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  1. Strongly suggest you get a group together from the roll call and do a private tour. Did a World Cruise several years ago and we did just that and it was less than 1//2 the inflated prices the cruise lines charge and any times better. We went to one of the Shamwari Parks outside Port Elizabeth We did it completely on our own departing the ship a few days before Cape Town, flew to Port Elizabeth, did the park for 3 nites with 6 full game drives. Nice small group of 6 couples, had the park to ourselves. Price was less than 1/3 of the cruise line price for 2 nites and after talking to people on the cruise line trip, significantly better and many more anials and game drives. They were only able to do 3 game drives. We made sure our flight to Cape Town got in the day before the ships departure to avoid flight issues A wonderful excursion.
  2. What you are missing is that the first quick approval will be "Emergency" approval and probably only for the most vulnerable plus health care people. The testing will continue until full approval comes probably/hopefully next year when the vaccine will be available to the entire population. This is why the arguments between the medical professionals and the President were so strange as they all were basically saying the same thing but, no explanation regarding emergency approval vs. full approval.
  3. Yes, once you purchase the policy say for the minimum of $1000, you simply increase the amount of the policy each time you are coming up to a penalty phase to cover the penalty. When booking with Regent you really have no risk since the minimal penalty can be used to book another cruise so you buy at the policy minimum which is sometimes only $500 pp. Then you increase the value as penalties arrize until you get to 100% penalty and you are then fully paid. Kind of a pay as you go as penalties increase. Most, if not all policies work this way.
  4. Hi Lana, Your concerns are valid however you were talking to the wrong TA's. Have checked and your single status does NOT change the rebate you would get. Whoever you were talking to was trying to sell you a bill of goods. Does not matter if it is single ore double occupancy, the rebate is the percentage the TA pays less any non-commisionable items. And as wrisdband stated stated a good TA is worth their weight in gold and can and will do things for you that the Regent representative can't won't or won't ask higher ups about because they work for the company. So, an unequivocal YES to is a TA worth having and have no idea how to answer worth the cost because there is absolutely NO COST to use them and as I have said, based on the cruises you have listed in your signature you would have saved over $50,000 by using a great TA and not the schlumps. Sorry you got referred to the wrong TA's and that they didn't appreciate the business you were trying to give them but, again it is certainly worth it to use the right TA which is against CC rules to mention here. Can only hope you are able to find the right TA who will appreciate your business and save you significant money while providing excellent service that a Regent representative who is working for the company cannot and will not provide. Really no different than buying an expensive car and expecting to get the car below dealers cost. Not going to happen as the dealer has to make money no different than dealing directly with a cruise line. Good luck, enjoy your cruises and find the TA who will be worth it.
  5. And, wondering if some people booking are expecting to use their FCC's which I believe at least for those now in effect expire at the end of 2021 but, not sure. Surely they will not extend to a 2023 cruise. Once that realization sets in wonder how any cancellations??
  6. While the server in the closet may be one of the issues, believe this to be a systemic problem across all cruise lines. Unfortunately IT is not a high priority with cruise lines and they seem to hire fresh outs with very little to no experience with business software. Once they get a little experience in business they leave for big salaries in other businesses and the cycle repeats. Cannot count to software issues at many cruise lines. One issue in particular with another unnamed cruise line that has existed for over 5 years. Seems this cruise lines software is unable to accept requests to be on their email list and if you somehow get on the list, you may get emails for a month or two until they simply stop being sent. The cruse lines solution put out in writing is not to fix the software but, to contact a particular person strangely in their frequent travelers department who at times is able to get people added to the list although even those adds at times are dropped. Unfortunately the cruise lines at that is all, not just Regent cannot seem to see the forest for the trees in how these relatively simply problems to solve highly impact booking and thus the bottom line.
  7. Agree with most of your post with the exception of capacity by percentage of occupancy. Because of so many variables would think it more likely to be based on passengers by tonnage or passenger square footage. This is because of social distancing which surely is affected by the available area per passenger and not number of passengers. Doing it by tonnage or sq feet per passenger should allow the smaller ships with lots of relative sq feed to have a higher percentage of passengers than the behemoths and help with Regent profitability so depending on the size or tonnage, too early to have that number..
  8. Don't believe there has been any agreement yet of how capacity will be determined so way too early for the waitlist to be based on new lower capacity.
  9. You do know you are leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table booking direct with Regent? Plus the service of great TA's who most certainly will do more for your than a Regent employee should issues occur.
  10. Believe the isssue is two different promo codes and generally only one promo code per booking. Glad you were able to get something. Hopefully the 10% is better bottom line to the other promo.
  11. Understand your point and yes, they are providing these as recommendations but would expect some differentiation between those that would be required and those that are recommendations that would be "nice to have". Listing all as should's puts every one in the same category and doubt all are required in order to safely sail. Full disclosure, I too am not an attorney but, did spend many years writing high dollar Contracts with Statement of Works that live or die on using the correct terminology.
  12. Not sure what good day of sailing testing would be with so many false positives and negatives for the quick test. Sure wouldn't want to fly to a cruise and get sent home for a false positive or sail with people who have a false negative and from what I have been reading the false positives and negatives for the quick tests are very prevalent.
  13. Well, about time since fdr and other executives have recently been blaming the CDC for failing to move forward yet it took until today for the NCLH/RCG team to submit along with CLIA finally. Where has CLIA been for the last 6 months?? And, really wonder how "mandatory" the protocols submitted by CLIA are since the ones submitted by the super committee are all only recommendations with none of them mandatory based on the "should" in all of the elements, Would not be surprised if the CLIA submittal does not also include mandatories and are also incorrect with lots of "shoulds ".
  14. Agree and if written intentionally as not requirements, what good are they as they leave the barn door wide open. Perhaps they were written as recommendation for the CDC to write their requirements document which by definition have to say "shall", As far as helping NCLH and RCG plus other cruise lines who choose to use the document IMHO they are an almost complete failure as most of the suggestions are already known so cruise lines using this document are completely open to pick and choose what they will or will not include in their operations plans so we'll have a Hodge podge of ship level requirements that may or may not protect the passengers and crew. In any case whether the word is incorrectly or deliberately used, IMHO this panel of "experts" almost completely failed to write the necessary document to provide requirements for the cruise lines to follow. If the document was written to submit to the CDC to provide guidance for the CDC requirements document, good job.
  15. Yes quite an interesting read. Have a huge problem with one word that they seem to use incorrectly and is totally problematic. That word is "should". Having written many many Contracts over the years it is a fact that using the word "should" does NOT create a requirement. The proper terms are shall and will depending on the usage. The report truly should have used "shalls" when a requirement and "should" when a good idea but, not required especially in such an impartment document. A real shame that all of the recommendations by the use of "should" are simply suggestions and not requirements!
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