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  1. Hi Marvy Mare! We cruised Koninsgam 4-15 March. Our ports were St Maarten, Martinique, Barbados, St Lucia, St Kitts (skipped), St Thomas and Halfmoon Cay. We flew Miami-Dublin-Brussels Like you, we were horrified at the airports. Our ship had felt like such a safe, clean, calm, sane bubble. Coming back to reality was such a shock! Belgium has confinement until 5 April. We can only leave our homes for essential food supplies, pharmacy visits and daily exercise. Essential workers can also go to work. Everyone else is teleworking or on temporary unemployment.
  2. Thanks for sharing this. We are in confinement in Belgium after returning from a HAL cruise on 16 March, so your pictures are taking us right back. Looking forward to the rest. Alice
  3. We were on this cruise too and would agree with most of what you write. My thoughts about music walk is that it needs to be more cut off from outside noise (whether from other venues, or the shops, or passing cruisers). As for Martinique, we loved it. We had done our research though and knew almost everything would be closed on a Sunday. They are a very religious island (our tour operator said 80% are practising Christians), so most people would have been attending church on Sunday morning. We went all over the place and sampled lots of local food and drink. If anyone is going there, I would strongly recommend Karambole.
  4. Just off the Koningsdam. I struggled to get to sleep the first two nights because I missed the humming of the ship and the light motion. Also, on the first morning, I had a short moment when I couldn’t remember where I kept the bowls for my breakfast. Then, of course, there’s the crew. I am particularly missing Magdalena, Herlina and Aubrey, who can bring sunshine to the dullest of days
  5. It may also be that they didn't go to the right deck. At lunch time it's often only part of the dining room that is used
  6. I have called HAL in Rotterdam twice to ask about an upsell (once in January and once last week). I was told on both occasions I would be sent a mail. I didn't get one. Yesterday I e-mailed them, but sill nothing other than the automated reply. I have purchased upsells several times in the past without difficulty, so this seems rather odd to me. I wish I could do this via Seattle, but they just refer me back to Rotterdam. Any suggestions (cruise is next week)?
  7. We use clear packing tape, then punch a hole in them and fix them on with a cable tie. Strong and doesn't suffer if there is a downpour
  8. We’re keeping our plans as they are. Cruising in 10 days (not in Asia though) and planning future travel. I expect it will all blow over soon enough (like SARS and H1N1). Earlier this week, researchers in Belgium announced they believe an already-existing treatment against malaria is effective against Covid-19.
  9. Belgian fry

    Cocoa tea

    I'd really like to try this and buy some to bring home. Where would be a good place to do this?
  10. Thank you, Lauderadle Divers will be perfect. It's walking distance from our hotel!
  11. My husband needs to buy a new mask and I need to buy a new snorkel. Can anyone recommend a dive shop in FLL?
  12. Exctited because next time Koningsdam does that cruise (4 March) I'll be on board!
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