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  1. So, when the article appeared to fulfill an agenda, it was a great article however when it turns out that the agenda is actually not met by the article the view of the article change 180 degrees " Once again, we should look at articles as being interesting but not 100% accurate"
  2. Much ado about nothing that will allow ships to sail with paying passengers. From reading the entire Linked article these new protocols announced only apply to the ships repatriating crew as that is. As ll the cdc has addressed do as Nd to expect the protocols when passengers are on board to be significantly more stringent. Also no negotiations have begun yet regarding the protocols to enable cruise ships to begin sailing with paying passengers. Thus no mention about approval by cdc.
  3. Very true about very low interest right now however you are forgetting that many millions of people are currently without a job so what was a good idea to book a Regent cruise months ago may not be the best choice now if peoples jobs are lost and the money being held by Regent could be better used by the people who now cannot afford what they bought earlier. And perhaps the people did reevaluate taking the cruise and cancelled on their own and now need the money to survive as their situation has changed as it has changed for many millions of people now lining up daily to get food to feed their families. As to your last paragraph, the much more for many millions if not billions of people world wide is where is the money going to be to buy food for tomorrow.
  4. Does anyone really believe that Regent is negotiating on their own with the CDC and Coast Guard as required by the No Sail Order?? Cannot imagine the CDC negotiating with every cruise company with each company coming up with their own protocols?? In fact in Post 12 of this thread Wes posted the obvious and that is that CLIA will be negotiating the return to sail protocols and requirements for all cruise lines including Regent.and all cruise line calling on the US and most probably world wide will follow these protocols as can you imagine the confusion of a ship having different protocols for different countries and trying to comply with all of them?? If you remember right at the start when cruises were still sailing and the cruise line met with the CDC and White House and agreements were reached on initial protocols including the now gone Doctor's letter for all over I think 70. What was posted on this thread is most likely a portion of what is expected to be included but, for sure there are lots of missing items here such as the requirement to sent passengers home without help from the Government and many more items most likely now in negotiations between CLIA and CDC. Sure Regent and other cruise lines plus experts have input into the CLIA's negotiating position however what is posted here is only the start and the final agreement as Wes stated as told by his TA will be approved by CLIA for all cruise lines and the CDC/Coast Guard.
  5. While I've learned a lot about the Section 75 claim from you and others, think you might have a problem applying that to a vacation where one splits the charges to different credit card.since the Section 75 applies to the entire package and splitting the charges to different credit cards would seem to break up the full vacation as it appears only applies to full vacations including air and accommodations. Am pretty sure no credit card is going to dispute charges not charged to their card as no privity of contract between the two or more credit card companies so in uktod's case she split the charges to more than one card Section 75 may not apply and if it does would still require the section 75 letter be sent to both credit card companies setting up two separate disputes. While I too split charges to different credit cards to get the card promotions, it does create confusion if cancellations come up or have to dispute charges among more than one credit card company.
  6. Yes, there are different types of disputes. I your example that is for fraudelent charges. In the case of UKtog and the probably thousands who have disputed their cruise refunds that dispute is for non delivered items or services and what I was discussing. I can assure you I personally received almost $12,000 back from my Visa card for a dispute involving delays in delivering a refund for a cruise that was cancelled and the cruise line promised a refund. Have also read on this boar and other boards many other people who received their refunds from their credit cards wo simply bill back the cruise line. Both are valid types of disputes. By the way have also read reports from people in the UK who have expedited their cruise refunds using the disputes process.
  7. Don't believe much if any difference in disputing so to answer your above question, you disputed a charge on your credit card and not any particular company. Unless things are really diffenrent, the process here is to go to disputes on your credit card website and then click on the charge you want to dispute. Sounds like in your case you will need to dispute several charges and each needs to be separately disputed. Then the credit card company files the dispute with the company that was paid the money when the charge occurred. Don't believe you have a choise or can name or combine in disputing. Each charge stands on it's own and again need to dispute each charge as it appears on your account as while they all go for a single cruise, each charge is a different dispute and will be settled separately.. Similar to my response above no credit card company will go back to the merchant, in this case Azamara for dollars paid to a different credit card company so pretty sure you cannot dispute to either like above you have to dispute each charge with each company as the other credit card company has no information on what you paid to the other. For instance on a recent cruise that the refund was taking forever, we had only paid a deposit but, like typical point chasers we mad extra payments over and above the initial deposit with different cards. In our case we had to file 4 different disputes on three different cards and each one is being processed separately. No way to combine them as have to dispute each charge separately as no matter they are all to the same company for the same cruise but, in the credit card books, each charge is separate and needs to be investigated and refunded separately. That has to be the same world wide. Good luk
  8. Jazz chase told me it was from the date of the charge but to write a letter to possibly they will open the dispute. On line only go back a year and a half and same thing at the dispute center but sure history going back further can be researched.
  9. Sapphire Reserve and when I tried to dispute a charge from 12/17 for Future Cruise Deposit the agent in disputes told me the limit was 540 days. Like I said, don't know about fraudulent charges as would expect to know about those very quickly.
  10. Know it was for dispute and not sure about fraudulent charges would expect them to be shorter. Since many of us book a year or more in advance 540 days is about a year and a half and easy to dispute. Only see the last 4 months of charges on line so cannot dispute earlier ones except by phoning in. 540 days is about a year and a half.
  11. Yes there amre limits. My Visa is 540 days and Amex I believe 18 months. Glad I don't use Master Card. I have had two disputes settled with Visa and another close to settled with Amex. Both Amex and my Chase Visa had no issues with me disputing. Had to do multiple disputes as I made several different payment. Did not mention the disputes were due to Covid 19. Many reports of successful disputes and probably because the cruise lines have agreed to refund, just a matter of how long it will take. And the Master Card excuse probably applies to places without a refun policy like cruise lines have.
  12. Not completely sure about Australia but, many of us have put our credit card payment in disputes and gotten our money back fairly quickly. A really good reason to always pay with a credit card and never pay with cash, check or debit card. Know there are disputes in the UK as well as Part 75 regarding the money has to be returned within 14 days. Would think those in Oz should be able to dispute charges as well.
  13. Actually what is required is paperwork from Seabourn in writing showing the amount of the FCC as well as the terms and conditions surrounding use of the FCC's. You see the terms of the FCC vary all over the place and in the case of canceling before Seabourn cancels, the terms of using the FCC has changed in writing on the Seabourn website several times and the terms affecting the FCC we are awaiting is nowhere to be found. The new Cruise with Confidence terms and conditions do not recognize FCC for non refundable deposits after penalties kick in. So simply haveing a dollar amount of FCC on ones account is absolutely useless without knowing the length of the validity of the FCC and what cruises the FCC can be used on. A huge failure by Seabourn in administering what has been posted several different ways on the website and now is completely gone from view.
  14. Just got my refund check from Chase today. Like ronrick Chase talked about an email to electronically transfer the money to my bank account but, they never sent the email so I phoned and asked them and they said the electronic transfer is new and not always successful. Anyway, got the check in 6 business days.
  15. Appreciate you trying to help however, it appears the fact that it seems that everytime one aske a Regent representative a question one gets a different answer and that may apply to the information that has been provided by you. Seems it would save a lot of consternation, confusion, time, etc. if Regent would simply post on their website how refunds work both for cruises cancelled by Regent or the customer. Much more time and effort is being wasted than taking a little time to update the website with factual information.
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