watch the ocean or just read, We also like being able to dine in specialty restaurants for lunch and really enjoy the wonderful Sunday brunch in CR. La Veranda is also so open and easy to get around as compared to the other ships. The other ships are lovely but Explorer, to us, is the complete package. 8. What to do on sea days. I do have several Passages in the still unpacked suitcase but I remember most of it without having to take photos and post. On sea days there are always at least two lectures in the Constellation Theater. Canyon Ranch (now gone from Explorer -- since Friday) had lectures in smaller venues about your body, diet and other helpful things. I assume that the new spa will do the same kind of thing. There are games that may sound silly but are very popular. Some games are against other guests while others are guests against officers. Of course, there is Trivia and Bingo. On Explorer this time, Afternoon Tea was held in the Meridian Lounge and I believe that Trivia was held in the Observation Lounge. On transatlantic cruises, there may be a Country Fair (described in a previous post) which is 45 minutes of good fun (even if you don't participate, seeing the booths and the crew dressed up in funny costumes is enjoyable.). One booth that I like is one where you are racing with someone - holding a martini glass that contains colored water - trying to fill up a container. It is much more fun than it sounds. Time for photos.
  5. P.S. I’ve been wanting to respond to boblerm about the group playing in the Explorer Lounge but kept forgetting. They are really good. When they started playing it was just the man and the strange instrument that they designed (one of a kind). It is sort of like a big keyboard that is worn around the neck and is held a bit like a guitar. It was perfect before dinner music. The singer is excellent but a bit loud. We find the Explorer Lounge to small and too crowded so we returned to the Meridian Lounge after half an hour or so. Sorry that it took so long to respond.
  6. Greetings from LAX - our 5 over layover before we fly to Vancouver and then drive back across the border to our home (approx. 1 hour). We’ll arrive home around midnight which is 3:00 a.m. in Miami. Disembarkation was the easiest that we have had in the U.S. They began calling luggage colors at 7:30 a.m. We asked for a pick-up at 8:45 a.m. but could have gone earlier. It is just as well since MIA is a zoo (so many passengers flying home from their cruises ....... quite a few ships in port. It was nice to sit and relax on the ship. bebop bonnie - apparently there were severe weather issues when Explorer was in dry dock and they were surprised that they were able to do as much as they did. They had hoped to accomplish more. As mentioned, the carpeting in the suites and throughout the ship was changed. Not sure if they are trying to lighten up the palette of the ship but they put cream colored carpeting on the stairs going from deck 5 to deck 4. Wondering how that will work out in terms of keeping it clean. The outdoor portion of the Coffee Connection was added but we still sat inside due to weather (either too hot or too windy). A rather interesting change was the Business Center. They put in a glass wall - perhaps so that passengers could see in. The result is that it was very difficult to get one of the 4 computers — they are typically busy (especially with some people working from the ship for a few hours at a time). They apparently polished some (not all) of the marble/granite countertops in the bathrooms. If I think of anything else, I’ll post about it. The ship looks beautiful and refreshed. Yesterday, Canyon Ranch Spa packed up and will reopen on Monday as the new spa (only on Explorer) Canyon Ranch items were still on the menu as of yesterday - it will be interesting to see what is offered on the menu when the new spa becomes operational. ”Z” - thank you for your comments. I really did enjoy learning as much about Regent as possible and sharing it with others. It was a passion. I did hear a rumor but don’t want to spread rumors. Let’s just say that Regent’s next ship may be different (not a fraternal twin of Explorer or Splendor). I believe the ship will launch in 2022 (but it could be 2023 - not sure). Will still post photos and do a review within the next 2-3 days.
  7. Sorry about the blurry sushi. If I have time, I’ll try to post more a bit later.
  8. Not great photos but I do have some food photos (note: there is a man onboard with a large camera and told me that his iPhone 11 takes better photos. May try to take some photos with mine (I prefer the iPad because I have a keyboard/case.) These are photos from the wonderful Sunday brunch.
  9. Okay - switched iPads and will try it again (fingers crossed)
  10. That worked so fast that I have to post La Veranda (note: the kitty in the top photo is “Twiggy”, the second in my boy - “Whiskey” and the last is “Bella” and Whiskey. ) Just realized that my La Veranda photos are on the other iPad (and they are not communicating with each other). So, I’ll change iPads but in the meantime, below are the prayer wheels that will not be on Splendor due to their extreme weight. I find them beautiful and they give Pacific Rim a spiritual feeling (The humans are our Butler Ravi and Dennis).
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