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  1. er way the manage this. Don't the authrities want to know your halth on the day you took the test and not the day the results were available. Seems a simple concept being misused. Someone could theoretically take the test on say October 10 when the boarding date is say October 20 17 and just ask the the testing lab to not process the test until October 17 completion date with the person contracting the COVID on October 15. Too many issues with use of receipt of test results.
  2. As well as any flight or country requirements. Lots of beurocracy to satisfy. Not an easy task especially when one or more change the requirements and you calculation no longer wors. Its lie trying to solve 2 equations with 5 or 6 unknowns and the math requirements are changed mid stream. Don't have any real answers without specific requirements and know those pulling hens teeth.
  3. Depends on who you are getting the test for. Might be both if you need a test to get on the plane or enter the country if you will start traveling prior to goting directly to the ship. Have to calculate both or all situations and see if there is a sweet spot that covers all requirements. Each traveler will have different situations depending on their travel plans and the requirements for where they are traveling. Definitely not one size fits all unless the travels are identical or close to identical depending on all requirements being able to be satisfied by a single test.
  4. Don't believe there is any way to have the requirement to have the test results a specific amount of time before boarding as the time to get the results is fluid and nobody will guarantee results at a specific time. So believe any and all of the required times are for taking the test as that is controllable while the results time is not controllable.
  5. For other this happens when waiting until Regent provides your flight details at approx 75 days as most people try to deviate earlier when avaiable at the 270 day mark. By 75 days seats are filled and much more difficult to get the flight you want without the upcharge. And $1000 seems to be the going rate for this type of deviation. Have never heard of Regent negotiating the price of the upcharge. They in these cases take the taee it or leave it tatu.
  6. Have you hear the credit card churners term HUCA meaning hang up call again. This is because most customer service is so bad with incorrect answers like you have been getting so that you really need to call are write multiple times until you get quite a few of the correct answer so you know the truth and not what many of the agents think.
  7. Thanks for that Dave. Did not know of that part of section 1. That said, we do have examples on this thread from Jennifer and Pcardad where Jennifer posted in her original post incorrect information regarding refunds and Pcardad stated he has it in writing from his Regent contacts differences from the Ticket Contract/www.rssc.com/HealthSafetyProtocols. Also believe but, not sure other portions of the website have information that may contradict the applicable rules. Thus it is necessary to make sure only correct informaton in accordance with the applicable rules is posted sent out in writing or verbaly. So many different interpretations confuse everone incuding Regent. Thanks again for that information. Really helps but, still work to go IMHO.
  8. Thanks Jennefer for registering and confirming your responsibilities. While it will be great to add a FAQ to the website, that does not fully solve the issue. Contractually a FAQ has no authority. Contractually and legally only the ticket contract has anny authority and needs to contain all requirements and who has to do what. The FAQ's are nice but, do not have any authority. Please do the FAQ and as well go thru the website as well as all documents and make sure they are consistent with lthe Ticket Contract and that the Ticket Contract is accurate and covers all issues. I understand sailing with COVID is in a constant state of flux however as things change the Ticket Contract needs to be constantly updated and you need to avod creating new documents or website postings that conflict with the Ticket Contract. And as things change the FAQ's need to be updated as well. Sure your lawyers will agree and support this process Not a lawyer nor writing as one. Thanks,
  9. Dave, While you are correct that the Ticket Contract Rules, having documents and website postings that do not reflect what is in the ticket contract can cause significant issues. Not many people actually read the ticket contract and rely on what is in writing on the website as well in documents they are requested to sign. People, as Pcardad often states should phone Regent to get the correct answer and with conflicting information available in multiple documents it is difficult to even take the word of a Regent representative who may be confused and accidently give out incorrect information. Thus the need to put all of the requirements, rules, etc. in a single document which the Ticket Contract is supposed to represent as appears different documents abound with different information.
