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  1. rallydave


    Well, not chartered but, significantly changed by Azamara a couple of years ago when a TA was moved to several weeks earlier in order to increase profits by starting Cuba cruises sooner. Absolutely nothing was offered to those of us booked on that cruise and in fact Azamara simply left the price alone for a cruise 4 days and 2 ports shorter!! Not nice or fair at all!!!!
  2. Note the offer is "Save Up To 20%" This is a typical advertising ploy, at least here in the US that deceives a lot of people expecting to see the 20% or whatever is in the advertisement however is only promising zero to 20%. Not incorrect but, meant to draw attention to a possible discount.
  3. Not to worry you may not even get your suite assignment until you get to the dock but, you will get Cat H or better. THe fact that the ship appears full because of wait list on all categories doesn't consider that they went to wait list because of the number of guarantees on their list. All of this is managed very well and haven't heard of anyone not getting their suite with a guarantee in over 10 years. Regent will move heaven and earth to get everyone on board by going as far as paying people who are booked to move to other cruises, upgrade, downgrade, etc. Don't worry when they have it all sorted out you will have our H or better when you arrive at the ship on the 23rd.
  4. Gerry, Thanks for understanding second point. Please let me further clarify the first point. First of all "profit" is not a bad word, without profit, no profit making company could exist. Sure profit is included in the additional dollars included for excursions in the cruise fare. Therefore any opt outs would reduce the amount of profit on every cruise. Secondly with the current plan, when people don't take any Regent excursions in various ports, the entire amount of dollars become profit as Regent does not have to pay the tour operator. Operating plans ared eveloped based on a certain percentage of excursions not being taken.so if people coud opt out the amount of income and thus profit would be reduced. This is why IMHO cruise fares would have to increase to maintain the current profit levels. Hope this helps; so much easier to talk things through than putting them in writing. Thanks,
  5. You are partially correct Gerry. However your explanation does not cover the $250 difference in the pricing for the excurson in question. Several years ago was told by a Regent exec that included excursions were those up to $150 in value. Not sure if that is still the number however the $250 difference is more that the $150 it should be based on $150 for included excursions so there has to be another answer. Also, that is only one part of the puzzle. Many people like to do independent excursions that are both less expensive that cruise line excursions without the additional cruise line charge and that they can be customized. More likely included excursions for every port are much more expensive than independent excursions and customizable. Also other luxury lines do not charge as much for excursions as Regent or Oceania. In any case, should Regent decide to give people the option to take or not take included excursions, would expect a signifiant increase in cruise fares for everyone in order for Regent to maintain their profitability. Have to be extremely careful when asking for change due to the unintended consequences due to the change and there are unintended consequences for almost all changes..
  6. Agree Regent won't provide the option for included excursions for the reasons posted plus it is likely that included excursions is a profit center for the excursions themselves plus the fact that many people do not take excursions in all ports so when excursions are not taken in any port, the dollars included in the fare for that port becomes profit. Nothing wrong with profit however it is possible adding the opt out option for excursions could increase the basic fares to leave Regent in the same profitability position. And, don't forget the ability to advertise free unlimited shore excursions.
  7. Completely agree with these posters. A contract whether between the tour operator or the customer with Regent is a Contract and not changeable at the whim of either party. Currency fluctuations are a fact of life and generally figured into any future pricing. Cruise fares are posted years in advance and have never seen them increase and sure contracts the cruise line enters into probably don't go as far out as cruise pricing is provided. Also prices go up and down, have never seen an excursion drop upon boarding.
  8. Seems a bit disingenuous to have an included excursion pre-cruise turn into an extra cost excursion after boarding. Not the luxury experience to be charged for something after booking it at no additions cost from the included list.
  9. rallydave


    Worse than that hub. the basic drinks package that is included with O life is $49 pp per day and to get the full everytihng package is an additional $20 pp per day so $69 pp per day. A significant amount more than your $30
  10. Absolutely impossible for anyone to know until your flights are actually ticketed and you are informed at the 75 day mark. Some but, not all of the possible issues are in no particular order. Is the domestic flight on the overseas airline, a code share partner, an alliance member, etc. Are there domestic seats availble as you know much smaller number of domestic seats than over water seats. Is it in Regent's contract with the airline. Are there seats available, etc. etc., etc. Sorry but, nobody can give any definitive answer and as they say, YMMV Good luck in any case.
  11. Well you cdd as n hold them responsible to your hearts content but you won’t get anything. Suggest you read the terms and conditions that you agree to by booking. Like mss as my cruise lines if not all the cruise line is NOT responsible for third party issues even when the cruise line books and or pays for the third party services just like if a flight delay causes you to miss the departure of your ship you and not the cruise line are responsible for getting to the next port where you can board including the costs. That said there are times where regent and other cruise lines will take on the responsibility even though they have stated in writing they are not responsible but the don’t have to and you will never win if you complain.
  12. Not sure I understand your E Cat WL with GTY. WL, wait list is completely different from Guarantee. Assuming Guarantee as you have made final payment. Yes, you are guaranteed a minimum of E or higher. Yes on possibly being informed up to boarding but, likely earlier but, no telling when. People get notified from right after booking to upon boarding. Same for all Regent ships. Can't always tell by available suites. You might get offered an upsell first where you pay more and get a higher category right then however all depends on the amount of the upsell and your needs/wants. How they work this is to fill available suites and if not enough make offers to booked people to change category and even take a different cruise. Also offers to those on guarantee. How they do it is a mystery but, not to worry, you will have an E or better.
  13. That is one option as concierge or above gets you a hotel nite so you would fly in the day before for your included hotel the nite before embarkation. You could also deviate and come in a day early plus choose your flights both way or take the air credit and make your own reservations. And SWFLAOK. the flying in the day before is the choice Concierge gets you. Also, for your delayed flight home from Alaska, once the flight reservations are made by Regent, the airline takes over and your delayed departure from ANchorage caused the airline to change your connection in Dallas and go your you your "better seats". Pretty sure Regent was unaware of the flight delay and the whole delay was handled by the airline as in the T's and C's, Regent is not responsible for third parties such as the airlines.
  14. Another fly in the ointment is that you can book all airlines a minimum of about 330 days our with some close to 365 days out while O won't event talk to you until the 270 day out timeframe. Many people including myself book as soon as flights are scheduled, booked our next flights at 355 days out the day flights became available and got the only 2 seats open. I'm saying this as people do book when flights first become available and thus by the 270 day mark when O will give you a price and choice of flights the good deals you are currently seeing to book on your own may no longer be available. Also most, if not all of the fares you can purchase are non-refundable while booking with O should issues occur depending on the issue you would get your money or most of it back. For instance if O were to cancel or significantly change your cruise, they would refund while the airline would not. Lots of variables to consider when you book your own flights vs. taking cruise line included flights.
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