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  1. I'm flying into Dubai and will be spending 3 days before leaving on a cruise. From what I've read I'll be able to get a Visa at the airport, however my flight arrives at midnight. I'm assuming that getting a Visa is available 24/7, But really would appreciate some reasurance about this or any info about getting one.
  2. Thinking about booking a flight on Condor and seeing very mixed reviews. Looking for opinions on the airline, price is so much cheaper than others.
  3. Thanks for the answer. Just got my balcony assigned today, very happy with the location and figure I saved $1,885.51. This cruise has many ports, so of course I would keep the shore excursion credit. Probaly will change to the drink package instead of the dinners, still debating about it. Seldom have more than 1 mixed drink a day, but drink a lot of diet pepsi. So I can either pay the gratuity of $435.60 for the beverage perk or just do the soda perk of $200. I'm not sure when I managed to make my cruising so complicated 😕 but would never give it up 😊😊
  4. When I booked Ocean View I took the Dinners and the Excursions. Now that I'm in a Balcony I'd hoped to be able to add the Internet and the Beverage perks by paying the additional gratuity. If I can't do that, I wonder if I can change my orginal choices? If I'd booked the Balcony at the start I would have taken all 4 perks, but I wanted to use the points.
  5. I just used 30,000 points to go from an obstructed oceanview to a balcony. I had 2 perks with the OC and of course still have the same ones after upgrade. Has anyone been able to add the other perks by just paying the additional cost? Travel agent didn't seem to be able to add them, but I would think that Norwegian would like the additional money.
  6. I really appreciated all of the help from everyone on Cruise Critic. I took the excursion from the boat to Victoria Station. That bus lets you off across the street from the station. I had 2 suitcases so I had booked a car to the airport. Stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn at the airport, it's connected to terminal 2 and 3.
  7. Thanks for the answer, my cruise doesn't list that at this time. Just the past guest offer.
  8. I booked a cruise on 10/3/19 and took the Dinner and Shore excursion perks. In addition received the 20% off and additional point per night. I don't want to sound greedy BUT when I got my confirmation it showed a additional $50 shore excursion and now I'm being told that is just the perk I choose. My question is did anyone else receive an additional $50 which would make it $100 per excursion? I'm happy with $50 but $100 would be nice 😊
  9. Found out my cruise had been shortened by a day just now when I read these posts. Curious how you were notified? I booked through AARP/Expedia and have heard nothing. I did see on my Norwegian account that the date was changed there.
  10. It does but this transfer goes to Stonehenge and Salisbury before ending at Victoria Station.
  11. After the cruise I'm taking a the ship transfer back to London. It ends at Victoria Station, from there I need to get to Heathrow, looking for suggestions on the best way to do that.
  12. Thank-you for the help. I finally got everything for my ticket figured out, booked and paid for. I'll be picking up my ticket at the London Waterloo station. Now to get a way from Heathrow to my hotel 😉
  13. Thanks for answering me, I should have added my question to my 1st post. I was on the National Rail Site and was leaving from the London Waterloo station.
  14. I have decided to take the train from the Waterloo Station to Southampton. Will be going on September 15th at 8:25 getting into Southampton at 10:34. Everything was going good until the point of getting the ticket. I'd assumed that I would be able to just purchase the ticket with a credit card, but could not figure out how to do that. I got to a spot where it said you could pick up your ticket at the station. Looked at the list of places to do that and did not find Waterloo listed. I need some help, please 😏
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