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  1. I just booked a British Isles Cruise for September, 2021. We both have hypertension controlled with medication. Is this considered a pre-exisiting condition? If so, and I purchase insurance now, what happens if say in 6 months, way before PIF date and airfare purchased, we decide not to take cruise? Would we get a refund, or loose our money? Thanks
  2. I'm curious to see some responses to this. We usually cruise Disney, but their Greek Isles Cruise is way too expensive. We'll be doing this itinerary on Explorer next year and a bit curious about what to expect!
  3. Thanks for the above info, we will be leaving on a 4pm international flight on a Sunday.
  4. I'm looking for transportation from Dover Port to Heathrow. I could be off ship at 8am and need to be at airport for 1pm. I'm looking for a company that can provide some type of excursion such as stop at Dover Castle or Windsor, before arrival at Heathrow.
  5. We anticipate getting off cruise ship in Miami by 8:30 and we need to be at FLL by 12:30. There will be 10 of us, 5 children 9-12 in a van we have reserverd for 4 hours. Any recommendations on what we can do in this amount of time to keep every one entertained?
  6. When in port at Dublin, does anyone remember what time the free shuttle leaves the ship for Dublin Center? I'm starting to think about our day in Dublin when we do the British Isles Cruise in September and want to make the most of it.
  7. Our international flight arrives at Heathrow at 10, we'll be staying at the Grosvenor Hotel which is close to the Palace. I think I'll book tickets for the 2pm tour (you have to book in 15 minute increments). If we're late, would they still let us in?
  8. There will be 10 of us that need transportation from Port of Miami in April to FLL. We'll want the driver for a couple of hours because our flight isn't until 2pm. I have checked with Larry's Limos, who seem reasonably priced. Any other recommendations before I commit to them?
  9. Does anyone have any experience using this free bus in Key West? Wondering how far the bus stop is from the cruise port and how reliable it is.
  10. Are cabs easily accessible outside of tourist attractions, such as outside St Paul's Cathedral or Westminster Abbey?
  11. We have a full Saturday in London before a cruise. I would like to take a taxi from the Grosvenor Hotel (by Victoria Station) to the Tower of London for opening time. From there I'd like to walk over the Tower Bridge and make my way by walking to St Paul's. My husband and I are in our 60's, and have no problems with walking long distances. I"ve been looking at maps and it looks doable, just wanted to check with the "experts" on Cruise Critic.
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