  10. Jennifer, Extremely concerned over what and how you posted. In the past Regent employees posting as Regent employees have their identity confirmed on all their posts and without that no way to know for sure if you are posting officially for Regent or a non Regent person posting their interpretation. Further assuming you are a Regent official and posting officially for Regent you clearly state that passengers with be refunded for their cruise no matter testing before leaving home or not and travel expenses to the pier will not be reimbursed without proof of a negative test taken prior to leaving home. Unfortunately this conflicts with what pingpong 1 posted in post 18 where he quotes a Regent document which states that your will get an FCC, not the refund you state, and a refund only if required by law. Travel expenses not mentioned. Appreciate a clarification as your post clearly conflicts with pingpong1's post 18 quoting a Regent document As other have stated the customers need a single document that covers the COVID issues and not a document here or there many times difficult to find or company employees saying this or that and the inconsistencies of many of these documents and Regent employees. People need the facts in order to make informed decisions and depending on where they look or who they talk to possible to get the wrong answer which can lead to the loss of tens of thousands of dollars thru no fault of the passenger. If you are not a Regent employee speaking officially, never mind. Thanks,
  11. Yes. $175 no matter what your deviation is for one way or round trip per deviation. If you change again it's another $175.
  12. Could be a funny but true. For sure Regent makes more profit each time people don’t take a “free” excursion.
  13. Sure they save much more money when you don’t take a “free” excursion as likely they pay the tour operator a minimum of $50 per “free” excursion and would be difficult to drink that much wine at what they pay in a single day.
  14. Is it possible that the "free" excursions are staggered the way they are to avoid people taking multiple excursions in the single day?
  15. Yes, the T's and C's cover this however yes the word free is misleading as free is not the same as included where one pays for all of the included items. Any you are forgetting the word unlimited where the T's and C's say capacity controlled which is certainly NOT unlimited. Clearly there is a contradiction between the marketing hype and the T;s and C's and that is where the people are complaining. As the marketing hypes are clearly contradictory to the T's and C's especially with the words "free" and "unlimited" And if free means included as you stated flossie009 then everything on the cruise is free as everything is included so why are they not marketing the entire cruise as free as they do only some of the included items??
  16. Sounds like you haven’t been vaccinated yet. You will have to provide proof of each vaccination. Your card letter documents vaccine passport etc will list each jab with the vaccination manufacturer lot number date jabbed and locational jab. Showing proof of one jab unless J&J is worthless.
  17. Exactly, the US FDA has not approved AstraZeneca in any way so CDC cannot list it as approved therefore not acceptable for sailing using US Ports.
  18. Not Canadian but, many have been given mixed vaccinations which may not match the applicable criteria.
  19. Can pretty much guarantee it will be far from similar.
  20. Great information. We had to do our own previously. As I said, these issues change quite frequently so need to get the latest information for the current time.
  21. I know prior to Coved the India e visa was not valid for cruise ship arrival as had a limo nites number if entry points. Things may or may not have changed plus believe cruise lines cannot do e visas like Australia as last time there we had to do our own e visa. As they say things like this change over time so have to get the current process.
  22. Marc sincerely doubt Regent will get you a Russia visa since no need if on ships tour. This will confuse people who wish doing Russia on their Own although private tours provide visa coverage only reason fir a personnel visa in Russia is if you want to get off ship on your own.
  23. No, was not on a WC with a package for the Visas. Most Visas were gotten by the ship and charged to our ship account with the passport in the hands of the ship. With your package, will work that way without the charges. As to Hong Kong, so far no need for a Visa as Hong Kong so far is considered different from the mainland and no visas are required. As to Vietnam, on our cruise that was a visa on arrival handled by the ship but, know it continues to change in and out with sometimes yes you have to get it and other times gotten on arrival. No telling for you. Based on what you wrote, am guessing you may not need to send your visa to Regent's processing company and any Visas should be on arrival. The only countries I know you have to get the passport to the consulate in advance are Russia, India, and Mainland China. May be others I am not currently aware of. Hope this helps.
  24. Time and process for Visas depends on the Countries. You do always need to send or bring your passport into the countries consulate. Like said previous some of the Visa's are done by the ship on arrival in the country and charged to your shipboard account. Until you have all of the countries you will be going to cannot be much more specific. We did a world cruise several years ago and the only countries we needed to do on our own were China and Brazil which we were able to do in person. Brazil can now be done on the internet. Also India is a need to do yourself or with a service. Another Regent can't do is Russia. Suggest you post the countries so we can provide more information but, like lots these days requirements can change well before your cruise which is in ?????
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