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  1. Rols I am from Australia and If I cancel before 120 days I get all my money back I only loss some of the deposit after the 120 day cut off.
  2. I am under the understanding when you book the best available it is what V status you paid for or better. So if you paid for a V1 you get a V1 or better. If you paid for a ocean view and got a V1 you have improved.
  3. Thank you Margbem as we are doing a cruise in that area in April next year and are very interested in all you have to report.
  4. Thank you all for your interesting advise, much appreciated and we are very lucky to have be able to choose.
  5. Hi all, We are looking to do a cruise in either April 2020 or May ,one goes to the islands and one does not . Can anyone give us any feed back on what they are like and if they are worth the extra week travel? Thanks in advance for you help.
  6. Hello, To my understanding when you become a member which is very easy , you can do it on line , the number of sea days is added to your membership (a point for each day you travel example 10 night cruise is 10 points.) Also money you send in the shop or on tours with Seabourn is also added to your account. There is a link on your login page were you can see what you are able to get for membership level. Example a wash bag or Spa, discount on tours and so on. Hope this helps.
  7. We did a three day tour with TJ Tours and it was one of the best tours we have ever done. Our tour person was Alexander
  8. There isn't any tips that I can think of. We loved the zodiacs if you are doing one in Inian islands I would go for the 5.30am time slot it is worth getting up for. The tide is better and the sea life more active. If I think of anything else I will let you know.
  9. Hi I have just come back from that cruise. Yes we did arrive at 7am . If you can handle you own bags and not put them out for others to take off the ship , then go and see the personal in the square and they will assist you in how to get off earlier. We had to be outside by 8am,I know that is not as early as you want , I do think it could be done by 7.15am They were people on board that had book day tours and had to be off by 7.15. Hope that helps.
  10. Thank you your input is great
  11. We have book to go both my mistake in writing Tracey arms instead of misty ford. Thanks for more information on the tour.
  12. We have booked the Catamaran for the Tracy Arm and after reading your report I am not sure if it worth that much money or should look at something else.We have also booked the Zodiac for Inian Islands has anyone got any feed back on that tour that they could tell us. It really helps reading your reviews thank you all for giving your time up to do it , much appreciated .
  13. Thank you all for your advise much appreciated
  14. Hi all, we are booked on an 11 day Alaska trip early August, I have booked all our tours with Seabourn has anyone already been on this trip and can advise if any of the tours on Seabourn should be avoided and look else where or which ones they really enjoyed, as I still have time to change. I tried booking outside of the ship but found not many were available. Would appreciate any feed back.
  15. If you are in the time frame that you can cancel with penalty then do so and then rebook at the new price. Just a thought.
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