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  1. Exactly same wording as US terms as expected. After all would anyone except anything less than a full refund if you purchase and pay in advance or deposit for ANY product or service that the seller did not deliver not due to anything on your part? would expect the wording to be identical worldwide as no gov regulations would have any effect other than to require the refund.
  2. Have no idea why you asked me about this but, nothing wrong with that and people have been posting information like that for several weeks without question. travelcat, what is wrong with reading the specifics of the cruise contract, ticket contract etc. so that you can read in black and white what the cruise line is obligated to provide such that you don't erroneously say as you did recently that the FCC was a good deal. Obviously based on the cruise ticket it is NOT a good deal as it is less than the minimum contractual requirement.
  3. Who's arguing?? I'm simply setting the record straight as to what the contractual terms are so that affected passengers are able to get at least the minimum their contracts allow, so I am sharing those facts and not speculating. Sharing information about certain people getting more than the contract calls out is nice however without specifics doesn't help anyone. And, in order to know people are getting more than the contract allows requires knowledge of what is included in the contract.
  4. As far as refunding for shortening a cruise it is the same as for canceling before a cruise starts in that a prorated refund shall be provided. Both cases require a refund vs a FCC. Would really help if you actually read the Contract, the Cruise ticked , etc. which spell out the terms and conditions of all of these situations rather than ignoring them while making up your own solutions.. As for the day cut short, and Regent eventually changing the FCC to a pro-rata refund don't remember exactly when it was other than this year with the cruise cut short by a single day with the following cruise increased by a single day. Might have been from the Coronavirus or not but, really doesn't matter as it was the change to following the rules from only giving a FCC.
  5. Not talking about the situations you mentioned, Was talking about a cruise that was recently, think it was about a month or so ago that was shortened by a day and Regent offered a FCC for the day even though like in this Coronavirus situation Regent is canceling complete cruises. and in some cases appears to be giving FCC for the paid cruise and the minimum Regent contractually is obligated to give is a full refund for the days shortened and the complete cancellation. Believe it to be almost completely disingenuous to say Regent typically goes above and beyond in these situations when in both these recent cases they have not even followed what they are contractually obligated to do.
  6. First of all giving a full credit is NOT apparently, I clearly quoted this FACT from the US Regent Ticket Contract earlier in theis thread so it is a fact backed up by a quote from the Ticket Contract. And, if NOT following the Contract between Regent and their customers like they are doing in some cases for this unfortunate situation and after Regent did exactly the identical thing a few months ago when a cruise was cut short and after an uproar on this board Regent changed the FCC to a refund for the full day the cruise was cut short, would hate to find out what would be less than exemplary
  7. Dont believe there are any insurance plans for either or both pre-existing conditions and cancel for any reason you can buy after the 7-21 days post initial payment. And, if you think the current prices are high for the cancel for any reason, if there were what you want that you could wait for close to final payment, their prices would be astronomical. The morxe coverage you want and the less time until you travel drive up the risk to the insurance company and thus the cost significantly. Good luck buty, sincerely doubt you will find anything at this late date. And the reports about no coverage because of coronavirus at this point, your chances unfortunately are slim to none and slim left the building quite awhile ago. Sorry to report this but, it is what it is.
  8. What you are missing is that appears all people having their cruises cancelled are being compensated with a full refund plus various strategies of FCC. At least the US T's and C's and probably all of the others do say a full refund will be provided for cruises cancelled by Regent which it appears are being provided. The FCC is in addition to the full refunds seems to me to be a realistic compensation even if it has to be used for cruises sailing in 2020. Sincerely doubt there will be any negotiations accepted or expected and yes, the lawyers have written the T's and C's and are writing the letters with the compensation as directed by the senior management and as they say they are what they are and over and above what is required by the Contract between the cruise line and the customers. The offers IMHO are extremely realistic and above and beyond what is in the cruise contract. And, once Regent changes the terms of the FCC, they will have opened the doors to other to demand changes to their offers as well. Sincerely believe the offers are per the Contract or better and will not change.
  9. Following is a excerpt from the US Regent Ticket Contract and clearly states refund and not FCC. "a. If We cancel the Cruise or CruiseTour before it has started, We will refund the full Cruise Fare or CruiseTour Fare that We have actually received (less any air or accommodation charges incurred)." For other countries suggest people whose cruise has been cancelled look up the ticket contract which should provide the conditions of cancellation for your market. Since Regent operates in various markets, have to believe that all of the different ticket contracts comply with the consumer laws of the different markets so no need to view the consumer laws, simply look at the ticket contracts provided by Regent for your market. Would assume all markets are identical regarding cruises that are cancelled before they start but, the ticket contract would be the place to confirm.
  10. Most likely no refund depends on your basis of fare. Likely for about $200 per person a credit of the balance to be used booked within a year. Good luck
  11. Completely agree Wendy. Starting with pillow cases, might as well bring all of your own bedding and wash/change the bedding yourself and tell the stewardess to not touch the bed. At some point all this cleaning, changing bedding, etc. becomes useless. Simply take care of yourselves and more than likely all will be well.
  12. It is 2 Formal Optional nights. It is your choice how you dress. You don't have to dress formal, business casual is fine for all nights. Some people may dress formal while others will dress as they do for all other nights. Not mandatory to dress formal You are correct, the majority will not dress formal.
  13. Don't think they mean this at all. They are not talking about crew already onboard. The rules, just like those for passengers who are boarding to begin their cruise are for crew joining the ship after being off on vacation or new crew joining the ship for the first time.
  14. While your logic is excellent, believe the problem is that there is rally no simply way for the clerks checking in people at the dock can verify that the people are telling the truth about where they have been or transited thru. Just like the health form we all simply say no to all the questions since we are afraid that any yes answer may result in not being allowed to board, self reporting is a real crap shoot. Not all immigration results in a stamp in your passport, people have multiple passports and don't think all countries are linked electronically such that passing thru or into an infected country can be accurately accounted for. Really unfortunate otherwise healthy people have to go thru this to get to their job or on their cruise of a lifetime but, remember a single person who boarded and subsequently got off the Princess ship guaranteed in Japan.
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