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  1. Couple of thoughts on the RSW issue as well as choosing a different airport than were to live as your home airport for a cruise. Pretty sure RSW is not a Gateway airport so there will be several hundred dollar additional cost just to fly from/to that airport. e e As far as choosing a different airport as your home airport, have read on htes board many people choose a different airport than where they actually live to begin and end their cruise so no idea why you couldn't pay for your own flight outside of Regent and have regent simply book you from and to Atlanta or your choice of airports? Do know that for instance flying to or from the cruise you can deviate to fly into a different airport than your embarkation/disembarkation airport so why not from home. only would have to pay the difference if the different airport flight was higher than the Regent allowance.
  2. It's all OK Wendy. Kind of thought it was something like that but, not sure. Thought it might have been a CC problem. Alls well that ends well and sassyw appears to be in good shape with the excellent help we all provided as a team.
  3. Strange quote Wendy. i didn't talk about transportation, I responded to the poster of that quote. Strange quoting from CC
  4. Just a clarification so as to not set possible expectations/disappointments. To be First Class domestically it is better to be on the same airline (metal) for the domestic and international flight. That said there is no guarantee that flying the same metal domestically and internationally will get you First Class on the domestic flight. It does happen quit often however many more Business class seats internationally than on domestic flights so possible you won't get Domestic First. In addition, even if you are on different airlines (metal) it is possible you will get First possibly because the airlines are code share and/or in the same alliance. Bottom line there is no way to know if you will get domestic First. Better if same airline (metal) and then just hope.
  5. Greg, Believe there were only 8 R ships; R1-R8. 3 with Azamara, 4 with Oceania and 1 with Princess.
  6. Strongly suggest you send an email to hotel listing your confirmation number for your nite you are paying for as well as information regarding your included nite thru Regent and ask them to link the two reservations so that you can keep the same room. Have many times had to do this because of multiple reservations with different nites on points and have never had a problem keeping the same room. Suggest you include in your email to the hotel information regarding your late arrival on the first nite so they also note that on your record so they are aware of a very late arrival. Great work only paying 25% of the cost for your first nite room.
  7. While the OP has nixed this idea, while the flight is about 3 hours, it is only 2 hours clock time as Miami is an hour earlier that San Juan, different tie zone. Would never recommend this combination as too many possible delays with little mitigation time.
  8. Interesting point eg however in the case of your thoughts, it is not the ownership that stops having a total US Cruise it is how the is ship flagged. Right now only one Ocean cruise ship sailing under a US Flag and that is the Pride of Hawaii which interestingly is owned by NCL under NCLH which is also the owner of Regent. One huge difference in this case of a US Flagged Cruise Ship is that the crew has to be all or almost all US crew which is quite different from all of the other Ocean Cruise Ships which are crewed almost completely by non-US crew. So, the company can be registered in any country however the ship has to be US Registered in order to cruise from one US Port to another without abiding by the Jones Act which specifies which other non US Port the ship must visit before another US ship. Thus are the intricacies of location ownership of the company and flag of the ship that perhaps more people than previously thought care about.
  9. I did not bring this up, I responded to a poster who stated the ships were American owned which is incorrect. Actually the company registration and the flagging of this ships has quite a bt to do with the operation of the company and the ships. If it didn't matter, why would companies and ships be registered in countries other than the home office location?? Companies register themselves and their ships in countries that have favorable business and shipping laws and rules to make business decisions, financial transactions, the actual running of the ships, etc. easier to transact. As to putting these issues 99th on a top 10 top issues list , that would be impossible. For sure these issues are in the top 10 on the list if not close to number 1. The nationality of the top executives is not significant at all as to be a top executive of a company doing business internationally they have to understand the needs/desires of all customers/potential customers foreign or domestic.
  10. Rick, suggest you also contact Mari Calderon or any of the staff at Kuoda Travel based in Cusco. We did a Machu Picchu trip with her company and it was wonderful. Many others we have referred have echoed her praise. Wonderful independent company with an office in Florida as well You can customize your touring as you wish.
  11. Navigator nor any of the Regent ships are American owned. The ships are not US flagged and the company Regent as well as NCLH are based in the US but, are foreign companies Regent Panama and NCLH Bermuda.
  12. Wasn't' trying to panic you. Just wanted to make sure you didn't miss the ship. Flew out of there last November on an AA Max 8 after an Odyssey TA. Kind of a strange airport with checkin outside.
  13. Hope you are booked to Bridgetown which is the Barbados airport as Georgetown is in the Cayman islands.
  14. That didn't sound very nice??😎😁
  15. Have been on 2 seabourn cruises both with multiple segments and we had CC meet and greets on each segment with ships personnel participating. Seems all you have to do is ask!!
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